Kanye West Steals The Spotlight

My official 2009 MTV Video Music Awards post will go up later on tonight. In the meantime, I bring to you all the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. If you guys caught the show tonight then you know Kanye West shocked the VMA audience when he jumped up on stage to pout during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video. Taylor won over Beyonce and Kanye apparently was not very happy about that. I personally thought it was completely uncalled for and totally disrespectful to Taylor. The audience felt the same as Kanye was relentlessly booed throughout the evening whenever his name was mentioned. The net is already going crazy with the rapper’s outburst and those who are really creative did what I want you all to watch below… you will die laughing.

Update: Click here to read Kanye’s half ass apology to Taylor.


  1. I’m so glad beyonce gracelessly let taylor get her time to thank/say wat she wanted.

  2. Over on this one discussion board… they are really upset w/ Ye. I’m like, “Calm the hell down! This is what he does. He always needs an antic, thrives on any kind of attention. Miss Taylor Swift isn’t worried about Kanye so GET OVER IT already ppl! GEEZ!”

    W/ Yeezy, it’s the same thing, another day *shrug*.
    I still love him as an artist!

  3. OMG! Why do I live in France? We only have the show on September 17th. By the video posted above it sounds funny. I’ll try to catch it on YouTube. Never thought Beyoncé would lost though.

  4. @ SISTA you aren’t happy Beyonce let taylor get her time she deserved??????

  5. I can’t believe the audacity of Kanye. I’m still shock he treated Taylor so disgustingly. I truly believe since he wasn’t performing, and presenting at this VMA, he had to find a way, ANY WAY, to turn the spotlight onto himself. Well, he got it. He is so F’king selfish.

    He wasn’t doing this for anybody, but himself. This was the first of many awards to be given. He has no excuse.

  6. i hope sista hurries up with the post because i wanna know why she doesn’t like that bee let taylor get her time she deserved

  7. Kanye West is a spoil brat who was never told the word no growing up and his ego was over inflated by his mother. NO disrespect, but, he is out of control and needs some kind of help.

  8. I’m so sick of ppl dismissing Kanye’s behavior as “oh, he’s just being ye’. Whatever ish, he’s in the wrong. I don’t want to hear that he’s just acting like he always does, that ish is not cool and he needs or someone needs to check him.

    You do NOT disrespect another artist moment. I don’t care if you thought someone else should have won. What is wrong with the world today that stuff like this is ok. No it’s not okay, what if someone interrupted his dumb behind when he won an award because they didn’t think he deserved it?? Whatever dude,it’s an award show, not everyone is going to win and i’m sure Beyonce is not that pressed over losing.

    What is even more disgusting is that ppl continue to just ignore his actions like they’re okay. Homeboy needs some help. I know better yet, others should start showing him the same type of treatment he dishes out. We’ll see how he likes it. Then he has the nerve to through a rant talking about ppl will believe anything negative about him, well dude look in the mirror cause you, yourself give them every reason to.

    I almost wish pink would have won to see if he would have pulled the same stunt. I’m over ye and his drama cause it’s old. Grow up!!

    Oh and I’m glad Beyonce let Taylor finish her speech. That was nice of her because she didn’t have to really.

  9. Kanye put on an ignorant display of his very small opinion. While attempting to prove his respect for one woman he point blank disrespected another. No class at all. Beyonce already knows how talented she is, she didn’t need him to get up and make a statement that was not so profound.

  10. Ok I just saw the infamous moment and it was totally disrepectul. Poor girl it was her first time winning a VMA award and her moment had been spoiled.

  11. He was pure wrong. I could see the hurt in T. S face. Poor little girl. On a good note: I think after tonight she will be more popular because of what Kenya did.

    Kanya already posted an apology to T. S on his blog site. He mentioned that T. S mom said something to him when he walked off the stage.

  12. cacamehy watever your name is be quiet! As you can see beyonce was very shocked and embarassed!

  13. Kanye West done gone and disrespected a white woman. He’s about to feel white America’s wrath. They already wildin’ out all over the net calling him a nigger left and right. YT never ceases to show his true colors.

  14. ^^^ OKAY!?!
    Chris Brown didn’t get backlash as bad as Ye!
    Seems everyone wants to attend his hanging by the Klan tonight.

