Karrine Steffans Gives… Relationship Advice?

Karrine Steffans A.K.A. Super Head is back with a vengeance and giving advice to women everywhere about how to keep your man. She has written a new book titled The Vixen Manual: How To Find, Seduce & Keep The Man You Want. With chapter titles that include “Dating for Love or Money,” “Being One of The Boys,” “Encouraging His Manhood,” and “If All Men Are Dogs…(Then All Women Are Bitches)”. She makes the book seem pretty enthralling. Who else better to take advice about men from than a professional……
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  1. Karrine Steffans is the ultimate survivor. She took a negative in her life and turned it 100% into a positive. I ain’t hardly mad at her. As faor her skills… she is all hands 😆

  2. why would any person with common sense take advice from a woman who was too lazy to get a job and became a porn star instead and only has fame for being an adultery-committing whore? People say she’s turning her life into a positive but how can that be when she’s still reaching into the past? And how can she give advice if she didn’t keep any of those rich men she was whoring herself out to?

    And can you imagine the embarrassment her son must feel? the pain that he goes through?

  3. They are mighty judgmental on this site. People talk about Karrine but NOONE talks about the men she messed with. Are they wh***res too?? Double standards make me sick. Let the woman live and learn.

  4. We call guys that sleep around whorebags lol. @Jenifer i agree the some of the ones that was sleeping with her was married.

  5. Eh…I actually want to read this book. Not because I believe she has any capacity to give out advice for lasting and good relationships, but because it’ll probably make me laugh. I love relationship books because they tend to be quite funny and unrealistic at times. And light read. Karrine has done some sleazy things yes, and as said, she didn’t do them alone. Yet, she does seem to garner the judgment the most from people.

    I don’t even think she believes she’s at the point to give advice. She needs the money. If she can get it this way rather than kicking her leg up, then I wish her all the best and hope it does well.

  6. I aint taking NO advice from this heffa. I already got my husband going :dance1:

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