Karrine Says She’s In Love

Karrine Steffans In Vibe Magazine Karrine Steffans is featured on the inside of the December 2007 issue of Vibe Magazine as well and she gives a pretty interesting, if not somewhat odd, interview concerning her relationship with Lil Wayne (who?). Karrine swears she’s in love with this man and says- and I quote- “He is my John Lennon and I am his Yoko Ono”. I honestly don’t have much to say about that as I don’t even know who Lil Wayne is. I mean I know he’s a rapper but I can’t name any of his songs cause rap just ain’t my thang. I also won’t speculate on the “realness” of the relationship because hey, you never know where you will find love. So why did I write this if I wasn’t really wasn’t gonna say anything worth reading? Well, because I prefer to read what you guys have to say. So say it. Has Karrine finally found love? And is it really possible for Lil wayne, a rapper, to openly and honestly love Karrine as his woman when she has been with so many men in his industry- men he has to run into and look in the eye, knowing they have had “his woman” ? Lastly, can someone explain to me how she kisses him with all that stuff in his mouth (lol).

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  1. :stop: She’s only ‘in love’ with Lil Wayne because he’s the so called ‘hottest’ thing out right now….once his fire goes out….so will hers.

  2. Wait a minute! I thought that she was with Darius Mccrary(Family Matters)? :confused:
    Supa Head needs to :stop: !!!!

  3. Aiy-Aiy-Aiy!!! This girl is in love with how many people? This girl needs christ in her life (as we all do) but that is the REAL and UNCONDITIONAL love. :thumbsup:

  4. Lihay, :iagree: , she does need Jesus, then she can understand what love is. Every other week she is talking about who she is in love with, until they do something to her….. πŸ™„

  5. OH-MY-GOD Did you all read the interview? The part about her and Wayne making love and being one with each other actually made me tear up πŸ™

  6. this women is soo annoying and pathetic,,,i feel so sorry for her life, no matter how much she think lil wayne likes her ,,,,am pretty sure he will NEVER respect her like he would even respect Trina. i wish her de best am not a :hater: but am ashamed shes black cause people like her give us bad names and get away wiv it,,,,,then we are stuck wiv that image. lastly i don’t think shes in love, she just one of those people trying to get the lime light on her herself because she knows people like lil wayne and his hot in rapping! so she know she might draw attention to herself…..can u imagine dropping hint: that if he proposed that she would jump! am sorry but i have no respect whatsoever for this woman or her type of women…i cant even imagine how lil wayne would date her…don’t his friends talk to him or even mock him??

  7. Well if he loves her then he loves her it takes a strong person to forgive a past like that (i couldn’t do it if i was a man …knowing that all my friends…) i have no respect for women her type she is as vulgar as a women can be and she is shameless but if she found someone that don’t care about all that well good for her…but even if she redeem herself nd get saved i’ll still see her as superhead no one is perfect and she never tried to act like she was
    but i can’t help it to be disgusted by her nd any other women that use her body to acquier wealth or fame…. :thumbsdown:

  8. Everytime he kisses her…. he knows who he’s kissing: Ja Rule, Jay Z, Shaq, Mystikal, Bobby Brown, Ray J and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on πŸ˜†

  9. Oh please I can’t stand that girl, my cousin have her boring a** book andI would kick her :booty: if I ever meet that skeezer. Talking about she did everything she did for her son, trick did you forget you left him with his father and then when you came back to get him ice t got him a nanny and you left him with the nanny for over a year. She wouldn’t even tell people that she had a child, unless they knew his father. The gal wasn’t even getting paid for sleeping with all those men, the only one who broke her off was ice t. Nasty trick, she has no remorse of what she’s doing, it’s not cute and I don’t know who in their right mind would want to marry that s*** but I guess thier not in thier right mind. They’re just as sick as her.

  10. :noway: Lets start with name calling “very mature” I don’t think Lil Wayne is a idiot by far The only way you have not heard anything that Lil Wayne sings in is that you don’t :brownsista: :stop: listen to the radio. (girl Stop) Karrine maybe in love but her ideal of love is anybody that sleeps with her and pays her any attention. Lil Wayne and Darius love for her is not want she thinks but I can say a man kissing her probably is no different then all the men we have kissed(dont fool yourself) She is not the only superhead out but she is the most confused one by far!!

