Kelis Files For Divorce From Nas

Kelis Very sad news to report this morning. Kelis and Nas, who are pregnant and expecting their first child together, have decided to call it quits. The couple have been married for only four years and made headlines when they exchanged vows during a very eclectic wedding ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia. Kelis filed the petition for divorce and like most celebrity couples, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Keli’s petition also asks for spousal support and joint custody of their unborn child.



  2. I really thought they were going to last. They both spoke so lovingly about one another in interviews. I remember Kelis talking about being a traditional wife and mother and loving to cook. Nas was just as sweet talking about her. I wonder what happened ๐Ÿ™

  3. Very sad news…with a little one on the way…And I was excited to hear she was pregnant finally! WOW ๐Ÿ™ But life must go on!!

  4. @BRONZE im with you OMG and WTF. Sometime you never know with these celebrity couples. Look at Mel Gibson im and his wife is getting a divorce. Wow.

  5. whoa are you frickin’ kidding me?? i thought they fit so cute together, she’s walking around smiling and glowing and they’ve been in the process of getting a divorce?? i mean i know she’s happy about the baby, but wow!! i really hope this is a false rumor, that would really be terrible

  6. Vibe, People, and The Daily News are all reporting the same thing.

  7. @Dana vibe got the divorce paper on there site. This is not good. Saying he was cheating and verbal abuse to her. Im sorry she look like she do not take no stuff from nobody lol. I hate you right lol. That was the jam.

  8. It’s a shame really it is. I am big fan of Kelis & hate to see this happen to her. Now it was RUMORED for @ least a yr that Kelis & Nas had been having marriage problems, which w/ this divorce filing is proving the rumors true, so it makes me wonder WHY get pregant if your in a situation that isn’t looking to good? And if the rumors about the verbal abuse & etc are really true, then REALLY why come up w/ child? If all this took place, which I suppose it did b/c there is NOW a divorce, precautions shoulda been takin. Now a innocent will be brought into this mess. And before someone wants to gripe, I am just asking a sensible question. Anyway I hope & wish the best for ALL 3 of them, especially that baby.

  9. How can you divorce from illmatic, it makes no sense. Nas is God Son

  10. This is really sad news to me as well because I thought they were a really cool couple and would be one the ones that lasted. And I agree with you Blame it on the rain that why would someone bring a child into a situation that they knew was not going to last if the one year rumours are correct. It is always the kids that suffer with a divorce and separtion because most likely they will try to get with another person and the child will be second or even third in line for attention. Shows that they are really just like everyone else. Truly sad, though.

  11. wow I thought with the baby on the way they could work out their problems…so sad

  12. Good grief, I’ve always heard that a baby doesn’t solve any problems in a relationship, but I always thought that it at least acted as temporary glue to hold a couple together until the baby was born.

  13. well they were married so i’m sure they still had sex, who is to say the she got pregnant on purpose? married people have babies, i’m sure they weren’t planning a divorce at the time she got pregnant, so why does that have anything to do with the situation. problems are not who get’s an abortion when they are married?

    the divorce decree is not looking right to me, it states that they got married in july of 2003, but they actually got married in january of 2005, i know because InStyle magazine had a special on their wedding. Unless they were already married before the ceremony, that decree cannot be right

    and actually makaveli, JESUS is God’s son. i’m sure he wouldnt cheat on his wife if he was married

  14. Sorry folks having a baby to SAVE a marriage/relationship is NEVER a good idea… just adds to the mess when you finally bury the axe on the relationship.

    @Surabi so true… now don’t know how true ALL the rumors are, but SOMETHING had to be true. I can’t see Kelis just filing for divorce after 5 yrs of marriage just because. I do know there was a lot gossip that he( Nas) & she(Kelis) were busy doing there own thing w/ OTHER ppl. And that there was a RUMORED sex tape of Kelis & some other guy possibly a semi known rapper. But nonetheless, I don’t know about any of this stuff about Kelis being true or NOT true, but she did in fact speak, like lady mentioned up top, on the fact that the divorce is due to Nas cheating & verbal abuse. So once again, this stuff didn’t happen over night, so why bring this child in the middle of this…** sighs**

  15. @Mrs.jones

    true, but honestly married or not if you know you in this jacked up relationship, why not use some BC. Seriously, I would be thinking this thing doesn’t look like it’s getting any better & I REFUSE to be link to this fool for all my days. Take the pill he’ll never know LOL. And yea the child does have a lot to do w/ it b/c it will be making it’s arrival in a divorce, possible custody issues & what not. The extras that non married ppl won’t have to necssarily deal with. Forgive me, but I always think differently than most when it comes to situations like this LOL.

