Keke Palmer Teases New Project


The Gag Is, Keke Palmer Continues to Build Her Brand

Keke Palmer has something in the works for fans. Via her Instagram page, the Berlin Station actress shared a clip of what appears to be some new project that’s set to kick off or premiere on July 26th. Keke gave no further details, though we do know the project’s name is That’s the Gag, a take on the popular catch phrase she’s been using during her late night Instagram and SnapChat sessions.

For those of you out of the loop, Keke has been posting funny videos with the hashtag #thegagis and #thatsthegag for over a year now. The catch phrase has become ubiquitous all over social media, most notably Instagram and SnapChat, where Keke logs on nightly to converse one-on-one with fans.

If you’re not familiar with Keke’s Instagram and SnapChat videos, no worries, fans have compiled dozens of compilations via YouTube, including the one above.

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  1. Keke has become so cheap and vulgar online. Plus, I’m shocked at how comfortable black people have become with using the word nigga. They’ll say it in front of anyone,even whites.

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