  11. also Lil Wayne has been saying he is single for months and looking for someone so I don’t know what she is talking about????

  12. What :noway:

    Unfortunately, her son is an innocent victim in her claim to fame :thumbsdown:

  13. How does he kiss her? Funny. The question should be how does he kiss her with everything that has been in her mouth?

  14. What is Lil Wayne doing to these women? She is the third high profile female to go ga ga over Weezy. He had Trina so messed up she could not even talk about him.

    I like Lil Wayne’s flow, he is very talented

  15. I can’t take this lady seriously. How is she going to speak on being in love with Wayne or whomever when just a couple of months ago she released a book outlining the many trysts she’s had with dudes in the entertainment world? Hmmmm….


  17. It’s simple, very plain and simple. A h** is a h** is a h** that’s all their is to it, it’s plain and simple right? I’m not calling her that for nothing. She made that name for herself and she seems okay with that. Their are women that value thier self-respect enough not to let any man used them or in her case a whole lot of men. I know she’s not the only superhead but everybody don’t go around bragging about it cause it’s nothing to brag about. Alot of men are idiots anyway and that includes Lil Wayne and Darius. Thanks you sharing you opinion though, but let me stick to mind it’s that simple. Peace.

  18. She’s a little off I think. I know everyone is difffrent but who would take a relationship with her serious. She’s just trying to get a vh-1 show or soemthing cause who cares. She’s interesting to see how low she will go but on a real relationship level who cares.

  19. Wait a minute…are we bashing black women in the media 😑

  20. I have absolutely no respect for this woman. She has no relevance to even be mentioned on this web-site. I mean what accomplishments has she made other than being slutty. She is just nasty.

  21. Karrine is in dream land and I say let her live! She’s the type of chick that don’t care if her heart is hurt. She just lives for the moment.

  22. Wasn’t she with Bill Maher too or something? :confused: …. :lol2:

  23. :lol2: πŸ™
    I find this hilarious and sad at the same time! It’s hilarious because this is what she wants, to be in the public eye and we are all falling for it. From reading her book, to posting comments on forums to Googling her. Remember, she use to mess with Ice T. Ice T, being a former pimp, once said that he admired Madonna because she did what it took to keep herself in the public eye. In his own words, the industry tries to pimp the artist, but she was pimping herself, which is the true genius of a pimp. Karrine Steffans is doing the same thing, she is pimping herself! Think about – she sleeps with all those entertainers and only receives a pat on the back or a :thumbsup: for a good job. Meanwhile, she writes down all the encounters in a book, tells a juicy story and gets everyone talking. Now, to sell more books, she occasionally comes out with a new love of her life. Can you say P-I-M-P? Now she can just ride the wave and then claim someone else is her new love when it’s time for a new book, Genius! Create the buzz and people will buy. The only sad part is that she has a kid and that now he’s going to get caught up in her mess. In my opinion, NO amount of money is worth that. And for that, she does need her :booty: kicked.

  24. By the way, Lil Wayne can’t be that stupid. No man I know would be able to look another man in the eye if everyone knew she gives up the :booty: on a regular basis. Karrine is only good for a good time, not a life time, and any brotha’ from the hood knows that. Back in my day, we called that a “sneak.” Good enough to sneak around with, but you really don’t want anyone else to know and you certainly won’t take it further. Besides, he already gets enough ridicule for kissing Birdman. Imagine how bad it would be if he got with Superhead! :dance1: (β€œHe is my John Lennon and I am his Yoko Ono”. – lol, lol, lol, lol)

  25. I don’t understand how she can posibilly be in love after being with all those difference men,I’m not one to bash black women,because I honour, repect,and admire and them alot,but a of the disrepct that some of you sistas receive is due to your own demise,therefore bringing it upon yourselves,as Ms Seffans has done,but I surely hope she can redeem herself
    Again she too is also human,who also made some bad choices,made some bad decisions,just remenber people Christ died for us all,dispite our short comings and imperfections,yet he sacrificed his life for her, for you,and for me,let us just pray for her :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :brownsista:

