Karrine Steffans Talks About Abusive Relationhsip

Video Vixen Karrine Steffans recently sat down and did an in depth interview with HipHollywood.com about the abuse she says she has suffered at the hands of her boyfriend, former Family Matters co-star, Daris McCrary. According to a police report obtained by the website, Darius is said to have squeezed Karrine’s neck while saying “Go to sleep bitch. Go to sleep.” Their most recent encounter happened Thursday, June 5th when Steffans again called the police claiming Darius tried to run her over with his car. To read more about Karrine’s ordeal and to watch an exclusive interview with the star, check out ET correspondent Kevin Frazier’s new entertainment blog Hip Hop Hollywood.com.


  1. I think she is a really really beautiful woman… I just have absolutely no respect for her.

  2. This woman needs therapy asap. It is no coincidence that she keeps finding herself in these types of abusive relationships with men who use her and walk all over her. Now that she has such a bad reputation around the industry, she probably just takes what she can get. And most people probably think she deserves it. But, no woman deserves to be treated this way. My guess is that she is probably suffering from some form of depression or self-esteem issues..either way, there is help out there. Seek and ye shall find.

  3. Wow, this is a tough crowd. What she said about how he treated her son and their relationship overall darn near brought me to tears. It is so sad. She has issues and I feel for her. She has been through so much and it is still impacting her life. We just talked about this in the sexual abuse thread. She needs help not more words of anger, bitterness and hatred.

  4. Yes. I think that she does have self-esteem issues, and she also needs help. I view her interview as a cry for help. She has to understand, that while he may have a positive relationship with her son, her abuse will teach her son negative lessons. I know that she does not want her son to grow up in an abusive household where he to is likely to learn and adapt abusive behavior towards women.

  5. I think that regardless of how she feels about him, she needs to get out of that relationship before he son doesn’t have a mother. I lost a good friend to domestic violence 6 months ago, it started with fights over the years that they were married & ended with her getting her throat slashed.

  6. I feel like her life is going to end tragically. I hope I wrong. She needs to re-group, get around strong family members or people who are honestly rooting for her. If she still attends church, she should find a good support there, an older woman who has been there and done that…..a “Big Momma”. One of those good ol’ honest and genuinely caring people. Although her beginings were very rough I do think part of what she’s gone through is her faul. NOT THE ABUSE, no one should be abused like that. He may not respect her b/c of all that she had done. She really needs help and I hope she gets it.

  7. She ALWAYS got some BS going on in her life!

    I hope she really finds God to be her main source and strength {especially, to stay away from disrespectful men}.

  8. Terrible. So let me guess, a lot of people don’t care or have sympathy for this woman because she’s just not good enough? Attention wanting or not, whore or not, gold digger or not, it’s not okay and it’s nothing to be brushed off to me. As said, no woman, no person, and no child deserves to be around that kind of bull. I couldn’t help but cry watching that interview, for various reasons, and it kills me how some people just act like she’s the monster in this abuse case or it’s her fault somehow.

    Being in an abusive relationship is my biggest fear and concern when it comes to dating people, so I really hope in my heart she’s able to get it together. It’s also no good growing up around that as a kid, no good at all.

  9. Abuse is not joke i don’t care what kind of feeling you have toward this woman ….
    the last time a man tried to pull an ike turner on me
    he ended up at the hospital now not everywoman can handle their own with men
    so i suggest she takes some karate classes and concentrate on her son who is at the end of the day the only man that really love her

  10. @majesa, the other side of this story is already out. and darius is saying similar things about karrine. so who do we believe? neither they are both liars.

  11. If this really happened like she said, there needs to be some type of intervention. However, I have a hard time believing her and here’s why:

    1. She said before that her books were like therapy and that’s why she wrote them. Writing the books obviously didn’t help as therapy because she keeps putting herself in the same situations. I think her main problem is that she will do ANYTHING for attention, even if it means putting herself in dangerous situations.

    2. Her lifestyle is a BAD influence on her son. If she loved him, she would not CONTINUE to keep him around “dangerous” people.

    3. She is known for exagerating the facts. Her book was based off of her life, but she admitted that she added drama to the book. That’s why it’s a best seller. Lies+ a little bit of truth= money.

    4. If you’ve ever taken psychology classes you would know that whenever a person looks to the right, the are pulling things from their constructive memory. Meaning that she is CONSTRUCTING parts of her story. She looks to the right waaaaaaay to much in her interview and it is a general rule that when a person is recalling a story that ACTUALLY happened they often look to the left. If it’s an emotional memory, they often look down and to the left. I’m sorry, but general psych rules tell me that she is lying.

    5. If the dude ran over her foot, that’s evidence we can see. Her foot is fine. Instead of saying, “He ran over my foot”, why didn’t she just say, “He almost ran over my foot”? –BIG LIE.

