Kelis performs at Hype/ More Child Support?

With the release of her fifth studio album “Fleshstones” approaching Kelis performed for her fans at the Film Lounge at House Of Hype in Park City, Utah.

In other Kelis news, she wants more child support, from her ex-husband Nas.
According to TMZ:
Kelis has asked a judge to summon Nas to court following the rapper’s alleged failure to pay child support since December. The Milkshake hitmaker has filed legal papers requesting her estranged husband be held in contempt of court, accusing him of falling behind on his child and spousal support.
Nas is said to owe $56,911 in back payments, according to
In December, a judge ordered Nas to increase monthly payments from $40,000 to $51,000.
Nas and Kelis split at the beginning of 2009, just before the birth of their son Knight.

*sidenote* I can bet Nas is somewhere regreting his decision marrying/ having a child with her. As the old saying goes be careful about what you do and who you do it with*


  1. Kelis = koo-koo smh she Is so weird tired of hearing about her and Nas legal Issues….NEXT!

  2. LOVE HER and all her crazy. LOL.

    Loving “Acapella”, too. Can’t wait for new music!

  3. I hate to say it but I knew they weren’t gonna last.Dam I feel for Nas and that’s utterly rediculous to have to pay that much. BUT he did get himself in this(marrying Kelis) situation. I think that she was waiting for this (having a baby) for a long time to get those checks.
    I wonder if she lets him see his child? Also WTF black Lady Gaga??? Her wackyness SEEMS forced though.

  4. WTF? She’s a hott mess!!! I feel so bad for Nas… I bet he wished he never met at all!! For real Nas pays more than Russel Simmons and he’s got two kids and he has way more money than nas.

  5. Her wackyness has ‘always’ been her wackyness though… She’s been consistently, umm, ‘different’. LOL.

  6. Im not hating on her, but when I heard that Nas married her, I was like “Foreal”???…she is a strange lady!!! And is that silver hair? lol

  7. She lost all cool points when she put their business out in the streets…I did not expect that from her she got real petty/high school with the situation.

  8. I applaud Kelis for putting a beginning dead beat dad on blast. It’s not petty to me. That child didn’t do anything to Nas. Also, since a judge awarded Kelis that much child support, it must be a reasonable amount. We don’t know how much money Nas has. Maybe he invested the money that he had in something & made a lot more than he already had. We don’t know. It’s also true that Kelis has been dressing consistently different for as long as she has been an artist & long before Lady Gaga. She is very talented, & her songs & style have been hits when she decides to put something out such as Bossy, Milkshake, Hate U So Much. She should not be put down or underestimated. Unlike Nas, her family is full of medical doctors, teachers, & other professionals; so a dead beat dad is surely unacceptable to her as it should be to all of us.

  9. We do not know the inner-workings of their relationship. I know that Nas has a daughter from a previous girlfriend that he takes good care of. I doubt he is snubbing Knight (his first son). Alot of this may be anger for a failed union…IDK. I just know that Nas has been upstanding with his first child and he has been consistent.

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