Keke Palmer’s Scream Queens Character Profile: Zayday Bubblegum

Promo Shots: Keke Palmer for “Scream Queens”

KEKE PALMER SCREAM QUEENS-0Fox has unveiled the new character posters for their upcoming fall horror fest Scream Queens, which co-stars former True Jackson, VP star Keke Palmer.

The show is set to premiere with a two hour special this fall on September 22, and centers around a creepy sorority house and a string of unsolved murders.

Keke plays Zayday Bubblegum, who describes her character as a cross between Michelle Obama and Beyonce.

In a recent chat with Brown Sista, Keke told us “Zayday doesn’t really like sororities but she’s talked into joining so she can run for president and bolster her resume because she has great aspirations once she graduates from college.”

“She [Zayday] is not your cookie cutter type,” Keke explained. Zayday is from Oakland. She’s a very cool chick, she’s got a lot of spunk and she’s extremely intelligent.”

With so much to choose from this fall, Keke said fans should tune in to Scream Queens because it has a little bit of something for everyone. “Imagine your favorite horror show and comedy rolled into one and then mixed with a bit of Mean Girls.”

You can check out posters from the show below, as well as a short character profile of Zayday provided by Fox.

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  1. Cute pics of the entire cast. I like Ariana Grande’s the most.

    I hope Keke is more than just the sassy black sidekick/token.

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