    All I see when I look at the video is a woman that still has low self-esteem and is screaming from the mountain tops for attention. Maybe she should spend time healing herself instead of compromising her own life and the life of her son for fame and money. The books obviously are NOT HELPING her navigate through the ruins of her life. GO TO CHURCH Karrine and STOP going to the media. Try healing your wounds in private, and when you really are healed, write a book about that! And don’t drag other people into your drama by starting more rumors and breaking up families for a quick buck and the spotlight! Think of this as tough love from a concerned black woman. Get it together.

  12. I don’t believe her. This is coming from a woman who lived through physical spousal abuse.

    I read another version of the story on another site. There were apparently witnesses who were at the studio the night she claims this happened and they say that she was the one who was violent towards Darius.

    IF it is true, she should be giving interviews with the police and prosecutor–not with a hip hop website. She wants attention more than resolution.

    The only explanation I can think of for why she is giving the interview to the media is so that she can publicly humiliate or otherwise injure the reputation of Darius. If her goal was to get out of the abuse and to get him behind bars–she would focus that attention on criminal prosecution.

  13. @Teeda

    Very good post. Particularly the “look to the right” analysis. That is something we learn when interviewing clients in law school.

  14. Ms. “Teeda”, I’m sorry to say that I can not, and will not, go along with you on this one. You say that in the interview, Ms. Steffans looks off to the right too often, which to you, is an indication that she is not being totally truthful. OK, fine. But if you will pay close attention, she also bats her eye lashes very, very often which also indicates that she’s being very sincere. Further, did it ever occur to you that she looks off to the right because the person who is doing the interviewing is off to Ms. Steffans’ right? Yeah, I know all about that psychology stuff too. Do you know what a psychiatric social worker is? I went through 4 years of university studying that stuff. Although a mere 4 or 5 minute interview isn’t enough time to fully understand what is going on, I can already say this much: (1. She needs to get rid of that meat-head before he really harms her, maybe even kills her. (2. Writing books for an outlet and therapy is fine. But I would highly advise Ms. Steffans to seek professional help as well. Me, myself, personally, if I was handling her case, I would ask Ms. Steffans’ permission to include the minister of her church to be a part of what is called the “action system”. The “action system” is all the resources that will be brought to bare on the problem at hand. (3. I would define what is called the “target system”. In this case, the “target system” is Ms. Steffans and her son. Why her son? I wouldn’t want for the young man to learn from that meat-head that treating women with physical abuse is normal. All women are to be treated with dignity and respect at all times. OK, ANDRE LE DALE? I find your comment most disgusting, profoundly appalling, extremely repulsive, and totally nauseateing. All these fancy words I have used is my way of telling you to….. PULL YO HEAD OUT!!!! (4. I would go the the district attorney and ask what is the problem? Why is this meat-head not in jail?. I feel like this: Does he need help? Absolutely! However, since the perpetration of domestic violence is a crime, he has taken himself out of the realm of community based help and has turned himself into a legal issue. Is there help in jail? Yes, if they want it.
    In conclusion, a woman abuser lives in his own self-made world where he is all self- important and feels that he is the center of the universe. Physically abusing women, or verbally abusing them, for that matter, is inexusable; it can never, ever be justified in any shape or form, on any level what-so-ever.

  15. Nefertari, I hope you had a very nice, and a very blessed birthday yesterday. With all of my heart, I pray that you have many, many more.
    Smooth Thug

  16. I did some follow-up on this story and it just doesn`t add up. Reportedly Darius and a couple of more people were at a studio when Karrine showed up around 2 a.m. or shortly thereafter. She was denied entrance. She then tried to force her way in but failed. Sometime thereafter Darius, reportedly, tried to calm her down as she was ranting . According to witnesses this was the second time that she showed up in like manner. Anyway, after this encounter, she later texted, Gossip Columinist, Perez Hilton around 4 a.m or shortly thereafter that same morning.

    The aforementioned text message is posted on Hilton`s site, Sandra Rose and others. According to the message she stated to Hilton, “I have to give you this story”, among other things, hmmmm. My question is, “If you`ve TRULY been assaulted why would you be texting a blogger”? “Wouldn`t you be contacting the authorities instead”? I`m just sayin`. Certainly something to make you ponder. hmmmm.

    P.S. She also has another book coming out. I`m just sayin`.

    “Dirty Diana” by MJ

    She likes the boys in the band
    She knows when they come to town
    Every musician`s fan after the curtain comes down
    She waits at backstage doors
    For those who have prestige
    Who promise
    Fortune and fame, a life`s that`s so carefree

    She saying that`s ok
    Hey baby do what you want
    I`ll be your night lovin` thing
    I`ll be the freak you can taunt
    And I don`t care what you say
    I want to go too far
    I`ll be your everything
    If you make me a star

    Dirty Diana, nah
    Dirty Diana, nah
    Dirty Diana, no
    Dirty Diana

    I thought that would be a fitting song, considering it`s Karrine Steffans we`re talking about.

