Kelis’ Flesh Tone Promo Pics

Kelis has unveiled, via her official Facebook page, a promo shot from her upcoming “Flesh Tone” album. The photo was taken by British photographer Rankin and showcases the singer sporting a glow in the dark look very similar to this one. Kelis’ new album is expected to be released on May 4th and “Acapella,” it’s first single, has already gone #1 on Billboard’s dance chart.

Updated with a few more shots…


  1. I have always been a fan of Kelis! She started different when nobody accepted it….now you have all of the youngters…duplicating her style. Kelis was the bomb from day one…her swag was unique! I wish her all the luck with this album! Just maybe her talent can be appericated!

  2. Love this woman! Love her style! I’m feeling this hair, this new image. 🙂

  3. In this business no one is original , the biggest stars in The African American Entertainment Business is a duplicate, So why is everyone Crying over spoiled milk?

    As far as i am concern Kelis being copied doesn’t shed one ounce of her talent, she still the #1 , She needs to get over it, because she is still loved
    and her real fans Know the truth.

    Still don’t like the hair…

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