Kelis Rocks The “Eve”

With the release of her new “Flash Tones” album quickly approaching, Kelis has hit the promo trail to promote its first single “Acapella,” an uptempo dance track produced by hot DJ of the moment David Guetta. The singer rocked the stage last night at the Eve Nighclub in Las Vegas- showcasing not only her new sound, but new look as well. I know folks are hating on Kelis long gray braid right now… but mark my words six months from now I predict that gray will be the new blond.

Gotta love her fearlessness….


  1. I love this woman. LOVE HER. LOL. That dress is cute…dress? jumper? short-set? Her body is ridic. Loving the ‘silver’ hair too. Love it!

  2. I am digging that hair, it’s a really fresh take on the 80’s tail that everyone used to do and that color is off tha chain hot! It’s given me a totally new outlook on going gray.

  3. Kelis looks great! I am really excited about new material from her, she always comes up with the most interesting songs and videos. Go Kelis!

  4. Kelis looks even better since having her baby. Her body is on point and I wish her luck with her career. Her music was never really accepted in the states but I hope she does better overseas.

  5. I’ve been saying the same thing about gray hair I thought Rihanna would be “first” to do it but I guess not. But yeah in a couple more months people will be having grey streaks and everything.

  6. I think the color is pretty, but not on Kelis and her skin tones. I agree others will follow suit, so BS has documented this moment and when we see others disguise it as their own, we know Kelis is the first, braid and all…somebody will rock it to the next level for sure…like the platinum wigs of 90s around lil’kim days…

  7. I can’t wait for Flashtones because I loved Tasty. Kelis is definitely a trendsetter and her music is refreshing. The gray is beautiful with her complexion and I can appreciate an artist that does not look, sound, and imitate the current trends and charters their own course.

  8. I’m going to need all the sisters out there to stop the madness, This is not Narnia or avatar, The gray weave, blond woodpecker, Blond weave, Lion hair and all this crazy ness has got to stop, Do people realize how RIDICULOUS they look?

  9. Kelis is taking notes from London, which, along with Paris, is at least two years/four seasons ahead of New York/US. There was an article in one of their newspapers a few months ago about London’s trend-setters (Peaches Geldorf, Daphne Guinness, et al) rocking gray hair. I can’t wait for her album to drop.

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