Kelly Covers Hot Hair Magazine

The undeniable hotness that is Kelly Rowland has landed on the cover of Essence magazine’s second dedicated hair issue: Hot Hair.

When I first saw the cover it immediately reminded me of those L’Oreal hair ads from the 1980’s. You know, the ones with Christie Brinkley and Cheryl Tiegs.

Kelly once again proves that if anyone should be signed to a modeling contract it is her- and not some of these other singers who have been given the privilege.

Btw, Kelly reps Diddy’s ‘Empress’ fragrance in the media but is yet to be featured in an official ad campaign. Another model is actually featured alongside Diddy on the Empress website and in magazine ads.

I think it’s time Diddy does more than just use Kelly’s name to sell his fragrance, its time he uses her image as well.


  1. Damn…it’s taken 10 years for Kelly to make magazine covers solo…VERY proud of that girl!

  2. She looks great, although it looks like they just plopped the wig on top of her head.

  3. Beyonce fans love hating on Kelly Rowland these days. Now that Kelly has shown that she can command the stage alone and have a true hit single on her own, she is seen as a threat. When Kelly was flopping like a fish out of water the Bey stans loved saying poor Kelly and feeling sorry for her. But now that they can’t look down on her they hate her. No congrats for having the biggest r&b hit of the year, just hate. It also hurts them that Motivation was a bigger hit than all of the songs Beyonce has put out or will put out from this album. No Kelly’s album hasn’t sold well, but she still has a hit single under her belt and has shown that she can give good performances. On the other hand, Beyonce’s album hasn’t sold well either (802,000 copies to date) and has no hit single to speak of. At this point she is selling off of name alone. But that only works for so long regardless of who you are. Congrats to Kelly for breaking thru the color struck glass ceiling that now exists for black female artists. She deserves it.

  4. Sista- Well I think it does..maybe the words covering some of it?

    Richmond Rose if that was geared towards me, you wasted your time because I love Kelly she’s a beautiful talented woman. Also to add, this is my opinion, ya know like everyone has about everything. I didn’t say that to be evil it’s just what I think. One more thing I’ve noticed is, it’s not JUST the “Beyonce Stans” that jump on people if they have a critique.

    And the last thing (I swear lol) why is it hating when it comes to any other artist besides Beyonce, but vice versa and it’s an “opinion”?

  5. Kelly is beautiful; this photo of her makes me want to go get that lipstick color!

  6. This is a great cover, I totally agree that Kelly would be awesome in a Cover Girl contract or something like that. PLEASE believe that sistas of color will want to buy what she has on , because she’s close to many people’s shade.

    For example, I usually wear lip gloss, but when I see a Queen L ad for like random purple lipstick, it’s like a light bulb goes off that yes, I can try a bold color too.

    Oh, I thought her wig was askew as well when I initially glanced at the cover. I think it’s how the print is on the magazine.

  7. Forgot to comment about P Diddy not using Kelly in his print ads- that’s so RATCHET!!

    I hope that Kelly will have her own print ad campaign where she has some hot tall BUFF *good looking* guy rather than his corny looking behind.

    Why have her promote/be a part of his fragrance if hes not going to use her?!

  8. @Richmond rose:
    CLAPS CLAPS CLAPS, well spoken.
    Kelly looks kinda off, but i’m happy she is getting some shine, she deserves it, the devil is winning lately, it’s cool to see her be okay.

  9. She looks BEAUTIFUL and she has been looking lovely for a while now. Like I keep saying, I LOVE her confidence and drive she has been doing great/good for her. She has ALWAYS been a pretty woman but she’s def stepped her game up! Good for her~

  10. I’m glad to see her get some shine. She was groomed from childhood to play second fiddle to Beyonce. Constantly playing the role of second best isn’t good for anyone’s self-esteem.

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