  16. This is sad ๐Ÿ™ .. and they have a little baby coming in about 2 months.

  17. The thing about celebrities is that they have the ability to fool their folowers into believing every thing is good in the hood, last time i saw pics of them they looked anything but mad at each other,see this is why agressing people over your idol is not worth it,they ar ehuman they are going to die and get hurt along the way all you can do is pray that whoever you admire stay strong and sheltered from anything bad out there, I’m sorry kelis and nas i hope you guys get trought this,I’m very sad for them ๐Ÿ™

  18. Just chill people. I hate to keep being redundant, but, we don`t know these celebrities. We have no idea of what goes on behind close doors; things are not always what they appear to be. That`s why I say, “Hollywood is so superficial, phoniness abounds like Dixie Crystal and sugar”. It`s mostly one big masquerade, with a ton of characters, on a worldwide stage…it is what it is. It`s a never ending saga of life, fame, wealth,escapades, extra marital affairs, drugs/alcohol, entertainment, etc.

    We all have our moral weaknesses and there`s a raging beast within us all. There`s some freakness that lies in all of us that will rear its` head behind close doors during our sexual encounters. In other words, we`re all somewhat “freaky”….and no one is exempt. Celebrities are no different because we`re all human first and none is perfect. So, in the final analysis, be it extra marital affairs or whatever, when it comes to all of us, it is what it is……period.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4 ever!!!

  19. Trying to hold your marriage together with a child is the fastest way to get a divorce. Anyway, they looked happy, but whose to say what went on behind closed doors? The sex tape (allegedly) that Kelis made with some rapper is what came between them. Nas just couldn’t get past it even though it happened before the marriage. Ladies, if you allow anybody but your husband to tape your “affairs” in the sack, you are asking for trouble. With today’s technology, nothing is safe anymore.

  20. YIKES!!!!! I loved those two together.. but no one should be in an abusive relationship verbal or physical…and you cheating too?!? BU-BYE :loser:

  21. @Smooth Criminal,

    Preach! That is the absolute truth!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iagree:

  22. i also heard on another site that they’d been having marital problems. however, i did not hear she had the baby to save her marriage, i heard she’s having the baby for child support and to maintain the lifestyle she had with nas.

  23. I thought they’d last forever!! They got married in 2005 but they started dating like in 2003 or even earlier!! WOW.

    Quote : “WHY get pregant if your in a situation that isnโ€™t looking to good?”

    @ Blame it on tha Rain, they had ups and downs like all couples but they were married, so of course they had sex. Maybe it was an accident, pills and condoms are never 100% safe, but it was all done while they were married. And even if it was planned, I don’t fault them. If anything they probably never thought of getting divorced. She got pregnant like 6 months ago, maybe at the time they were trying to have a child because they had reconciled, but in 6 months a LOT of things can happen. And the baby was already on the way…so, let’s not be too harsh about the child thing, we don’t know if it was planned, and if it was we have no idea why. It was not necessarily to “save their marriage” like many seem to think.

  24. I can’t imagine any guy being verbally abusive to a pregnant woman. To a woman period that’s sick, but the woman is PREGNANT!

  25. Quote : “What the hell happened? How do you break up preggy?”

    @ S.Dot

    If the environment is not healthy for a pregnant woman, I think she should seperate or divorce. The well-being of the child and mom come first.

  26. WAIT! No one is saying that she is pregant to save the marriage/ or get child support… @ least I am not. MY point in the matter is why do women or men have children when they KNOW that they are already in a bad situation & will prolly split. In the end the messiness of being stuck w/ someone you prolly don’t like for LIFE, won’t be good for the child. YES I agree/say that having a baby to save a marriage is NOT a good idea, but don’t think this was necessarily the case.

  27. :koolaid: Nas and Kelis please be respeceful to each over.
    Don’t give up so easly. And if it is over , be good parent’s to the baby.God Bless You. Together or apart just take care of the Baby.
    Love U 2

  28. There’s a misunderstanding, I guess I didn’t express myself clearly. I didn’t accuse you of thinking they did it to save their marriage. I took the opportunity to talk about what many seem to think as I stated, but I didn’t mean to imply that you thought so too.

    What I was saying was, since we don’t know if that was planned or accidental, we shouldn’t be too harsh on them. I do agree that if they have serious issues they shouldn’t plan to have children while having those issues. But imagine this scenario : suppose it was planned AFTER an honest reconciliation that occurred about or over 6 months ago and they thought they had really worked things out , never considered divorce, desire to have a child together, and during her pregnancy something else happens, I can’t fault them in this case. As I said, in 6 months (aka during the pregnancy) a lot can happen and you can’t predict anything.

