Miss Kelly Lights Up Late Night

It took her long enough, but finally Miss Kelly is out there doing promo for her new album “Here I Am.”

Taking to Jay Leno’s stage last night, Kelly Rowland gave her second live performance of her smash single “Motivation,” and like the first at the BET Awards, she totally killed it.

Kelly needs to keep giving performances like these and add in another single to boot. She needs to let people know that “Here I Am” has more to offer than just “Motivation.”

And speaking of the sexually charged single, it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. After 15 weeks in release the track is sitting comfortably at #17 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and could go top 10 if Kelly and her label commit to doing more promo.


  1. Dang at work and can’t watch right now, but I know she did a great job. And yea lets step that promo game up!

  2. i thought she was struggling with her voice a bit.

  3. Kelly did a great job!…her vocals were good, not great…the dancing that she makes seem effortless, takes up some wind, ok…the choreography is sooooo tight…refreshing…we haven’t been seeing real dancing in awhile…Kelly’s tapped into something that’s resonating with people and she should continue to capitalize on it!

    Kelly’s such a good dancer and has the body of a professional dancer…the white pantsuit…perfection…instead of being barely dressed…less can be even sexier…better…anywho…she’s carving out her niche…paving her lane…Jay Leno seemed to have loved it…so, hopefully, the promo has started and the next single, round will be even greater…I hope her team is on it!

    Go Kelly!!!

  4. Yea cinthinya I said it before, Kelly was and will always be the best thing out of destiny child, but the black Megan fox was pushed down the gullibles throats and they believed it, I wish her the very best of luck she deserved to be successful

  5. I agree Melinda. Kelly sounded just like the record. I am loving these Motivation performances. Kelly is showing such attitude.

  6. loved it! its gonna take a few takes to get the performance down pat on a small stage but Kely is tryna break out of her shell. She showed a bit of attitude and sexiness but was still classy with it. If I can say one thing about DC the ladies know how to be sexy but classy, even with the slow grind it was classy not slutty.
    Either which way I like Kelly and feel that she and Beyonce can run the charts this year!

  7. @Melinda

    I agree, Kelly will rise to this occassion!

    Confidence is EVERYTHING…I’m glad to see people understand that she’s building…we all thrive off of energy!!!…all of our game changes when we are confident, feel good about ourselves, deserving and realize our value and self-worth!

    Artists like Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and Beyonce had years of “solo” performances to get to be great at it…performing onstage, you know the force of nature it requires…this new Kelly has it!

  8. okay, i HONESTLY LOVE kelly’s new album. Like A WHOLE LOt. her voice sounds on point. but her performance of free and bad habit in live in atlanta with DC3 was WAY stronger vocally. She is okay, but the choreography was only a little better than okay, and she cracked and was out of tune a lot. I’m glad she has confidence but now she has to go back to her skill

  9. This performance made me smile…I LOVED it, I feel like she really shined with this performance mainly because she sung live (which I respect more than ANYTHING) even though there were a little pitchy problems here and there. It was like she wasn’t afraid to let loose. I really hope Kelly does well this go around. Great job Kelly.

    SN: All of the DC women are like fine wine…they all get better with time.

  10. GO KELLY!!!

    And I love Kelly, but really cut the B.S because Beyonce has ALWAYS been the better performer AND vocalist in the group. Kelly has on and off days when it comes to singing. She had good performances with DC3 and some not so. Kelly would do Beyonce’s parts in songs and sound bad doing like when she would hit the high nots in Emotion.

  11. 1:Please at least act like you can think for yourself and not whatever the media is feeding you, beyonce was not never the best thing at nothing, that’s why destiny child was created, put her around some darker shade women, give them less verse, let her have the blonder hair, and let the African American slave mentality play, and BAM beyonce is the best thing since slice bread,Idiots.

    Beyonce has never been and will never be classy, you’ve seen kelly’s outfit when performing motivation? that’s class, wearing your entire Victoria’s secret stash on stage is trashy , Who said “nasty put your clothes on “?

  12. Go Kelly you killed it I love her and I can tell she is breaking out of her shell. Not much longer she will be on hit all the way around. I would like to see more energy like she had at BET awards show here. But she still nailed it. GO KELLY!!!

  13. kelly killed it, and apologies to her, i didn’t mean to give shine to that other chick, but i can’t stand vapid minded people.

  14. At work so can’t listen to performance 🙁
    However that pants suit is on fire! Looking good Ms Kelly!

  15. @shontelle, u sound like a complete idiot. Who died and made your OPINION a fact? There are millions of people who think beyonce was the best in dc. U sound so stupid saying that because of her complexion & the media, that those are the reasons why ppl feel she is the best. Thats bs. Beyonce is very talented & a very good performer no matter what shade she is. I doubt DC would have been as big as they were without her. And plenty of black artists wear blonde hair. U just sound like an ignorant beyonce hater smh. Anyway good job to kelly. That was a good performance for her.

  16. Love the white-hot suit Ms. Kelly – very classy – leaving something to the imagination. I agree with John – gotta give props to live performances – even though it did get a pitchy at times.

  17. WHAT???

    Ms. Kelly OWNS that Motivation performance on Jay leno. It is her best one of this hit single so far. Her vocals, her confidence, her dancing, and her look are ON POINT. Bonus, Ms. Kelly looks like she enjoys herself on that stage. I love every second of it. I hope she continues to master it while getting more opportunities to perform it.

    Let me go watch it again :).

  18. Go Kelly I must admit that was good. Kelly always was a good dancer I just forgot… LOL!

  19. i really enjoyed kelly she is doing a great job and i like her attitude because it seems to me like she is not trying to take over the world she is content with where she is and is just enjoying the ride. i like that.

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