Fashion Fail: Kelis x Alexander McQueen

Once the reigning urban queen of style, Kelis is turning into nothing but a huge FAIL. I haven’t heard any new music from her yet, but her new look is just one big joke to me…from the chemically processed grey hairs on her head to the bull ring in her nose and that stupid crown thing she’s been wearing on her head lately.

She hit up the Data Awards in LA last night wearing a very puzzling ensemble. It honestly looks like she’s channeling a Centaur look (the mythical half man, half horse creature/symbol of a Sagittarius). What do you think of her shiny pink bodysuit and nude Alexander McQueen ‘Armadillo’ heels? — Hot or Not?

…oh. And, don’t forget to comment on her facial decorations and unnecessarily long ponytail!


  1. I like it. Yes it is crazy and over the top but that is Kelis. She was Lady GaGa before Lady GaGa was.

  2. She looks stupid, she goes over the top to try and be different and it always just ends up looking dumb.

  3. Her body is so on point in that catsuit. You can’t have any imperfections in an outfit like that.

  4. Is this how she’s spending Nasir’s money. Child support my butt.

  5. I love it. She looks like a Thundercat. LOL She’s always been zany to me and my God, this woman just had a baby some months back? REALLY? I need her diet/trainer.

  6. She looks a hot @ss mess. Begging for attention for sure and I don’t even have words for those shoes. Her body is great and would be much better showcased in something tasteful. I can’t believe someone would look in the mirror and still leave the house looking like this.

  7. Whan exactly was she “the reigning urban queen of style”?

    Kelis has ALWAYS worn whatever she wanted regardless of anyones opinion… even when she wasnt spending Nas’s money (and btw that was a crass statement)

  8. That is Kelis at her best, she loks fine to me. It’s either you set the trends or you follow them. I think she is true to herself.

  9. I don’t care for the lashes or the black jacket but I have always enjoyed her sense of style. She marches to the beat of her own drum and in many instances, a few years down the line, other stars mimic her style. The gray hair is actually beautiful with her complexion and she’s wearing the catsuit. I like that all of us are not the same and some of us dare to go beyond the norm. We really need to stop trying to make all of us conform to some fanciful image of what a black woman should be..

  10. I will say her body looks great for having a baby recently and that’s it!

  11. Kelis STOP IT!!! Like I said somewhere earlier, less is more. There is no reason to run around in a Manimal outfit.

    Put on an LBD with some chic heels and let your beautiful face get all the attention!

  12. she looks absolutely crazy!!! I liked her look when she had that bob…but this is ridiculous! look at them damn shoes!!!!!!! lol

  13. She looks DUMB … I hate people who try so hard to be different. It just seems forced and contrived with her. If this is her way of staying relevant lord help her …

  14. Oh my! What an outrageous & original costume. Should be restricted to a Disney broadway play and not on the streets or award shows. She is the only young woman i’ve seen make salt & pepper hair look young & fresh.

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