  29. Listen to nikki jane’ s song I love you she is amazing

  30. I knew it. I had high hopes for these two sticking it out. But once I read that article about Kelis having a one night stand with some random dude, and no one came out and said it was false. I knew there was trouble. I wonder if Kelis did like many none famous women and got pregnant to salvage the relationship?

  31. So funny that when things like this happen in Hollywood, most people blame the woman. How do you know for sure that she got pregnant to get child support? Or that they did want a child to save a marriage. So according to you husband and wife cannot have sex and get pregnant???????????? As far as I know they got pregnant while married and it’s totally normal. Have you all thought that maybe Nas has a “Freaked out father to be syndrome?”. Many men go through that fear when their mate is pregnant. They freak out cause they think their life is now over for good and that they are trapped. Have you all thought about that? You are all here blaming the woman. For all the women who automatically blame her, I have questions for you: Is that what you do when you feel like a man is leaving you and you need to save your relationship? Since you seem like you know about the situation so much, I was wondering maybe it’s because you’ve practiced it before.

  32. @ Coco

    I don’t always blame the woman. The article was published in a magazine and put on all the major blog sites. I don’t know about Nas, but that would piss most men off. Kelis isn’t the only one, but a lot of women do all kinds of things to save a relationship. I have never got pregnant to keep a man, but I did try and change almost everything about myself to keep one, alot of women do, and “it’s totally normal.” Why would Nas be freaked out to be a dad. That just makes no sense to me. He obviously didn’t feel trapped because they are divorced and he is free. He might be freaked out about child support, but he couldn’t be about being a dad. I mean him and Kelis probably have an assistant to do everything.

  33. Some men DO freak out to be a dad. Men go through pregnancy fear too. I don’t think that’s Nas’ case though, because he already has a child and is involved in her life, so he’s now used to fatherhood. But I don’t think a rumor is true just because it’s not addressed, or false because it is addressed. All celebs don’t bother discussing them (unless it’s going way too far) so the rumors can just die. Will and Jada don’t spend their entire time addressing their gay/lesbian/open relationship rumors for example, they have bigger fish to fry. Doesn’t make their rumors true. A lot of celebs address the rumors and it doesn’t mean it’s false, they can LIE, their PR people can lie. We don’t know anything about these rumors on Kelis, so why speculate.

  34. Not surprised at all! Kelis never looked the same after she got married. Her appearance always looked like she didn’t care anymore.

    Someone above said you should never let a man video tape you unless it’s your husband :thumbsdown:

    I say, you shouldn’t even trust your husband with something like this. People and relationships change overtime and you never know what anyone’s true motives are. A marriage certificate means nothing when someone has an agenda.

    Be smart and use your head

  35. @Chante

    I am sorry, but there was no misunderstanding b/c I didn’t see any of your posts until AFTER I put up the one about not thinking Kelis did what she did for support. I wrote that response b/c I saw what the others were thinking. I think there is some kind of delay for comments on the site somethimes. Anyway, what you say is true, but even after a “honest” reconcilation 6 months or so prior I still would not recommend a couple having a child. At that time the couple needs to continue to work on THEM & repair the broken lines… they need to wait it out. And as you say anything can happen, yea the makeup coulda been”honest” then, but the honesty could easily fall back into betrayal in the next 3 months. Honestly I would say that they need to wait @ least a yr to 2 yrs before going on w/ bringing a child into the picture. Just to see if it will REALLY work. Mind you the rumors have been swirling about these 2 for like a yr to maybe 2yrs & she is 7 months along. So that means that got pregant in possible turmoil b/c here she is a yr or 2 later getting that divorce. So in other words the child came in the midst of a possible battle.

    As for her pregancy just happening, well obviously it did. I don’t know what mind frame Kelis was in, but IF she REALLY wanted to she coulda have avoided the pregancy( Once again I am NOT saying that she did this purposely). What I am saying is had she been thinking about the possiblity of what would happen w/ her & nas since it seems they were having trouble. It’s the same reason why Halle & other celebs go yrs w/o kids & finally decide to have them. If a woman is true to her focus & does what she needs to do PROPERLY, she won’t end up w/ a pregancy. I know TOO many women who are doing their thang, for yrs might I add lol , but have yet to concieve. As I said yes they were married & sure they had their ups & downs, but if you see it’s not getting any better don’t put yourself in a position to add a innocent life into it. Sometimes in life you have to go w/ your HEAD & not your heart. Either way I do wish them ALL the best.

  36. I also believe the rumor because looks whats happened. It hasn’t been a year since and it’s over.

  37. i guess her sex tape with that other rapper had nothing to do with this?!?

  38. :noway:
    Sad to hear this but hey that’s life.

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