  17. @Nefertari:

    Didn`t mean to be repeticious.

    I had to post again because my first one didn`t go through.

    I must say this woman, Karrine, is PATHETIC…………….

  18. Well 1st off abuse is NOT ok for anyone, be it man, woman, or child. However, I just don’t know what to say about this 1. Karrine, a very pretty woman, has a ton of issues. Darius, is also in a web of problems. I mean a couple of months back, both of them did cover stories w/ Sister2Sister magazine. In 1 Darius claim that Karrine was lying & that the 2 weren’t engaged nor did they even have a relationship. Then Karrine came back to the magazine & said she didn’t know what was wrong w/ Darius, but the 2 were in a relationship & they were engage. Can we ALL they say THERAPY. So I am still pretty confused about the WHOLE situation, which leads me to wonder if this is ALL true. There are sooo many wrongs to the situation that 1 cannot truly begin to dissect this.

  19. supahead is a total b!tch and i dont believe her, either she looks left or right, either she looks up north or deep south, her facts are very questionable, i`m just getting tired of these sistas running around and acting like people have to kiss their a-s-s because they were abused, if every woman who has been abused acts like supahead we wont have enough breathing space left in this country
    supahead has been notorious for over exxagerating the facts, and why does this drama come when she`s books coming out? why is her first reaction to call a random blogger instead of the authorities who have the legal mandate to inquire about these kind of situations? this woman is a total b!tch with no esteem for herself and for the people she deals with, this is a woman who is desperate for attention and therefore will say and do whatever it takes for someone to give her the time of the day…please supahead go away, just go away nobody loves you because you dont love yourself

  20. People sitting on their high horses just kill me, I swear. Some of the comments I read are just unbelieveable. Maybe when she shoots the back of her head out people will be happy and give damn. Who knows, some might even have something to weep over in Church the next Sunday. As said, she’s just not worthy enough. She’s not believable enough. Where’s the blood? Why isn’t she calling the police so they can lock this man up for a time-out, maybe even for a whole night? Maybe she’s a big attention-seeking liar, and even so, she’ll probably need more help and support than anyone will ever be willing to offer her. And that truly is sad because when people reach out like that, it’s not because of a broken foot. It’s much, much deeper than that and chances are it’ll never go away. My heart goes out to her, it really does, Liar or not, Whore or not.

  21. I agree with everyone who basically stated that “it is never ok to abuse a woman, no matter her past….”

    ****Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I do NOT believe her. She is conducting WAY too many interviews with the media about this. Why contact Perez and say “I have to tell you this story…” ??? I mean, is she serious? Wasn’t she a victim of domestic abuse before? What happened to privacy? If this is a cry for help, then seek GODLY counsel with a church pastor or seek Professional help. Why go to the media so they can exploit you? Unless she just wants to promote a new book………

  22. @Smooth Thug

    Greetings Bro. I’m well and sending positive energy back to you and yours.


    Sis we usually agree but Im going to stick to my guns on this one.

    My grandmother was beaten to death by her husband All 7 of her daughters and 2 sons were shipped off to relatives after the funeral. That’s the line I come from so I am not a woman to just dismiss spousal abuse. I lived in an abusive marriage for 12 years. I know what it is like and I know it is a horrible experience. It made me stronger and wiser but I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy.

    When I first escaped from that life, I wanted to “save” all women who claimed they were also abused–but do you know what I learned? You CANNOT believe every story and just because a woman claims abuse doesn’t mean you should run out and crucify the man.

    There are MANY women who lie about abuse in order to:
    1. get revenge on a man
    2. get attention
    3. get custody of the children
    4. get another man to come to their rescue (i.e. the women who like to see men with the Captain Save-a-Ho syndrome fight over them.)

    There are at least two sides to every story. Karrine’s is not entitled to any more deference than Dariuses ESPECIALLY since she is using this as a media opportunity rather than using the incident to get herself and her son away from this man and into a safe location. Something stinks here and I think its her story that I smell…it reeks of “hmmm..odd priorities…publicity—safety? publicity—safety…”

    An abused woman is trying to survive. Karrine is once again, playing victim.

    Is an abused/battered woman a victim? Absolutely yes.

    Does she have to STAY a victim? He@!! NO! Not if she wants to live.

    IF Karrine was abused, then I hope that she follows through with her cooperation with the police and prosecutors so that she can get away from the man and keep him away from her…however, I will NEVER again take the word of a woman, over a man, in this situation, autotmatically. I’ve had my “chains yanked” in that way before and I learned my lesson….BELIEVE the facts and you are to believe with your mind and intellect as well as your heart.
    I don’t believe her.

    Any women on here who are abused…I know what you are feeling. I remember trying to get out and keep myself and children safe. Remember that NOBODY can save you but YOU. So start planning, putting away money, out-thinking your abuser and laying plans to escape.