    When in other news, he & Taylor about to drop a single together next month…

  15. The reason Kanye gets so much negative press is because Taylor Swift is the American Sweetheart right now and she is a young and nice girl who received her first Vma award. I read on other blogs that it’s difficult for Country artists to win at the VMAs. So it definitely was a big moment for these two reasons and this moment has been ruined.

  16. that was so ignorant…he was being selfish ….he just wanted attention….it was just so ignorant…

  17. i’m glad Kanye ended his own career he was slowly grating on my neverse,his Huge Ego is so self-destructive.

  18. Kanye ensured he affected his career with that disrespectful display of arrogance. He placed Beyonce’ in a comprising position and totally embarrassed Taylor Swift. This was not the KANYE WEST awards show, therefore, you don’t have the opportunity to dictate who is the winner. The sad thing is Single Ladies was NOT a ground-breaking video that transcended all other videos. In other words, this was not the THRILLER of the new millenium. It was not an original concept because the video was based on the Mexican Fosse video. I’m glad Beyonce graciously gave Taylor her moment and now, Kanye is about to remember who BUYS records.

  19. leave it up to Kayne to embarrass himself. like she needed to be defended everyone has their opinion. everybody is not feeling Bee like that because this is another persons time. Taylor can never get “that” moment back, even though beyonce did a very good thing by removing herself from the spotlight. but that particular moment was hers and she was supposed to be hers, that was the first award of the night if I’m not mistaken. Kayne is fond of making a fool of himself. it is not the first, and it sure as hell wont be the last. BTW im sure he is kicking himself in the nuts now seeing as beyonce won the biggest ward of the night. fool.


    Kanye’s a good artist but I ca’t stand his attitude, this is the second time that he’s pulled some bull$h** like this..Who gives him the right to say Bayonce should have won, hell she can’t win every damn thing!..I also feel that MTV needs to take some kind of action against him for disrespecting Taylor Swift, you should never steal another artist spotlight.

  21. Taylor Swift did not know why she was by the stage when beyonce won. I think they told beyonce she was going to win the award for her to give props to taylor. I give beyonce respect for doing that. I think that was so mess up for kanye to take the girl shine like that. My phone rang off the hook after he did that. He need to stop being a drama queen. But all i have to say is amber look fly in that catsuit lol.

  22. Kanye is makin us(blacks) look ghetto and with no hometraining. He got the Bet awards and Mtv mixed up. Keep playing with them white people, that will be the last time he on mtv. I don’t care how much $ he got, they run the show. And Taylor-how cute is she??? i like when she said”Can we try this again” u go girl. And when kanye got booed when his video came out. He think since the Katrina comment, that’s his job now -outbursts. He diggin his own grave.

  23. @Sepiastar-ino i mean its not like she was doing backflips in the video. 3girls dancing to a hot beat. If you compare it to dance videos-even ciara 1,2 step dance video was better 2 me. Ciara was floating. C’moooon. Kanye either like Beyonce or Jay=z. Trust me sumthing up.

  24. @Dana-word?? our people think once we get $ we can do what we want. To whites ur just a “rich nigga” don’t worry tho i guarantee they gonna give him a media lashing like a runaway slave.

  25. There is no excuse nor appology in the books that can give that girl her once in a lifetime moment back. I always proudly stood by Kanye but this was just plain nasty and mean. I am no longer a fan of Kanye and will not ever purchase another CD of his but because of him I will be purchasing Taylor’s music. He was wrong. “Hey Kanye…why don’t you go out and pimpslap some babies while your at it!”

  26. I neva knew she sang that song, Taylor- but i always loved it the few times i heard it. uno what i might buy her cd 2.

  27. I guess Lil Mama had whatever Kanye had as she walked on the stage with Jay and Alicia, I’m just glad she didn’t try to grab the mic and spit a verse. MTV is known for stunts like the whole Eminen/SashaBoren thing at the other awards show. But I just don’t know if Kanye’s was planned or not they might have thought since he has done it before he can take the backlash. If it was not planned then I wanna know how these people just be walking on the stage where is security???? If it was a fan they would have been all over them but a celebrity they just let do whatever to see what happens. I know someone saw him walking that way why they didn’t stop him?? Something aint right.

