KeKe Wyatt’s New Video, Who Knew

KeKe Wyatt is back with a new single and album, which is due to hit record stores on February 23rd. “Who New” is KeKe’s first single and the title of her new album. Check out the video below which shows a KeKe that appears not to have aged a day since she first hit the scene almost 10 years ago.


  1. lol.. loving the under cover “hasnt aged”

    i thought is was the OCTO-MOM at first! lol

    thank gawd she is actually talented cuz that “work” is a.w.f.u.l.

  2. i like it i really do. i hope thi sgoes were she wants it cause i’m begining to miss people who can sing. Its not comtemporary but maybe we need a break from that and need to be able to listen to a lovely voice.

  3. Yeah ! not a hit. But it’s really a good joint. I love that.
    PS.The video let down the song and made it look drop. What the heck with that shiny color lipstick? All I knew is that Keke looked older with that color! Who knew?

  4. Such a sweet song and I can’t believe that’s her? She actually looks YOUNGER and better than she did 10 years ago! Wow, she must be living right. I adore this song ’cause the words are spot-on with how me and my guy are 🙂 Truly, who knew God would create such a beautiful relationship?

  5. She looks great. Sounds great. But this song isn’t “it”. Its more filler and generic; however she’s got all the right makings and I wish her well.

  6. look, the only thing i could hope for keke is that she will sings great songs… the ones she made back in the day. the songs she made with avan’t….i can’t remember how many (2 or 3) were cool. it would be pretty darn bad for her to come back aster all that time to put out low par songs. so i can only she has great songs and all this works out nicely for her.

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