Kelis’ Chart Debut

Despite glowing reviews, Kelis’ new “Fleshtone Album” has failed to make a solid dent on the charts. The album was released yesterday in the United States and according to first day sales reports, sold less than 5,000 copies. I personally find these numbers to be a bit disappointing, especially because Kelis has put together a solid album full of really good dance tracks. I’m thinking a change in strategy may do the singer good. Kelis’ labels have often tried to market her to the R&B audience, when in actuality she is far more eclectic- too eclectic to be marketed beside people like Keyshia Cole and Monica. Kelis is a total pop/dance artist who needs to focus her energies on that market. “Acapella” was a #1 dance hit and “4th of July” looks to be headed in the same direction.

On the upside- Kelis is doing quite well overseas. Her album is top 10 in the U.K, Germany and Australia.


  1. Kelis is black so she gets labeled an urban artist even if she is not. This is why people like her, FeFe Dobson, Solange and Janelle Monae can’t sell any records. Urban stations don’t play them and yet neither do pop stations. You have to be either or these days and some people don’t fall into either category.

    As for the urban market we are killing ourselves. Where are our bands (Commodores, Kool & The Gang, Earth Wind & Fire), girls groups (EnVogue, SWV, TLC) and guy groups (Boyz 2 Men, Jodeci, Blackstreet)? We are losing so much of our culture and heritage because music has become so commercial and lacking in emotion.

    Urban radio now only plays rappers, Trey Songz and Beyonce.

  2. It’s my fault. 🙁 I haven’t bought it yet. BUT I WILL (Friday). :bag: That is a gorgeous pic of her in the green, btw. *steals*

  3. I kind of agree with you on some of the stuff there. Which is why people complain about certain black artists winning stuff at awards shows in a R&B category even though they sing Pop. It’s because once you’re black they automatically shove you in the “R&B” category. Just like I’ve been saying BET needs to have a POP category because not every singer that’s black sings “typical” R&B. Black people sing Pop. rock, and every genre in the book. NOT just “R&B” so it’s time for BET to diversify their categories. Then again it’s bit too late for that because no one’s really checking for a BET award anymore…

  4. reason why Kelis’ album didn’t sell well:

    1. Bad press from her divorce and being seen as a gold-digger.

    2. Straight dance music has never sold that well.

    3. Neither pop nor r&b radio are willing to play her music.

    4. The industry is just over her and she seems boring.

  5. The reviews are mostly good but personally I don’t like the album at all, and I am a Kelis fan. I prefer her previous material very much over her new dance direction. I just have no interest in her new stuff, I find it quite boring and repetitive.

  6. Best Buy has Fleshtone for $7.99 and free shipping…I’m not a big Kelis fan, but I purchased the cd, those numbers have to hurt…ouch! I like the two songs I’ve heard and I drive quite a bit, so I’m sure it’ll be the perfect driving companion!

  7. Her album really is quite good… probably her best yet. If you truly love dance music this is a must have album. Z-100 here in NY is the only station showing her love, but that is because they are big club and house music fans. I bet all 5,000 of those copies sold were bought by NYC club kids 😆

  8. @Lena :iagree: We are destroying are black music. But once upon a time black radio stations use to be owned by black people and that is why you had such a diversity of music. Now becasue they are all owned by corporate America they are going to tell you what’s good music. And for the most part it is working.

    Kellis needs to follow Kelly Rowland route and say the hell with America and get her overseas game on. Because to be here in America as a black woman in the entertainment field if you don’t slut yourself out you don’t have a chance.

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