  28. I can’t stand Kanye who does he think he really is to just hop on stage, take the microphone out her hand and rudely disrespect Taylor like that ughh. Me personally If I was Taylor I would have not let Kanye take the microphone out of my hand but she didn’t know he was going to say that she had the “benefit of the doubt’ on her face but still she deserved her moment so let her shine

  29. even if to some the video wasn’t the best that was hottest most talked about video of the year you see how many people reenacted it? (millions). It was kinda like an epidemic even president Obama was trying to do it lol. I believe if bet, vh1 or someone did a top 20 countdown of all time it would be in there somewhere. BUT

  30. kanye had NO right at all to do that I kinda wish pink would’ve won 2, to c if he would have done the same thing lol

  31. RUSERIOUS- I strongly disagree with your first statement about Kanye’s behavior! Why is it that whenever ONE black person does something wrong it HAS to make ALL BLACKS look “ghetto” (w/ no home training)?!?!!? You are wrong in so many ways on that comment. KANYE made HIMSELF look “ghetto” with no home traning! WE (other blacks innocently watching) had nothing to do with his ego driven behavior that everyone is so wound up over!!!
    Personally I am not surprised with what he did. I actually laughed a bit when watching the clip, just for the fact that I could see him doing that. I hate that he stole her little moment, but it only made people like her even more! Oh well……..IMO who cares!

  32. kanye is starting to show signs of having bipolar disorder. this and all of his shopping sprees with A. Rose. those are signs of a manic depressive!

  33. @Adrienne-don’t tell me that- tell them/ cuz that’s what they thinkin-sorrrrry/

  34. Looks like Kanye cut a big slice of cake and he cant finish it.

    Can u say backlash?

  35. Kanye acted so ignorant! He is living proof that money can’t buy class. Beyonce showed that she has class, style, that she has elegance and and that she has all around good taste because she shared her spotlight with Taylor Swift. Thank you Beyonce for being a graceful lady.

  36. He was totally out of line and disrespectful to say the least. It antics are going to catch up with him big time. If Pink had won and he tried to pull that she wouldn’t have had it. Kudos to B for not feeding into it.

  37. Lol @ that video. But yeah Kanye is a punk and a bully straight up. Taylor better toughen up….I probably would’ve smacked him with the moon man tho. People only buck on who they THINK THEY CAN.

    word @ DANA

  38. ummm…yeah I have lost any respect for Kanye should be banned from all the award shows!!! When ever things don’t go Kanye way he make a scene like a little kid, or like a little girl. WHT is wrong with him? He has no class or respect for his fellow musicians!!! It’s really sad. The world is getting tired of Kanye West and his tight jeans and bad hair cuts.

  39. Congratulations Chris Brown…Kanye just threw you a pass because we are defintely not gonna be talking about you this week!

  40. For those of you who said Beyonce should have won, don’t forget it’s the public who votes not MTV.

  41. Well I am sure it has been said 1000s of times, but Kanye was wrong. However, I do agree that 1 of the other ladies should have gotten the award ( perferably Pink for me, just b/c I thought her video was more creative). But MTV & their powers that be chose Taylor. It is what it is, let the girl say her piece & be done. But like it was mentioned, Kanye isn’t as crazy as most think he KNOWS who to run those games with. I guarantee he would have never tried that mess w/ Madonna, Keyshia, Mary J., J Hud, Whitney or etc. B/c that moon man woulda been upside his head.

    But part of me also thinks that MTV set this up so they could yield the results they have now… everyone talkin about the show this today. Seriously WHAT kind of security does MTV have near the stage where all these ppl can just walk up i.e Lil Mama walkin up on the Jay z/Akeys performance. MTV ALWAYS has some drama @ their shows. I am starting to believe that THEY(MTV) are the ones setting it all up.

  42. RUSERIOUS- Well since you appeared to be the spokesperson for “them”, I addressed you, but since you are putting it back on “them”

    RUSERIOUS & “Them”:

    Why is it that whenever ONE black person does something wrong it HAS to make ALL BLACKS look “ghetto” (w/ no home training)?!?!!? You are wrong in so many ways on that comment. KANYE made HIMSELF look “ghetto” with no home traning! WE (other blacks innocently watching) had nothing to do with his ego driven behavior that everyone is so wound up over!!!


    Have a nice day!

  43. @Adrienne-ur so right Unfortunately, since u don’t have a magic wand u can’t change the world. Not every single white person thinking that but trust some are. Mtv used 2 play white music they just recently, mid 80’s started playing blacks cuz of MJ. That already tells you we wasn’t that welcomed anyway. Racism is alive-we don’t live in utopia- That’s why some white blogs callin him nigger- They(racist whites) are lookin for a reason to call us animals with no home training & he gave it to them.