  26. I’ve read the interview in the Vibe magazine,it seems to me Ms Seffans has no scrubbles,or any from of self respect in order to put her personal business out there like that
    I beleive closets were made to keep somethings from plain site,from the public’s eye,she must not have a closet,or she lives in a glass house,and it’s ok for others to know her business,and to see her business
    furthermore true love and respect Ms Seffans starts with yourself,how can you say you love someone, and disregard and disrespect the privacy of the other person in the relationship with you? and how can you lead a life sylte like that in front of your child?do you think they don’t know or see whats going on?
    Or perhaps you are just that nieve to think so
    Just for the record Ms Seffans,a real Man don’t really care for a woman who been around the block too many times,or who are just a little too freindly,If you know what I .Mean :bag: :bag: :bag: :stop:
    A famous R&B group,J5,wrote a song that says”Stop!The love you save maybe your own! :stop: :noway: :confused:

  27. How are you gonne be writing about Black celebrities and not know who Lil’ Wayne is? He is a major force in Hip Hop since he was like 17 with Cash Money…Are you serious?

  28. [quote comment=”16354″]How are you gonne be writing about Black celebrities and not know who Lil’ Wayne is? He is a major force in Hip Hop since he was like 17 with Cash Money…Are you serious?[/quote]
    I write about BLACK FEMALE CELEBRITIES. This article was about Karrine Steffans, not Lil Wayne. I don’t need to know who Lil Wayne is anymore than I need to know who Lindsay Lohan is because I write about neither on this site. My not knowing any of Lil Wayne’s songs didn’t in any way adversely affect my article as it wasn’t about his music. I know his profession and that Karrine has been in relationships with many men in his profession and from that I asked you all a question. I also do not rub shoulders or hang out with any of these people as stated by James.

  29. Well stated Stephanie.

    This article is strictly in regards to Karrine Steffans. I truly believe that this young lady is Bi-Polar.

    I also read her last book and found it to be completely boring and not well written. We need to just ignore her and maybe she will just fade into the background. The only one who is really suffering from this is her son.

    Karrine has not changed one bit. She will always stay in the game that she is playing.

  30. :lol2: πŸ˜† :lol2:
    That girl kills me! Who will she be in love with in the next 12hrs. Ladies, this is her job. It is her job to find the vulnerable and/or most popular, grab them, intoxicate them with her “Superhead” and all at the same time get her paper. She knows what she is doing, the helfa is smart. She knows that the same way she came into the career, is the same way she is going to make it.

    She couldn’t write a book about giving head to every prostate carrier who walks on earth and then write a book about communism. No one would take her seriously, so if she wants to eat, she has to be the same Karrine “Superhead” Steffans we’ve always known.

    Hey…somethings work for those, that don’t work for other’s. I’m not going to knock her hussle, if you making paper, get your paper. Because we know Lil. Weezy is benefiting from this right now. Physically and financially. Let’s get it “Duffle Bag Boy”

    Fresh out of Texas

  31. This woman is delusional if she thinks that Lil Wayne is in love with her, or has any hope of ever marrying her! Is she serious? She’s a very attractive woman who does not know her self worth. The boxer she talked about dating her her second book left her ass looking stupid when he proceeded with marrying his fiance. LOL. This chick is just the entertainment industry’s “good time girl”, she can forget about anybody besides the irrelevant Darius McCrary, being stupid enough to marry her. Lil Wayne could definately do alot better…and I bet he will!


  33. :stop:
    Oh please!!!! She is only in love with getting paid for her nickname Superh–d. She wants any man with any cash. She should think about what her son is going to have to endure in the future unless he changes her name and stop tring to be famous for the oldest profession in the world.
    So Sad :brownsista:

  34. Liyah :iagree: She does need Christ in her life :bowdown: . However, be careful saying anything pertaining to the Heavenly fathers name. The naysayers will be here in a minute to put words in your mouth and tell you who you are and don’t even know you πŸ˜† :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

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