Kelly Rowland is a New Brand Ambassador for Cadillac


Kelly Rowland is the New Cadillac CT6 Sedan Brand Ambassador

Claritin, Dreft, and now Cadillac. Singer Kelly Rowland’s music career may not be popping at the moment, but that sure hasn’t hindered her ability to get endorsement deal after endorsement deal. Along with promoting allergy medication and detergent, Kelly has now taken to endorsing luxury cars, thanks in part to her new role as Brand Ambassador for Cadillac’s new 2016 CT6 Sedan.

Kelly shot a commercial for the CT6 earlier this year, and recently shared a portion of it with fans via Twitter. The 15-second clip features Kelly hopping into the back seat of her new ride, and enjoying her own little private private jam session. The clip unfortunately has no sound, but if you’re thirsty for some Miss Kelly anyway, this should hold you over until a new episode of Chasing Destiny airs next week.


  1. I know not many people are watching Chasing Destiny, but it is actually pretty good. As for the commercial, I agree with Tracie. If it helps keep the lights on I would do it too. Music is pretty much a side project for Kelly now anyway.

  2. Kelly wastes so much time doing dumb stuff. She released a bunch of new music clips a year ago on Instagram and nothing sense. Fans went crazy for her new sound and she went quiet. Her manger-husband needs to be fired. I think he pushes Kelly to just do whatever makes her a quick buck, never taking into consideration the long term affect on her brand. It’s only so long Kelly can ride the Destinys Child bandwagon without accomplishing more on her own. Get back to music Kelly. You were good at it. Don’t give up on yourself.

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