  44. I believe that what Kanye West did at the VMA’s was definitely wrong. He was completely wrong. However, I am appalled that more press/media attention and much more venom was spewed Kanye’s way for wronging Taylor Swift than was spewed Rep. Joe Wilson’s way for wronging the President of the United States. Wilson never even gave a public apology. This says a lot about the sad state of our country. Some guy on another website was even saying that Joe Wilson’s apology was better because it was immediate & not the next day. That’s ridiculous! Kanye did apologize immediately on blog & then publicly. there were far fewer celebs twittering about how much of an animal Joe Wilson is. Why is Wilson getiing much less scorn??

  45. Of course, we all know why. If Rep. Joe Wilson had been “jumped on” nearly as hard and as fast as the white, rich are jumping on Kanye, he would not have flat out refused to issue a PUBLIC apology as he has done. Wilson said that his private apology to Pres. Obama was enough. Again, Kanye was incredibly wrong just as Rep. Joe Wilson. He’s just receiving a much greater “lashing’.

  46. Hoping4 more-please the media trying kill that white man too from what he said. And what makes u think that white man crazy or should apologize. i think obama liar 2, i don’t care if he half-black. He hasn’t done nuthing for the black community or explained that government take over health care plan-he just says “Fire it up, Let’s go” Go where?? to a fema camp.

  47. @ RESERIOUS I’m not attacking you BUT…You THINK thats the main word, give it some time. We HAVE to believe and by “lets go” he meant that everyone has be apart also in order to make things better. The world is in too bad of a conditon to be negative about serious things like this 4real.

  48. He was absolutely right, but timing was off. It’s not taylor’s fault, but Beyonce was SNUBBED wether you like her or not.

  49. *condition

    and truthteller i think the fans voted so she wasn’t really snubbed.

  50. I really beleive that this has gone toooooo far. Ok he did wrong, ppl make mistakes ALL THE TIME! and he said he was sorry, what more can this man do?
    I can name 1000 artist that daily make an ass of themselves and noone care.
    I honestly believe that if it was not young, sweet, all american, girl next door (white chick) Taylor swift this wouldn’t have gone this far. Radio stations are calling a boycott, pls get a grip!
    Let us all put our energi abot what really matter, war, world hunger, the situation in darfur. The list goes on and on…

  51. Ruserious- How much can one really do in less than one year @ any job? Also, many of the laws & bills must pass Congress b4 they can be implemented. We can also read the health care plan for ourselves. It is available.

  52. beyonce is a fake opportunistic piece of crap. she doesn’t do anything for anyone unless she’s getting something out of it. damn i can’t believe people are falling for this pack of bullshit.

  53. Caring about whether she was snubbed or not is not even looking at the bigger picture,,,, man even thinking or feeling caring that you FEEL Beyonce’ should’ve won is irrelevant because what he did was trifling and i’ma need him to not go on tv using his dead mama as an excuse for why he’s showing his a** EVEN MORE in public!

  54. ChiChi you’re not alone. Hard feeling like a minority huh? lol I wouldn’t call her a piece of crap though …. the “niceness” in this situation doesn’t smell right, fit right or sit right, it don’t even bother me if she uses this as an opportunity for herself I just need for people to not lol actually act like she did this totally out of kindness. Heck I’m usually a pretty nice person and I would’ve used it too. I rarely call her this but i’d say that was being smart.

  55. Chi Chi, I think thats a bit harsh. I honestly think she did that to give the other girl her chance to shine. Beyonce has won LOADS of VMA’s and that was Taylor’s first, she was just doing whats right for the girl and Beyonce acted very graciously.

  56. ….and because shes so pretty/talented/successful etc, I think its hard for people to believe she can actually be that nice.

  57. ALOT of people have a very great gift from God which is reading a certain woman’s mind. Of course beyonce doesn’t have a gracious bone in a body right???

  58. @ 17150918

    Just because fans alledgedly voted doesn’t mean she wasn’t snubbed. It could be the fact that they didn’t want that little girl to go home empty handed. MTV is more of a white thing anyway.

  59. definently true truthteller never thought about they could’ve changed the votes. or have just given her the award because the actual votes don’t come out to the public. but who knows.

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