    When you escape you will need all the forces of the law on your side–what you WILL NOT need, however, is an interview on a Hip Hop blog….

  23. Abuse is never right. Be it animals or humans. But I must say that my heart goes out to her son. He is the one I hurt for the most in the mess. I feel a full investigation should take place, especially due to all the publicity this has gotten. (Who in their right mind does that?) With knowledge of him being in the middle of this, there should be no excuse as to continue letting her parent him. Too much evidence that she isn’t fit! And she should be court ordered to get help before she is able to have custudy again. I’m sorry… I was an abused child and a have a low tolerance for abuse. Especially, what seems like child abuse. Be it verbal, sexual, or physical. This child already has to deal with being her son and so many people knowing her past. Why should more crap be added on to his plate?

  24. @Smooth Thug,

    Today has been a wild one bro. and I didn’t realize you said Happy Belated until I read your post a second time. Thank you! I had a good birthday yesterday.

  25. First and foremost… HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NEFERTARI! =0)

    Second, I will have to ask first… why is it that everyone jumps so quick to believe a female who is known to lie without first hearing his side of the story. Abuse isn’t a joke! As far as her son… Karrine has once said that she does what she does to help take care of her child. Which means she puts her child through all of this and calls it her “hustle.” One of these days her son is going to get taken away and then what… she going to pull this abuse card like it’s a joke so that people will feel sorry for her. This whole situation reminds me of 50 Cent and his baby momma drama. It’s like WOW! I completely agree 100% with Nefetari and Teeda on this one.

  26. I get that she could be lying and her boyfriend could be falsely accused. I do get that, and I’m not arguing that. Maybe she’s after attention. Perhaps she’s cried wolf a time too many, maybe she’s crying wolf now. But it’s just something about the way people dismiss it that gets to me, it’s like people could care less, not even the benefit of the doubt. And if she is after attention and this is how she goes about it, the woman has issues worst than being beat up. Wounds like that don’t just heal, and maybe a lot of it has to do with me, but I feel bad for her. I feel bad that she’d even feel the need to do this.

  27. I have never been in an abusive relationship but I lost a friend to domestic violence 7 years ago. Ms. Steffans needs JESUS because he is the only one who can heal the borken areas of her life. I don’t know if her story is true or false I do know she definitely needs help.

  28. Apparently she also emailed Perez Hilton right after the incident. Is that really the first thing someone in trouble would do?

  29. Karrine lies so much I don’t know what to believe.;

  30. @Majesa,

    I agree with your last post –but that is precisely why women who “cry wolf” have to be dismissed roughly. They make it that much harder for the women who really are in trouble, in danger and at risk of death, to convince people that their fear and claims are real.

    I hope she IS lying because I never want to see any woman go through that–but I also know that I’ve met far too many women who cry wolf when it is convenient and they make me furious because when it is real and a woman needs help–people are less likely to believe her.

  31. I donno if she is lying or not. Either way I agree with y’all that she has major issues and needs Jesus + some therapy sessions. Assuming her story is true, why would she wear a scarf to hide a second incident from the authorities on the day they have a hearing/whatever? Why would she turn to a papparazzo as her first outlet? Why would she continue to put her son at risk? She is definitely not acting rationally and needs to get help ASAP.

  32. Issues is all I can say.
    Abuse is never ok, no matter what. But there is a saying that a person’s reputation preceeds them. She is known to be a liar and exaggerate stories. So who knows what really happened. All I know is that she needs to get it together and work on herself. The person I am most concerned about is her son. What values is he learning from all of this??

    All I know is that if I was being abused in anyway, the last thing I would be doing is texting a blogger about it. And yes, she does have a book coming out. She needs to keep her name out there.

  33. Its so funny how people get so judmental pardon my french but everyone f-u-c-k everyone and those that don’t yet will.. the reason why i disliked karine in the past was because of the image she gave to black woman but its seems like half the people out here hate her an dthink she deserve to be abuse because she f-u-c-k

    You need to get a life abuse is never okay even if the female get on the man face he has no right to hit her none what so ever i feel her pain even tought my husband is a sweetheart an dwill never raise a finger at me shame on all the brothers that think its okay for her to go trought that you were born of a mother a woman remenber that!!!!!!!!!!!

    To me she always been and always will be a victim .

  34. and for those that imply that she might lie remenber that this is the same woman that wrote an tell all book and that has been featured in several shows where she head her head up and told it like she wanted karine would not cry and break down unless something was touching her that bad
    so get a grip!

  35. Majesa said:
    “But it’s just something about the way people dismiss it that gets to me, it’s like people could care less, not even the benefit of the doubt.”

