Karrine Steffans

As I was checking the stats for the site last night I saw that someone had done a seach for “Karrine Steffans” that led them here.Totally bored, I decided to head on to Karrine’s official website to see what the sista was up to.As it turns out, her website has been updated and she is now leaving video diaries for her fans.There is also an entire section devoted to her television appearances as well as her upcoming projects.Word has it Bobby Brown wanted BRAVO to continue on with his show with Karrine replacing Whitney but apparently that idea was scrapped and “Being Bobby Brown” will not be returning to BRAVO.Anyway, go check out Karrine’s videos where she speaks directly to her fans from where else- her jacuzzi and her bedroom.


  1. I don’t understand why you all take such pity on this woman here.Even when I try to give her the benefit of the doubt she makes me regret it.Why is she filming from her tub and bed? For someone who wants to be known for more than sex she sure spends a lot of time promoting a sex pot image.I heard she is also about to pose for Playboy so again there goes her assertion that she has changed or that she did certain things to survive.She doesn’t have to keep selling her body now but she does because that is who she is.She is a whore.Please stop giving her play here. 😡

  2. I totally agree Bree. I find it totally bizarre how Steffans try to portray herself as a reformed bad girl to Oprah while all along she knows she still sells her body for fame in some kind of form or fashion. I wonder how she have the nerve to complain about the exploitation and mistreatment of women.

    Currently, she doesn’t have to pose nude or shed an article of clothing for anyone because now she’s a successful author (cant believe I just wrote that). But I think I get it now, I guess it’s okay that a woman uses her own body for wealth and not rappers. RIDICULOUS!!!!!

  3. First, I think “Being Bobby Brown” was on Bravo, not A&E. Second, I just don’t get Karrine. Honey make up your mind on what kind of image you want to put out there, because you are contradicting yourself.:booty:

  4. I saw the vid clip of her sucking on his bird who cares!!!!! Her 15 mins of fame was up 5 mins after we found out about her! :loser:

  5. Karrine is what she is. I think that whorish mentality is rooted so deep within her soul thats all she knows how to be. I agree with Bree everything about her in this video say “F-ME” but she claims that she’s changed, yea right! She could have done that video in a much more tasteful none sexual manner. You can’t change your image when you keep selling sex in everyting that you do.

    And she’s obviously not reformed when she was just with Bobby B. before divorce papers were signed. Karrien can change if she wants to, but I think she has serious issues to deal with.


  6. There is something about her that I just like.I think it is her spunk.After being beaten down she was able to rise with her head held high and I admire that.I find myself rooting for her.

  7. i think that the girl doesn’t know how to do anything else but use what she has to get what she wants. she been doing that must of her life, she’s a pretty girl and a man magnet after all she’s done the men still want her. i applaud her surviving.

  8. More power to Karrine.What makes what she does any different than what Pamela Anderson does or those white chicks Hugh Hefner sleeps with who were given their own show on E (The Girls Next Door)? These women all sleep with this man and are his noncubines and have become famous and wealthy doing so.By no means am I saying women should do anything for fame or fortune, but let’s at least not be biased here.All use their bodies and sexual skills as a means to support themselves and there are plenty of male buyers out there to keep them living quite nicely.Karrine just happens to be a sista doing it.

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