Keke Palmer Sings ‘Saving All My Love for You’


Keke Palmer Covers Whitney Houston’s ‘Saving All My Love for You’

Actress Keke Palmer was back on You Tube over the weekend, this time to share a cover of Whitney Houston’s 1985 single, Saving All My Love for You. This is the second Whitney single Keke has attempted to put her unique spin on, having tackled The Greatest Love of All a few months back.

So, how did the Scream Queens star do? I’ll let you all be the judge.

FYI: Did you guys know Keke was actually being considered to play the role of Whitney in Lifetime’s biopic about the singer’s life? Keke eventually passed on the role, citing the lack of input from Whitney’s family. I can’t help but wonder had Keke taken the role, would her vocals have been used or would Lifetime have still felt the need to call on singer Deborah Cox?

Not familiar with Whitney’s version of Saving All My Love for You? Well, check out this amazing live performance from 1986. It’s just the audio, but the quality is amazing. Put on your earphones and for seven minutes and fifteen seconds allow Whitney Houston to change your life. She was a beast live. No one could touch her. No one.


  1. I heard this online about two years ago and downloaded it to my phone. Best thing I ever did. I’ve listened to it hundreds of times. Whitney was best when she was live and allowed to be herself. She was the personification of soul. She is so missed 🙁

  2. Vocally Keke was all over the place. My favorite part of the video was someone randomly walking in the house while she was recording. 😆

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