    I say same here

  36. WoW… the board is really heated about this Karrine thing lol. Anywho 1st up about judging the woman, ANY time U put something in the Media spotlight it WILL be judge. It doesn’t matter if it’s something terrible or great, It comes w/ the territory. So if ppl judging her was something that she worried about whywould she email Perez Hilton? I mean he is like the biggest blabber mouth in the world. I am quite sure that this is on his site right now to get more hits..smh. Ok on that same accord why go to Kevin Frazier or ANY other media outlet if u do not want to be judge or scrutinized? That just doesn’t make sense to me. Most celebs or whateva her categorization is, won’t say a peep about the situation until the police report was put out on TMZ.
    Ok.. moving on, yes Karrine does tell 1/2 truths. U have to read between the lines of what is truth & what is not. However, the spillage about ALL of the celeb men she slept w/ is true… for the simple fact that NONE of them denied it, that alone speaks volumes. But everyone has to take in account that the woman has gone thru some serious issues & some ppl that have gone thru what she has, may have a tendency to stretch out the facts & what not. For instance she has admitted that she is in fact a cutter & that @ times she can’t take the pressure, she’ll cut herself. Now this came straight out of her mouth in the last book she came out w/. So who’s to say that she might not be under stress & this is another way that she handles it?
    Ok… the next thing is that right before this came out I heard word about her new book & now I am hearing this. Let’s face it folks the girl knows how to work the media, she also said that in her last book. She explained how she got the media vultures swirling waaay before she had the book deal for Confessions of a VV. So I know it’s really weird, but maybe she could be workin out sum publicity… hey I dunno I am just throwin things out there.
    And last but not least.. this is still SUPER puzzling to me, are the 2 ACTUALLY in a relationship. That’s what keeps getting me w/ this whole deal b/c 1 says 1 thing & the other says something TOTALLY different. Right there the alarm sounds off b/c someone is LYING. It’s either Darius or Karrine, but the truth is not in 1 of them. So how can I sit here & say I actually believe her when I don’t know if she is REALLY w/ the man or not to be abused. No I am not dismissin her b/c of her past transgressions. Yeah she screwed a bunch of men, so what, there are many more like her that just didn’t come forward & if he DID do it he needs to be handle for raising his hand. My thing is, if u can’t figure out if you are dating someone or not.. how in the he11 to do you expect me to sit here & eat up every word you are saying happened in the “relationship”. That’s just keepin Real.

  37. Wow, so many different opinions.
    Well, I dont believe her. If it were me, I would not play this situation out in public, because of the history and her son. Yes, she does need thearpy, and so does her son if he has been a witness to this abuse. I dont agree with her saying “she cannot teach him how to be a man around the house”. I am a single mother and I raised my son to clean, cook, work, go to college, treat women with respect and to take care of himself. No I could not teach him all the aspects of being a man, but my 2 brothers helped in that area. I also kept him involved in sports, music, swimming and all other things that kids should participate in. No, women are not men, but if there is a situation where there is no man around learn how to teach your sons to be good men by focusing on the LORD and asking him for guidence. Believe me it works!!!
    She needs to get out of the media spotlight and focus on her son. Her life has been an emotional rollercoster, there is no need for her to drag him through this drama.
    She should stay in church, pray to GOD for help in turning her life around and ask him to deliver her from this drama and bring a man into her life that will respect her and her son. To love her regardless of her past. She needs to learn to love and respect herself before she can ever be in a abuse free relationship.
    Just my opinion……..

  38. @Darksista

    NOBODY should “always be a victim”. Therein lies Karrine’s problem. Some of us are victimized early in life or during our lives. The challenge is to empower yourself and learn to NOT be a victim.

    Women who want to be the perpetual victim degrade all women. At some point a woman needs to stand the —- up and say “enough is enough”. THAT Is how sisters have survived this long.

    I will tarry with a woman who is being victimized and try to help her build herself up to get free–but a woman who wants to REMAIN a victim, is on her own.

    If you see a person laying in a puddle of mud and they ask you for help, and you reach down and grab their hand and they use their strength to help you pull them up–then you have helped them…

    But if you see that same person in a puddle of mud, they ask you for help, and when you reach down and grab their hand, they start struggling, kicking, and trying to remain there in the mud, you had better let go or they will pull you into the mud with them.

    Love and Empathy is needed, but that does not mean that you accept all versions of stories.

    I just have one question–WHY is she giving interviews to BLOGS instead of focusing on getting herself and her son away from this supposedly dangerous man???

  39. Nobody deserves to be abused, but this woman does not have a good past when it comes to men. She is popular for writing a book of her escapades of giving blow jobs and having hot sex to married men and men in general. I can’t believe she was even married. Maybe she was cheating on him. She is nasty. She put her dirty laundry out there not thinking about the families of these men for the sake of making a dollar. What comes around goes around and it will come back in three folds. Nobody respects her and she just needs to go away.

