Kelly Rowland At The MTV Africa Music Awards

While her Destiny’s Child bandmate was getting ready to rock the American Music Awards stage, singer Kelly Rowland was holding it down in Nigeria at the 1st Annual MTV Africa Music Awards. Kelly performed with a slew of African and Ameriacn artists, including D’banj, The Game and Flo Rida. Miss Kelly also acted as co-host for the evening and even accepted Alicia Keys’ award for best R n’B Artist, on her behalf. As many of you know Alicia was getting ready for her American Music Awards performance- but still the sista found time to record a video thank you for all her African fans. As for Kelly, she continues to find much success overseas and is already working on the follow up to her 2007 release, Miss Kelly.

Pics from the event can be seen below…


  1. I admit i’m a lil bit obseesed with Kelly but this gal was simply smashin at this event. Go Kelly Go…

  2. I’m a big fan of Kelly and I’m always glad to see new pics of her. She looks so pretty.

  3. as a person who lives in africa…am very concerned at the fact that at the first mtv africa awards event mtv manages to only give us b list american performers when we actually deserve what the european mtv awards got….

  4. this is only the first, after they’ve been to every other flippin contintent for years. :thumbsdown: Its a good look even if its rather belated, although I do think the Europe mtv awards were the best this year. V entertaining and most stars actually turned up.

    Congratz to Alicia for her award

  5. oh my word my girl kelly was in nigeria? i so wish i was there….oh well at least she is coming to south africa some time soon for that oprah winfrey academy function…i hope she performs cuz i certainly will be there….damn i love this girl…do yout thang Ms kelly we absolutely adore you, your music and gosh you are so beautiful!! i cant wait for her third album to drop here in april09…it will be joining the other 3 i have in my collection…and guys please go and support our girl…let the no talents…yes rihanna and T-pain go eat grass and spend it on talent..kelly, brandy, deborah cox, toni, tamia, anthony hamilton all deserve my hard earned cash in this tough resescion…..go kelly we love you girl and ur looking fierce in those pics!!!

  6. I am so proud of Kelly. Although, Beyonce stole the lime light from all of her singing mates (hey, do what you have to do), I am glad that Kelly is still working hard to be a singing sensation and not fall victim to the blame game. I’m happy that she is doing well overseas. That’s where the money is anyway.

  7. I love Kelly as well and am glad that she just keeps on grinding. She is a true star.

  8. Wow…an MTV Africa Music Awards!! That’s great to know of….

    Big ups to Kelly Rowland and Alicia Keys!!! Keep doing your thing ladies!!!

  9. wow..i didn’t know mtv africa music awards existed..this looks like a move in the right direction 🙂

  10. :iagree: NothingWrongWithSexy

    A list artist should have definitely been on the list at the first MTV Africa awards. But then again, I’m just happy they are finally on the continent. We should forward to things getting better.


  11. I’m glad you guys keep covering Kelly. She is doing well outside this country and it’s nice that you all are taking note of it. :thumbsup:

  12. MTV invading Africa is nothing to be happy about. Their effect on music and the minds of our young people has not exactly been great. Now they have traveled to the Motherland to make our young people there as ignorant as the ones here in America.

  13. Poor Kelly! They sent her to the jungle while Bey lights up the stage on tvs every where. SMDH!

  14. @Charden it’s so sad that your vision of Africa is something negative. My friend lives in South Africa and you reallydon’t know what you are talking about. It must be something negative about you to automatically think that this is a negative thing. I think if you learn nothing else from Kelly you can learn that there is a world outside of America.

  15. Poor Kelly! They sent her to the jungle

    Wtf? It is the same type of ignorance that put beyonce and rihanna and others over a bunch of equally talented sisters, Africa is the jungle, Dark skinned individuals are animals, and Light one the one from Europe are the civilization, It’ s a huge chain of self hatred and that shit is sad! :loser:

  16. Hey Charden,

    FYI: There are NO JUNGLES IN AFRICA, not humid enough! Next time you make a dumb comment you won’t sound ignorant too.

  17. 🙁 charden I feel sorry for you !!!!

    You are so brainwashed that you actually think Africa is a jungle …. :lol2:

    I hope you are not black because if you are then, thats a damn shame !!! because when people look at you they dont see a European they see someone of African descent and according to you Africa is a ‘jungle’..

    That means they must look at you and see a monkey!!!! Thats what you think you are…

  18. Charden, your comment is one of the most ignorant comments I’ve seen since coming here. Damn. SMDH. Moving on…..

    Kelly is truly a beautiful woman. I love her skin tone. In these pictures, she looks so confident when onstage. The US audience must make her really nervous, because here she looks like she is commanding the stage.

    I would like to see this awards show.

  19. :booty: …shame on you charden…ignorance has never been an excuse for stupidity..

  20. charden i really cant believe that comment you mad…i hope you were trying to be funny and dont really believe what you wrote…at the same time it wasnt funny and you should be ashamed of yourself…if you thought the comment was true i feel sorry for whoever raised you…

  21. Kelly is the epitome of a Gorgeous, Talented, Intelligent, Black Woman!!!! So classy and I absolutely LOVEEEE her craft!!

  22. Congrats to Alicia and am so happy to here that Kelly is doing her thing overseas.

  23. :thumbsup: I’m a Nigerian and watched d event…. she sand her hits like this,work and as usual dillema i think comeback 2.

  24. Sorta agree with JBL. MTV was a driving force in homogenizing the muscial landscape here in the USA.

    Has anyone found some footage from this event?

  25. I love Kelly , i may not be a fan of her music but she is super sexy.

    Let’s be honest , the reason why you see the likes of Omarion or Kelly Rowland in the african continent is because in terms of marketability and popularity they are LOW rated B artists. I am not insulting their talent , don’t get me wrong. The U.S B rated artists are getting about 6 times more money then a local ICON . We are doing something about it as well , music is not always among our handful top priorities .

    As far as the African continent being a jungle. Well there are jungles , there are quite few desertic places and well many of our Shanty town actually look better then the Ghettos where african americans are confined in . If are you are in denial …….

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