Keke Palmer Attends the 2015 EW Fest

Keke Palmer Attends the 2015 EW Fest with Scream Queens Cast Mates

Keke Palmer Attends the 2015 EW FestSinger-actress Keke Palmer attended Entertainment Weekly’s first ever EW Fest over the weekend at the Industria Superstudio in New York City.

Keke and her fellow Scream Queens cast mates, Emma Roberts and Lea Michele, were joined on stage during a Q&A session by the show’s producer Ryan Murphy.

If you’ve been watching Scream Queens, then you know Keke plays Zayday Williams, a feisty, take no-shit sorority chick, described by Palmer as part Beyonce, part Michelle Obama.

Having said that, Palmer’s character is often on the receiving end of some of the show’s harshest jokes, something Keke says she definitely thinks about. “Being the only African-American female that’s part of the sorority, I think as an actor, it’s up to me to be honest about what I am comfortable with and what I’m not comfortable with,” she told the crowd. “I definitely did think about some of the jokes. Ultimately as an actor, you have to try to find a way to not be personal, but really look at the artwork for what it is trying to show,” she said. “Scream Queens is a satire, and it’s meant to exaggerate the thoughts and desires of the millennial today, as well as have fun in totality.”

Since it’s debut a month ago, Scream Queens has struggled in the ratings, with last week’s episode securing 2.59 million viewers and a 1.0 demo. Still, with its connection to Murphy and strong DVR numbers, the show is expected to be renewed for another season. However, with bodies piling up every week, we’ll have to wait to see if Keke will be a part of that season.


  1. I hear almost all Fox’s shows are flopping except Empire. Its weird, many of them start off well and then start to fall off sharply. It’s really weird and it’s the only network like that.

  2. I enjoy the show. It’s a guilty pleasure. I hear the jokes towards Zayday but I feel the balance is okay as they poke fun at other things/people.

  3. Zayday is not that bad, but that character Denise Hemphill is a fool. I cringe every-time she comes on the scene serving ‘sassy black woman’ realness…its overkill and borders on being coonish.

  4. Niecy Nash’s over the top sassy black woman routine has always been vulgar. Did you guys ever watch Clean House? It was cringe worthy. I knew how her character would be before the show even aired. Her and Shondell both were a mess.

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