Keke Palmer Debuts New Video

“True Jackson V.P.” actress Keke Palmer is all grown up in the video for her new single “You Got Me.”

The song features/rapper/singer Kevin McCall and has a very 90’s R&B feel to it. The track and the video totally remind me of Brandy’s earlier catalogue.

Look for the single to appear on Keke’s mixtape, tentatively set for a late summer release.


  1. she is the fushion of brandy’s sound with amerie’s steez. i will say she seemed slightly more animated when portraying the facial emotions and the “sexy” poses/moves. i won’t say she is trying too hard. i will say that it’s what i see. i can only hope she doesn’t aim for the ‘lower than mediocre’ vibe these newer artists strive so hard to achieve.

    that is all.

  2. I love it! The song hs a nice beat, her vocals are nice, and the rapper is a nice addition. The video is very grown up but not trashy. Good job Ke Ke.

  3. Its very cute. I have always liked for Keke for my nieces. She’s a great model and one of the few young black actresses I know they can identify with.

  4. I think she’s adorable! And she always stays in her lane with whatever she is doing. I am proud of her.

  5. She looks beautiful and has a great sound but I prefer that she stick to acting. However I applaud her for expanding her brand.

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