Kelis Performs At Summer Sets

Kelis’ Flesh Tone album has not performed well on the charts, despite nothing but rave reviews from some of the most respected publications in the business. This however is not stopping the singer from getting out there and promoting her music. Kelis recently performed on VEVO’s Summer Sets and ran through a medley of her new tunes, including Acapella, 4th of July (Fireworks), Emancipate, Scream and Brave.

If you are a fan of good club/dance music you should definitely check out Kelis’ CD. The critics are on point and I personally think she delivered one of the best albums of the year.


  1. She was only revelant when she was married to Nas now who cares about her or her music. She makes enough money to live off Nas

  2. There is just too much information out there about celebrities these days. It can be a good thing or a bad thing. For Kelis it may be a bad thing because the public MAY not be giving her a chance because she is so low on the “popularity scale”. She’s trying to bounce back from a failed marriage, alimony and child support claims, and not to mention poor albums sells. There is nothing attractive or mainstream about Kelis right now. This is a struggle not only for Kelis but a lot of artists are written off quickly based on the information we read about or hear about. Look at Toni Braxton, seems like every since she filed for bankruptcy she hasnt been able to maintain chart topping hits. Back in the day fans were oblivious to “comebacks”, “flops”, personal matters, and other embarrassing situations. Unless they were Michael, Janet, or Whitney we did not hear about it. Back then people just enjoyed what they enjoyed and didnt try to disect an artist’s worthiness by popularity or last album status. Sorry Kelis but you “fell-off” as they say in this day and time, and unless you have a platform like El Debarge or Maxwell then you dont have a fair chance. People have to be convince that you are hot before they believe it themselves.

  3. Loved her since Kaleidoscope and own all of her albums. Not really understanding how she wasn’t relevant ‘before’ Nas… She was always ‘relevant’ to ‘me’ as an artist and many others before her marriage…

  4. I wish her the best. The general public is so fickle anyway, so she shouldn`t let that stand in her way.

    Michael Jackson & The “GLODEN”
    80s 4ever!!! Just watched old performances of Mike on YouTube and I still get the same “CHILLS and GOOSEBUMPS” as if I were seeiing them 4 the first time, that`s why he`s The “MASTER SHOWMAN.” R.I.P Mike.

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HERO” Brotha Malcolm X

  5. @Kanyade

    I agree. Kelis has always marched to the beat of her own drum and her music reflected a personal journey. I have Flesh Tone and the CD is good but not outstanding (and yes I am a Kelis fan). I think she ventured into unchartered territory with this album in comparison with her last CD and the music is being categorized as dance/pop, which is an oversaturated market right now.

    I also agree her current popularity has affected her sales but by no means can we classify Kelis as irrelevant. She’s never had huge sales in the US in her previous albums.

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