Karinne Steffans Says Everyone Should Know Me

I know that some women have mixed feelings about her but you have to admit that she is an interesting chick. She keeps me entertained. In the clip below Karinne “Superhead” Steffans is getting interviewed about her new book “The Vixen Manual” and the hosts had no idea who she was. At least according to Steffans. The host says she “seduced rappers”. One might agree with that statement. Not to say that the guys were so innocent and submissive but it seems that Steffans knew what she was doing as well. This is a big faux paus in the world of Journalism. You should do your research beforehand. I do not think they expected Steffans to feel slighted by their lack of knowledge on her. On one hand, I agree that they should have researched her enough to ask the proper questions but on the other hand Steffans has to know that some people outside of the urban culture will have no clue as to who the hell she is. Once they discover who she is they might have the urge to clown her. Notice that the host called her a rump shaker……

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  1. Hmmmm…..

    I don’t really know about this one.
    I honestly feel that that the host were extremely disrespectful. They found out before her appearance that she had done music videos and had various rendezvous with rappers and they immediately judged her and felt they could rightfully disregard & insult her.
    A real interviewer would’ve taken the time to do research on the guest (not just their past) and would have ask questions accordingly for the reason she was there. It seems they had ample time to look over the book, find key points to bookmark and ask proper questions to the author.

    Now, as far as Ms. Steffans. She {should} know better than anyone that because of her past, she will be judged and come across plenty of ignorance who for the life of them, will not let her forget her past and try to treat her as if she lives the same life but I think she handled herself well. She had right to be insulted by the hosts lack of respect towards her and her reason for being there and the life she lived and/or lives is between she and God.

    People really need to get over themselves and the acting like they are sooooooooooooooo innocent and 100% pleasing to God.

    If that was Oprah coming on that show and they had just gotten a book she had written 3 minutes before her appearance, they would have had all the right questions about the book and would’ve never judged her based on her past (and Oprah has admitted to creeping with a married man and discretions).

    I use to be very judgmental of Karrine but after finding out about some of the good she does… sometimes, you have to base opinions on the present person. I think she still has lots of growing to do and bettering herself but IMO, it seems like she’s trying.
    Aren’t we all?

  2. I watched the video. I don’t think that they didn’t research her b/c if they hadn’t they wouldn’t have known the amount of info they knew about her past. I personally believe that they just thought that she was/is a joke. She has used her slutaish ways(is that even a word LOL) to get ahead. The anchors only had gotten the book the day before the interview there
    was no way they could have read a 300 odd some pages in a 12- 24 hr period. Karrine was delusional to think that they could have done so by constantly sayin, ” but you didn’t read it”. The question that was asked about where was she tryin to go w/ the book was a valid 1 b/c the interveiwer only asked it AFTER Karrine contradicted herself on describing who it was for.

    The bottom line is even tho I don’t agree w/ what she has done( even tho I DO believe she slept w/ those she named.. their silence spoke VOLUMES) & she obviously needs help for her issues, she is smart/clever on the buisness side & KNOWS how to work her product & keep her name out there. But the reality is no one really cares about a person who says they have changed, but constantly makes money from the very thing they said they changed from. I am quite sure she can help many women keep their man interested b/c she is the woman that men will run to. But even still ppl can’t get passed how she got that knowledge & the reputation that knowledge has gave her. Which is prolly why the interviewer was like.. peace LOL. ALso there is no need for her to get angry about her past, she has put it out there & now she needs to own it, for pete sake she has made money off of it.

  3. I think the hosts did there research and they want to know what the hell does a former hoe know about maintaining a long lasting monogamous relationships. I am wondering the same thing myself. In my opinion Karrine came across badly because no matter how the host were acting she should have just continued talking about her book and telling people who where watching the show why she wrote this book and what gives her the authority to write this book.

  4. I read about this on other sites, but never watched the video. I was feeling for her a little, but watching this video, she made herself look bad. She came off, as the interviewer said, defensive and cocky. She should have maintain her composure and answered their question in a respectful manner. They probably would have changed their opinion about her; however, she just confirmed their beliefs about her. At the end when the interviews said, “We’re going to end this interview…” she handle that part well, that’s the way she should have handle the rest of the interview.

    I am not going talk bad about her. She is 31, still young, and has a lot of learning and growing to do. At least she is trying to change the way she makes her money, she still could be in the videos with her butt and breast hanging all over the place. The best thing for her to do outside of selling books, is to accept her past, not be ashamed of it, and move on with her life peacefully. Hopefully, she can take this as a lesson learned and be able to handle an interviewer who come at her like this next time.

  5. i feel sorry for her, because there is abuse in her past. and now i hope she is trying to go legitimate, however she should know that most of us still have to pay for what we did in the past.

  6. whateva honey!!!! last time i check what you put out is what you get back!!!! she can go legitimate all day long until she start making money off what she do and not who she do(using celebrity males)then people will take her serious!!! she only dates & sleep with these stars to have something to talk about,so,i really don’t pity her cause she know what she’s doing.karrin uses her back groung as her krutch for why she’s the way she is,maybe, but her a healing is for her to want in her life one minute she want to be saved the next she gots to be in the in crowd!!! be real with yourself first,KARRIN!!!

  7. @ANTOYA….KARRIN is not 31!! she was between 19-22 yrs old when she was with KOOL G RAP,when he was popular back in the day so pretty much she is around his age 40ish!!!

  8. I use to actually feel for Karrine and understand why she did the things she did back when she was doing the video vixen thing. But now, she looks stupid trying to write a book about relationships… maybe it’s too soon for her. Maybe she should wait like 10 years,so we can all really believe that she isn’t ‘Superhead’ anymore.

  9. @ Honestly in her interview she said she was 31. I guest she lied about that also.

  10. She could never be a role model for anyone. She is a publicity seeker. She knows what she did in her past, wrote books about it and is still try to capatilze off of her past.
    For the sake of her children, I hope she grows up, and move on out of the media spot light. I’m praying that her children are not teased, and rediculted because of who there mother is.

    Karrine please move on, out of the media spot light for the sake of your children.

  11. I am getting sick of hearing about this woman, whose claim to fame and talent is her ability to give good head, and to name the names of all the rappers and celebrities that she supposedly screwed. Dayuum, why do you want to expose your sex life like that? And to tell the world youse a ho? Can’t she find something else to do with herself? Something constructive? Especially when you have children – sons. How do you think he will feel growing up, knowing that his mother was famous for her blow jobs???

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