Preview Keke Palmer’s New Movie


Trailer: ‘Pimp’ Starring Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer’s new film, Pimp, which we first told you about in 2015, is finally on the verge of being seen. And while the independent project still doesn’t have an official release date, the producers are hoping the drama’s star power, which includes rapper DMX and actresses Aunjanue Ellis (Quantico + Sleepy Hollow) and Vanessa Morgan (Riverdale + Finding Carter), will help them secure a distribution deal.

[Video removed by request.]

Keke will play the role of Wednesday, a 23-year old female pimp who originally goes rogue to earn enough money to care for her mentally ill mother. Along the way she ends up pimping her own girlfriend and from there the story starts to unfold.

Via her Facebook page, Keke told fans she decided to take on the role of Wednesday because she felt the character was a mirror of society. “Wednesday is obviously a flawed character. We all are. She loves her girlfriend and she knows right from wrong, but for money she excuses a lot of things and is willing to turn a blind eye.”