  40. okay this girl is a whore, she wants everyone to feel sorry for her, but when u’re an ex-video chick who’s had sex with countless celebrity males (which i’m sure was not all protected), it’s kinda hard to do that. the fact that she is willing to put all these men out on front street, like she didn’t like having their attention or getting their money, just makes her seem cheap to me. nothing this girl does or says can ever really make me feel for her. if she changed her persona maybe she wouldn’t attract this low life men. and in sister 2 sister a couple of months ago she was just singing his praises and talking about how in love they were, now this? i guess

  41. I agree with you Dana
    She dosen’t need more abuse from us,what she needs is help
    she is a very pretty woman,but her repretaion has done her in,
    I just hope and pray she really gets herself together.
    I mean we all have done things that we’re ashame of,and we would
    probily neva , eva ,eva,eva tell it to even our bestest of friend,let alone tell it
    on this blog,good for you Ms.Steffans to open up and share with us
    your experiences,pain,and abuse,that is the begining of your healing
    porcess,though it take some time to fully recover,Confession is good for the

  42. if it was an other woman than karine everyone will feel sorry for her her…
    all the arguments made here would not matter people just don’t believe it because its karine and i think it is so f-ucked up

  43. No one deserves to be beaten or attacked..if this is true, but in my opinion this women is crazy and she seems to like to bring drama to herself …I guess to keep her in the lime light. In her first book she stated that she had been in a physical abusive relationship with her son’s father ,so if she were mentally stable why would she put herself in the same situation so many years later. She has serious issues and she needs some serious in depth therapy. I hope she gets all the help she needs.

  44. Why run to the media? And gossip outlets at that? That’s side-eye worthy…

    But anyway, I hope she can get herself straight, for her sake AND HER SON’S. She’s been through some stuff and I wonder how her son is coping. She needs therapy, ON-GOING therapy, if she isn’t already taking advantage of it. God bless her. 🙁

  45. We all know that the world has become very modern but we should not forget about the respect for women. Such photos become the matter of entertainment for us but they can ruin the life of the person in the photo.

  46. I don’t have much respect for this woman. What kind of example is she setting for her son? That is all I have to say.

  47. Here’s my thoughts, and I have read what everybody had to say. I don’t think anyone condones domestic violence. We all know someone that has been in this situation or have been in it ourselves and it ain’t pretty. But what is sad is that Karrine’s past actions and some of the present(callin the blogs instead of the police) has made most of us(me included) question this whole ordeal. I sincerly hope that she is crying wolf for her and he son’s sake, I hope that she has not been a victim of domestic violence, once again. However if she is crying wolf, she has ruined another man’s good name…..Again! and for what money, publicity, fame, etc. How pathetic is that.

  48. Some of your comments bug me out. You should know by now that most of the training you receive in school (psychology, sociology/social work, etc.) does not compare to the realities you face once you’re on the job. So, your textbook analogies are meaningless when compared to real life experience.

    No one knows for sure what happened to this woman or her boyfriend. But what is apparent is her cry for help. You may not like the way she goes about it but for the sake of her son I hope she gets the help she needs before its too late. I am surprised that children services isn’t knocking down her door. They are never around when you need them.

  49. I think she needs to get herself together. You can’t be a counselor if your life is a mess.


  51. I am not sure how I feel about Karrine Steffans, one part of me thinks she has no shame or polish and another part of me thinks she is kind of interesting (I don’t mean in a “I want her” kind of way either). Anyway, Darius is late for hitting on her and I hope karma rounds his ass up.

  52. I feel for her i truly do
    forgive me i’m not a monster
    i know how it feels like not to be believed because of your past
    my best friend was raped and because she was known to be “wild”
    people didnt believe her not even her own family

    because karrine is known to be who-rish she can’t be beaten on?
    come on yall are educated women aren’t you ?

    All this time karrine was dating big times rappers and all
    why didnt she accuse them of something? i don’t like her
    more than all of you here but you guys are so wrong
    she did called the police and her boyfriend got arested then she called the media
    i don’t deny that she is an atention whore
    but if a woman said she has been abused i’ll look into it
    rather than calling her all but a child of god

    Instead people been elaborating what they think happened
    shame on yall you are abusers too….

  53. I feel so bad for her son. He has just been exposed to too much things. First the book and the constant spotlight on his mother for her sexual excapades. She has him around too much stuff that a child should not even have to deal with… I really hope that if she has been abused that her son atleast did not have to see any of that. Poor baby…

  54. I think this situation is a case of he said she said. This chick is whack anyway. I wouldn’t doubt if she was the one who abused and stalked him.

