Kelis Talks About The Competition

During a recent interview with PopJustice Magazine, Kelis was asked which female artists she considers her competition and the singer was very smart about her answer. Rather than allowing herself to be goaded into taking shots at her fellow female artists, instead, Kelis insisted that she had no competitors because her music and her life are exclusive to her only. The singer also said that if she made music with other female artists in mind, her songs would have a totally different sound.

“It’s funny, and I don’t know whether that’s arrogance, but I don’t feel like there is any competition.”

“It depends on how you approach music making. For me to say that there was competition, well I would have to have approached making an album in a very different way because no-one can compete with my own life. No-one can compete with the experiences that made me write what I write.

“I don’t write music to please anybody. I don’t write music to get on the charts. It’s nice when that happens, that’s a great defining moment, but either way I’d have written the same thing.”

She continued: “No-one can compete with the birth of my child, no-one can compete with my reverence for God. There’s absolutely not a single person in the world that can challenge that for me.”

Kelis also went on to compliment her new label head,, describing him a “musical encyclopedia” due to his vast knowledge of all types of music.

Look for Kelis’ “Flesh Tones” album to hit stores on July 5th.


  1. I love her answer too. Christina Aguilera and M.I.A. should take a page from Kelis’ book whenever they are asked about Lady Gaga. The media loves to pit women against each other and Kelis was wise to avoid the drama. Let the music speak for itself.

  2. I am glad she feels that way, however i don’t condone anyone else for feeling how they feel, I have my opinion and ill be darned if anyone trying to force words into my mouth!

  3. Yes, finally an artists that knows how to address an irrelevant question. You can listen to any of Kelis previous CDs and you know she’s true to her artistry. She does not duplicate the current sound, she does not attempt to mimic the style and look of other artists, and her songs are unique. I can’t wait for Flesh Tones because I have played the words off Tasty – especially Sugar, Honey Iced Tea, Millionaire, and Flashback.

  4. Very smart very intelligent woman. I love how she made the question about her and I am sure that is exactly the way she feels about the music experience. I have much respect for her.

  5. Kudos Kelis for the way in which you went about tackling that question!

  6. This is why I like Kelis!!! Very thoughtful and intelligent answer to a petty question. Whether you like or dislike Kelis as an artist, you have to acknowledge that she is a TRUE artist/musician.

    @ Eileen, :iagree:
    It seems like there is so much competition between female artists, in particular. Sometimes I feel that we, as consumers, perpetuate this by constantly stating who is “the baddest”. Which is why interviewers always ask female artists about their “competition”. The whole thing is ridiculous to me. I definitely respect Kelis more for her response.

  7. Good answer but I like MIA…she is fearless…and always tells a story…

  8. These are great answers!

    This isn’t just about celebrities or entertainers, but in our everyday life…there is no competition, no more than ourselves…Kelis didn’t just say the right thing, but I believe this is how she truly feels. You don’t see Usher being pitted against Trey Songz or Diddy goin’ at Jay-Z…those rapper beefs are to mostly sell records and even that’s played nowadays. Interviewers look for salacious headlines and thinly veiled true stories to trend and fill up the void in 24/7 media news cycle.

    Kelis is relevant because regardless of record sales, she’s an ARTIST and she’s interesting! A pretty girl that didn’t pimp her looks. She’s always been in her own lane! Didn’t music director Melinda take her look from Acapella and use it for Rihanna’s Rockstar…isn’t everyone trying to find a place, being and doing what Kelis has always done…”different”…”Weird”…”Cross-over”…Euro-pop…alternative…rnb/hip hop…mix! I believe Acapella was down played because it really blew down Lady Gaga’s house of cards as this uber creative, daring and different artist and Kelis is also beautiful while doing weird. No shade to Gaga because the world is truly her oyster in 2010. But, now people want Kelis to acknowledge the elephant in the room and with class and honesty she did and it was all about her!

    Kelis has demonstrated she has range and even tho’ “Milkshake” is her biggest song and she could have easily remade this song with a different beat and video…Kelis has chosen to be an ARTIST…I look forward to hearing and buying her next release!

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