Kelly & LeToya Reunite

Kelly Rowland’s 2010 Fall-Out Fashion & Step Show is officially in the history books. The singer held the event in support of her charitable organization “I Heart My Girlfriends,” whose mission is to foster the limitless potential of girls and women through education, outreach and advocacy programs.

Joining Kelly for the evening were friends Lala Vasquez, Brandy and former Destiny’s Child band-mate, Latoya Luckett.


  1. They’re considered bandmates?
    Naw I’m j/p but it’s good, she’s doing something for a great cause.

  2. The Destiny’s Child girls look phenomenal, Kelly & Letoya are glowing

  3. I guess they talked about how they barely have a career now …lol But I’m really glad Kelly and Brandy are back friends again. No sense of Kelly being mad and Brandy when Brandy only told Kelly the truth about Beyonce and her fam…lol

  4. It’s funny when people act like they know what’s going on in these folks lives.
    But they look amazing.

  5. Both of them look wonderful. I wish them the best of luck. Im happy latoya did not stop what she wa doing and kelly doing her thing.

  6. This was held at Letoya’s Lady Elle boutique in Houston. Glad to see sistas letting go of the pain and animosity to support one another. We need more of that.

  7. All of the DC girls have made amends xcept Beyonce. Girlfriend can hold a grudge.

  8. ^^^
    U have a point there. Maybe Bey is just shy or guilty cuz she knows her dad did them dirty

  9. Oh and those are some beautiful black CLASSY women in those pics

  10. Excuse Me…Go Watch the old Latoya Luckett interviews. Beyonce always approached her….No Guilt. My god, when she is not doing anything people still make her look bad. GET A LIFE

  11. Don’t usually respond to stans but ummm my key word in my comment was: MAYBE. No shade thrown at “Queen” Bey

  12. I can imagine Beyonce having a hard time making friends. People are just too jealous hearted. It can be lonely at the top.

    On the flip side I did hear from Kelly’s mouth (interview) that Brandy was trying to tell her about the Knowles and Kelly was like you messing up my meal ticket (not in those words). Brandy was then kicked to the curb. Glad Kelly has come back down to earth. Even though Brandy has had far more solo success then Kelly can imagine but you know just saying.

  13. I am so sick 2 death of Beyonce and her Family, thinking they can treat people any kind of way. I am glad Kelly saw the real deal about Mathew Knowles, he only cares about his meal ticket which is Beyonce. He don’t even give a damm about Solange, so sad. I am happy to see that they can put there differences aside for a worthy cause.

  14. nah blacksista

    Beyonce is too robotic to make friends with anyone, making friends involved genuiness, she to industry faked out robotic by her Dad. When Laruen Hill called her on stage she couldn’t have a genuiine unrehearsed moment, it made her uncomfortable.

  15. ^^^^^^^^ You people need a life and a bag of tissues to deal with your insecurities. Instead of making claims about her being heartless maybe you should actually listen to the people who u claim she is heartless to. See what they say. Latoya and Kelly have no loyalty to Beyonce so why would they lie. GET A LIFE

  16. Everyone here kinda needs to shut up…the things you all say sometimes…

    I mean seriously, how do you know?! Am I missing something? Because simple observation DOES NOT yield allllll that insight, please.

  17. LOL- Exactly, from the way they’re talkin I would guess they’ve known Beyonce personally all they’re lives.

  18. Kelly should have hooked up with LeToya and ’em a long time ago for all she got out of her hard work in Beys shadow. Bey has all but wiped them all out of her memory and moved on. Its good to see them together.

  19. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful…the pics are so touching…I can only imagine how the girls might have felt, being with DC members and other celebs…cheering them on…having a support system if they don’t have one at home…this is impressive…changing lives!

  20. Also…all three ladies look uber “happy”…the look that can’t be manufactured with makeup or designer clothes…it’s all in their eyes…beauty is as beauty does…Go ladies!!!

  21. i have to say Kelly looks extremely beautiful in the first pic. wow…

  22. Good to see people put pride and ego aside, then grow up for the right cause. Hope this reunion helps their respective career. Well done ladies!!!

  23. When the rehashing of DC and its fall is discussed ad nauseaum I am reminded of a line in Toni Morrison’s “Sula”, where Sula’s best friend, upon Sula’s death, remembers/reflects and said, “We were girls together!” [sic]. It was a traumatic moment; a cathartic moment, even. I was verklempt.

    My point? We all go through some stuff. My best friend from years ago, she and I are no longer close. It didn’t take a debacle on the scale of a DC-breakup to end our friendship, but just the passage of time and possibly some misunderstandings that were never addressed. Bottom line, life, she goes on and on and on. Time heals all wounds; time brings folk back together or keeps them apart; whatever.

    I think if these beautiful females can move beyond and go forth, everybody should just embrace it and stop speculating.

    Kelly and Letoya are both so pretty. All of DC was. Still looking great ladies! Letoya looks cute dancing with the little ladies; but I wonder what move that is….is she droppin’ it? LOL

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