Kelis & Hubby Spotted At Club Villa In Los Angeles

Rumors of Kelis and Nas splitting up are probably untrue seeing as how the couple were spotted earlier this week leaving Club Villa together. Online reports had the two on the outs because their MTV reality show had been canned and Nas had apparently been seen without his wedding ring. Why is being seen sans a wedding ring always used as a sign that a couple is having problems? How many married people wear their rings everyday and at all times? Besides, Nas ain’t about to leave Kelis. According to him the sista is a traditional wife who can put it down in the kitchen. Trust me when I tell you- men don’t leave women who can cook- lol.


  1. Kelis’ body is off the chain, she is wearing those jeans. The hair and shoes are not so good though. I love them as a couple and Nas did say Kelis could throw down in the kitchen. I remember she said she would be writing a cookbook. What has happened to all those plans she had?

  2. I know gossip is gossip; but people just wanna see other people unhappy. Nas and Kelis aren’t attached by the hip and its usually people who don’t have anyone who are dogging the folks that are in relationships and making them work. My gurlfriend is always talking shit about how black women are always lowering their standards when it comes to dating; yet the chick has not had a committed man for three years+. And her cooking is awful….lol.

    And you’re right brown sista; a woman who can put it down in the kitchen usually can keep a man.

  3. Hopefully she’s throwing down in the bedroom too…otherwise we’ll hearing about him cheating.

  4. Very true Stephy when you can cook and clinch those pelvic muscles you got him right where you want him to bee

    *Singing Ashanti’s “good good” song*

  5. I like Nas and Kelis together too….and Kelis can do no wrong, IMO! I love her hair color and confidence to rock anything! She is working those jeans!!!

  6. Love Kelis! I agree with you Stephanie. Who wears their wedding ring 24/7? My best friend is married and works as a trauma nurse. With the stories she tells me about work I can understand not wearing your ring to work or even when out and about during a shift. Going without it isnt always a proper indicator of marital troubles.

  7. Kelis is a beautiful girl from what i remembered..but looking at these pic she look a lil stress she got crazy bags under her eyes and she’s no glowing as usually, but i do love her funky style the open toe boots are so hot, I would rock them.

  8. Kelis’ hair is giving me issues. I love that she has her own style, but that hair was a definite mis-step. I’ll have to agree with some other posters, because she definitely looks a little stressed.

  9. I think Kelis is such an attractive girl. I LOVE her voice, talking and singing. I hope those rumors aren’t true, I’m tired of hearing about divorces. I read in her bio that she is, Black, Korean and Puerto Rican, well her mom is puerto Rican and Korean. Cool Combo!

  10. @Dark Sista: you are retarted (ha-ha) Girl you can’t catch sister with a joke like that as she is swallowing water. I almost choked to death. That was so hilarious.

  11. Kelis’ hair is a wig. You don’t like her wig.

  12. Kelis is a pretty girl but her hair looks terrible.

    And for the person that believes she can prevent her man from cheating by “throwing it down in the bedroom” is delusional.

    Cheating is a conscious decision that has very little to do with whether or not your mate is pleasing you in the bedroom and more about a person’s morals, values, ego and selfish ways. It also doesn’t mean that he/she will leave his/her husband or wife or that he/she doesn’t love them.

    Don’t believe the hype and throw away those self help books.

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