  55. “Sanchez”, I’m going to assume that your comment about “social work” was not directed at me. You see, it’s like this: I don’t know about the other behavioral sciences, or about how other universities go about it. But at the university I attended, all social work majors not only had to do the class work, but we were required to put in one thousand hours of time in the community under the supervision of a professional, experienced social worker. This social worker would periodically report my progress to my professors. Now. One semester I did 250 hours at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services (commonly called the “welfare department”) I was assigned 5 families to work with. The next semester I did 250 hours in a marriage counseling setting. I was assigned to 5 couples. Not all of them were married. I can tell you some horror stories about how some of those rock-heads treated their ladies. Well, wait a minute, here’s a short one… this one guy would beat up his lady ’cause, get this one, now, when his lady would cook his eggs in the morning, he would get mad and thump her out ’cause she didn’t cook the eggs like his mama used to. Sweet Jesus, Lord have mercy! One day I asked him that if he wasn’t satisfied with his breakfast, why didn’t he cook it himself? Do you know that he almost jumped on me? I told him that if he put even a finger on me that I was going to drop a dime on his a-s-s to the po-po. And when they finally caught up with him, they were going to put his rock-head in a cell with someone I don’t think he wants to be in there with. I can just see it now… “I’m Joe-Shmow and I’m in here ’cause I jumped on my social worker. Who in the hell are you?” His cell mate answers, “Well, I’m BaBa and I’m in here doing life plus 50 ’cause I killed 5 people.” Let’s continue. My last 2 semesters I did a total of 500 hours at the mental hospital at USC Medical Center. So I don’t want anybody, Anybody, ANYBODY telling me about the “realities” and “real life experience”. And if you’ll pay attention to what I posted, you’ve repeated what I’ve already said: a 4 or 5 minute interview isn’t time enough to get to the bottom of what’s going on here. But first and foremost, the welfare of the son comes first. Where’s child protection services, you ask? Good question. Our child welfare laws are so screwed up that it’s not even funny. And what little child welfare laws there are are not strictly enforced. Just look at that mess that’s going on with that cult in Texas. Here’s all these high school age girls running around having all these babies from these older men. That is so sick! Yet, the Texas state supreme court ordered that all those kids be returned to that cult immediately. Go figure. One last thing. You spoke of “training”. If I my be so rude, where did you recieve yours? I obtained mine at California State University at Long Beach. Go Beach! By that way, y’all. Let’s all give our congrats to actress Vanessa Williams. She was awarded her Bachelors Degree from Syracuse University.

  56. Hello fellow bloggers of Brownsista. I just wanted to say that I feel sorry for Karrine Steffans. Her first book pretty much explained why she is the way she is. Her mother-who really formed Karrine to be the woman she is-hated her and treated her like she wasn’t a part of her family. Karrine didn’t have a woman to look up to, neither did she have a father. She was raped in her early teenage years and abused by her son’s father. Fast forward about 10 years and she constantly traps herself with some hip-hop celeb and waist deep in negative publicity. Even if her book is exaggerated, the men she was with never denied their history neither were they any good to/for her. On one hand she didn’t have a positive female role model to shape her and on the other she didn’t have a father to tell her she was beautiful and teach her how a woman is supposed to be treated. Karrine is a sado-masochist who treats men like crap and accepts the same treatment in return. Whether she likes it or not, she dives headfirst into emotional pain w/public humiliation.
    She says her books are like therapy but she isn’t healing too well. I read her first book and when I reached the end, I expected her to change her ways. I thought she would examine her own life and find the reasons why she has slept with so many men and got nothing in exchange but a physical & emotional pain with couple of dollars that stopped when their careers ended. She is a smart woman who is very manipulative though maybe she doesn’t think ahead. Her book revealed alot about her and the men she gave herself to and her son will feel the pain from her past experiences. How many of you could hold your head up when a peer questioned the nickname given to your mother publicly-Supahead?

  57. down is not helping? You can’t expect people to do what you would have done if the situation involved you we are all different,for example if my man raise his hand at me he will be in the hospital bed right next to me cause i will f-u/ck him up real talk, but how many women do you know can knock down a man? so it is easy to say “if that was me” or “she shoulda “… trusted i’m all about female empowerment to me if a woman get slap she needs to pack up her stuff and leave but not before buttheading someone first …

    But lets not get carried awat, Karinne has issues i will be the first one saying it if you read her book you will feel sorry for her, all i’m saying is ,maybe she did lie but people don’t even want to look into it that is so sad!!! How many of you here have some skeleton in the closet? how would you feel if people kept on focusing on the past instead of the present?

    Even if karinne took picture of her bruised and all yall would still say that she lied and that she had her picture photoshop

    A lot of You guys Are abusers too…Shame on yall

  58. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    First of all, she put herself out there. She is a manipulator who uses sh*t from her past to make ppl feel sorry for her, and by the looks of things, you fell for it. We all have dealt with some form of hurt in our lives that we would rather forget, but how many of us would try to capitalize off that “pain” by going to Internet Bloggers to sell that story for a quick buck?? I know of quite a few ppl who grew up in worse situations than “supahead” and have made some changes by seriously working through their issues through the support of good friends, family, church members, etc. You mean to tell me, that she doesn’t have at least ONE person in her life to help support her through those issues? Hell, if I were her, just looking at my son would be MORE than enough reason for me to get my SH*T together. If she is looking for sympathy, she will NOT find it with me.

