Kelis Gets “Saucy & Sweet” + Debuts New Video


“Milkshake” singer Kelis is set to bring her goodies to the Cooking Channel where she will be starring in her own show, aptly titled “Saucy & Sweet.”

Kelis, who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School last year, already has a line of sauces out called “Feast,” and says her move into the culinary arts has been a long time coming.

Kelis says she’s been experimenting with food since she was a little girl and that experimentation often shows up in her work, including her most recent single “Jerk Ribs,” and its accompanying album “Food.”

Kelis calls “Jerk Ribs” the “cornerstone of my album,” and says she wanted the video, released earlier this week, to be a reflection of her life today.

You’d maybe expect to see a few jerk rib or two in the video, instead what we get is a behind-the-scenes look at Kelis getting ready for a photo shoot.

Lack of food references aside, “Jerk Ribs” is pretty cool song and is worth your time. Check the video below, as well as a preview of “Saucy & Sweet,” set to debut February 26th.



  1. Love the sound of her voice, I will be watching just to see her naturally gorgeous face!

    I think she is the prettiest artist out there and I love that she has passions even outside of music.

  2. I love this song, I hope the album is cool laid back music, buying it anyway! Love the glamour shots. I think this could really work well for Kelis. Everyone is doing what she’s already done. Her last effort was side-stepped because it came out when Gaga was having her day and A capella was much stronger and creative. They only allow one of us to do or rep anything. Rihanna, Janelle, Solange, AKeys, Fantasia or JHUD. There’s nothing wrong with being a niche artist, but Kelis needs to let people see and know the girl behind her “Milkshake,” you can hardly turn on the tv and not see a cooking segment or show, Gwyneth Palthrow and others are becoming “lifestyle” celebrity experts, Kelis has something really cool. Weird, different is played and too monetized, she should bring the glamorous, sexy, trendy, fashionable chick who loves to cook and entertain and sings while she does it.

    I hope Kelis reinvents the “dinner party,” that would be interesting. I could only imagine the guests!

  3. This song is pure and utter FIRE. The lyrics, her raw voice, the instruments, the feel. Kelis is absolutely GORGEOUS. Just beautiful. The video is cool and showcases her easy personality and all around fabulousness. However, I would’ve preferred that the video was not a photo shoot and more of a video with a specific concept, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

    I so wish we could see Kelis (or Erykah, Jill, etc..) an amazing artist, proud and colourful black woman representing her art on mainstream programs and award shows. But like Cynthia alluded to, only 2 at a time. And the mainstream chooses carefully, as they don’t want too much class and blackness at a time…

    I will so be watching her cooking show. As I will be buying her album, like I bought every last one of her albums..

  4. Wow now that’s a cool video! I love the song Kelis is amazing! Can’t wait for her album to drop in April!

  5. Everyone is doing what she’s already done.

    Yup. Kelis is ahead of her time. And yes she is so much more than “Milkshake”. Kaleidoscope and Wanderland received more love internationally than within the continental US. Those were great albums.

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