Karrine Steffans Sets The Record Straight

Karrine Steffans’ publicist Gilda Squire just released a statement today about the Page Six story. She says it is inaccurately depicting Karrine as a porn star since it reads as if she is currently doing videoss. The video is actually 6 years old and Mr. Marcus (her co-star in the movie) is getting it released against her wishes. You can read the details below.

Los Angeles, C.A. (April 19, 2006) � Author of the New York Times bestselling
book Confessions of a Video Vixen, Karrine Steffans, responds to the rampant
reports that she has willingly participated in a forthcoming adult video, as
reported on April 18, 2006 in Page Six of the New York Post.

�As is often the case, Page Six of the New York Post failed to get any of their facts
straight. What should be embarrassing for Page Six is that the company
exploiting me by releasing this video is using footage that is more than six
years old. I addressed this tape in my cover story for SMOOTH magazine and
during an appearance on the Wendy Williams radio show. More so, the
footage has been circulating online for free for more than two years. For
this company to attempt to capitalize off of my recent appearance on �Oprah� by
repackaging this footage is both dishonest and despicable,� said

Steffans was approached by the male porn star in the video after her book was released and hit the bestseller�s list about endorsing the repackaging of the video. She declined for obvious reasons and the adult porn star began bootlegging the video on his website. Steffans� attorneys intervened and the illegal selling of the video ceased. In retaliation, the porn star struck a deal with a major adult video company, sold the footage to them for re-release.

The author vows to utilize this experience like the other tumultuous events in her life to continue discouraging young girls from making the same mistakes she did. �I would like this unfortunate incident to stand as proof that decisions made when young, in despair and under the influence of drugs and alcohol can and most likely will come back to haunt you! I have worked extremely hard to rectify my wrongs
and redeem each negative deed of my past. Despite much scrutiny and
backlash, I�ve allowed my pitfalls in life to be public in an effort to deter
those who seek the lifestyle I once lived from facing the same troubles,� she

In the face of this recent exploitation, Steffans remains hard at work on her second book and is preparing for the paperback release of Confessions of a Video Vixen this fall. �I have never been nor will I ever be proud of this tape and what it has done to my life. What I am proud of, however, is this moment of clarity and humility which allows me to own my truths�past and present,� Steffans added.

Steffans continues to stand by the words of encourage she offers both in Confessions of a Video Vixen and during her recent lectures at universities across the country. �I urge young women to take very seriously the power and worth they are born with.
I urge them to seek an education, something I shorted myself out of when I
dropped out of high school. I urge young women to hold their bodies as
sacred and to not have children until they are emotionally and financially
prepared. I was not! That in addition to the generational emotional
curses I inherited during my adolescent years lead me into a life of sex for
money, both on and off camera. I implore young women to look at the
examples I set in my young life and do the opposite. I am not a role model
for perfection, nor is anyone, but I am the poster child for change and
growth. Though many would like me to be, I will not be ashamed by this
attempt to exploit me. I feel extremely empowered by this opportunity to
share more of my past with the world, denounce my wrong doings and share my
blessing of strength and perseverance,� she closed.
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