  59. ^^^^
    and that is your problem we are two different persons i don’t care what you do or think !

  60. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Lol, My statement wasn’t intended to “attack you”, but whatever. Moving on====================>

  61. This chick has been raped as a child and by her former husband or boyfriend Cool G-Rap at age 17. She’s effed up and needs serious help. I feel really bad for her, she made some poor choices and let others use her, but she really needs support and guidance. Her childhood has been a mess.

  62. I believe karribe when she’s eddie abused her.. She has very low self esteem and she needs to see and speak to someone .. A Man never ever has a right to put his hands on any women no matter what she’s done.. He knows what everyone else knows and he still chose to date her.. He can’t then get upset and start throwing get past up in her face because I’m sure he gas a past himself he’ll word around Hollywood was he was supposedly HIV positive from sleeping eith men and living a DL lifestyle and was bi- sexual so he doesnt have any room to talk about her.. Everyone had a dirty backyard that needs to be cleaned up before you go trying to clean somebody elses up!! Don’t throw stones if you yourselves are currently living in a glass house!!!! Only god can judge her his judgement matters not other people who are also going to be judged as well.. Why is every black women so mean and hateful towards her none if you know her personally and its not like she slept with any if your men so why so hateful? Karribe doesnt make any black women look bad you all are responsible for how other people view you !!! She’s responsible for her actions!! So whoever said she makes black women look bad that’s bs!!!!!!! Oprah is a billionaire right? So how the hell does that make you look good ? Its oprah who’s rich not me!!!! She doesnt make me or break me… I’m me and oprah is oprah 2 different people… Half the men in the book she said she selpt with did so willingly she didn’t force any man to sleep with or cheat on there wives, girlfriends, fiancée with her and these women didn’t even leave when they found out how many if there men didn’t respect them , there households or there children !!!! You females call her all kinds if names for enjoying sex and knowing how to please a man!!! Half of you females judging her have put your heads below the waist of a man before so why try to pretend you never given a man oral sex!!!! She never braged about it the men who recieved it from her did!!!!! You females are mad because of some of the men who she wrote about in her book you wish you slept with one particular Man in her book you may of liked … Stop trying to play such a morality act when it comes to her when you yourselves are doing dirt!!! And for the men why are you so harsh about her sex life when half of you have laid down with more women than she has with men? Half of you men lay around with numerous women and think its ok when you do it then turn right around and look for a virgin when you yourselves are used up as hell!!!! Your damaged goods yourselves!!!! Do you consider yourselves ” whores” hoes” for all the women youve laid up with ? I think not!!! Double standards and set rules for yourselves!!!! And last but not least you men know damn well you want your girlfriends/ wives to go down on you more often that’s why you all are complaing about about we black females don’t give you enough oral that’s why your running to the white girls because they give you head at the drop of a hat!!! Your words !!!!! So please spare me the bs!!! That’s one of the first things you men want when your intimate with someone!!!!! Take a look at yourselves before you judge someone one else .. Remember when you judge someone GOD is also judging you!!!!!!!!! If she was a white girl black women/ men wouldn’t have a damn thing to say, society would try to act she sexy and wanted by everyone!!!! Kim whoredashian gets a pass with black men but karrine doesnt?shes slept with half of Hollywood and black men want her so bad its pathetic !!! Fake ass, lips, nose, breast and all and have seen her have raw unprotected sex with ray-j and also sucked him off was it ok fellas that she had ray- js penis in her mouth? like its cute and will say oh that was her boyfriend making up excuses for her sleazy trifling nasty porno tape having ass!!! She’s been having sex since she was 13 that’s out her own mouth , so black men/women is she nice and decent and sexy? Or is she a sleazy whore like you all say karrine is?

  63. I agree with you nelly
    I believe karinne and i think people are so wrong THey refuse to believe her because she is karinne if you take away her name and replace by someone else everyone will be casting the stone at Eddie and they have the nerve to call those that do “naive” i rather be naive and reach a hand than be to deal with my conscience later over what i should have done or say

    And millions of women die every year because people just don’t believe they are abused
    No one here concentrate on the fact that karinne had called the police before on him all they saw was karrine said she was abuse and everyone started to call her everything they could…

    I don’t deny that she is an atention wh-o-r.e but that should not make it okay for eddie to bí-tch slap her whenever he feel like it

    and i think that the reason why he keeps on beating her ass is clear and simpel: when she’ll try to tell someone people won’t believe her they ‘ll figure out karinne is a wh-o-re so she is lying….

    How sad I hope none of yall have to deal with abuse in your life

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