Kelly Rowland Collects A Gold Record

Singer Kelly Rowland and French DJ David Guetta appeared on the German television show “The Dome” over the weekend. The hit making duo were there to perform and collect a Gold Record for their #1 single “When Love Takes Over”. The song has gone #1 in several countries outside the U.S and the pair will perform it again tonight at the Miss Universe Pageant in the Bahamas. You can watch a live stream of the preliminary competition here. David and Kelly however will be performing during the live telecast, which airs at 9pm on NBC.


  1. Wow awwwww yay you go Kelly :). Song isn’t my fave but she looked good in it. *nods*

  2. Good for her. I think she has one or two more songs with him. Too bad it is not an album of hers doing that well but I guess she gotta start somewhere.

  3. I’m so happy for her. I love her. I just wish she would’ve gotten away from Matthew sooner. I hope she can get some success over here. B/c I’ve only heard her single like 3 times. Anyways the people overseas appreciate good music, they arent’ like us, only worried about looks.

  4. GO KELLY BOO!!! About time she finally gettin the recognition she deserves!

  5. Yes it is bout time she should have been getting this recognition the girl has a smooth singing voice

  6. the people overseas appreciate good music, they arent’ like us, only worried about looks.

    Hmm Hmm

  7. Worried about looks? What’s wrong with Kelly looks? Alot of people think she’s beautiful, and alot of men are attracted to Kelly. When she did the Choir Competition for NBC, her competition director couldn’t keep his eyes off Kelly, and Michael Jackson had a crush on her. According to his bestfriend of 35 years David Gest. I can see why Kelly stays in Europe. There she can be appreciated. This post is not meant to be an argument, plaease don’t take it that way.

  8. happy for her thats my favourite song of the moment,the beat is crazy i think she shud do more house music it realy compliments her voice.

  9. Congrats Kelly! But honestly I’m not surprised. I live in Europe (I’m French) and David Guetta is very very famous here and we like Kelly. “Work” was a hit here.
    To the person who said European people like good music unlike American people LOL, in Europe we say the contrary : you American people have better tastes in music than us and we only listen to garbage music. I think we’re right: how many European superstars do you know?

  10. No there isn’t anything wrong with Kelly’s look but I totally agree that is she looked different, a bit lighter (sorry i had to say it) she would get more airplay and support from radio and the media. Black music especially has become all about who is the prettiest light skin girl and only they get real face time. If Jazmine Sullivan looked like Rihanna her album would have sold 2 million copies and urban radio would have supported her more, along with BET and the blogs.

    Kelly is kicking butt overseas while here in this country radio won’t even touch her, especially urban radio. We have become very superficial and fallen prey to a sort of lookism that has never existed in our music before.

  11. @Dana let’s bury the light/dark argument. We have the viewing, memorial, funeral, and repass. Now it’s time to move on.

  12. We have become very superficial and fallen prey to a sort of lookism that has never existed in our music before.

    nah bee dana is right! she is right let’s not go at the sister because she is speaking the truth here at least lol had kelly been a bit lighter it would have been all good in the hood, most black people are infatuated with the light skin long hair bullshit, it’s sad but true

  13. Congrats Kelly! Things will start to pick up in the US soon. The song was a Euro-pop song and did exceptionally well on US Billboard Dance charts but it is not a form of music that I expected to be popular with Urban or mainstream radios. I am sure Kelly & mgmt will have more variety on HER album to ensure she reaches the US market as well.

  14. Why don’t we bury racism while we are at it. Puleeeze, not talking about issues that we know exist will not make them go away.

    When choosing acts today, especially female acts, looks come first and with Blacks, lightness is the considered the beauty standard.

    But it’s not all about lightness, the fact that looks is the overriding factor that determines whether or not you get a record contract is just sad.

    With the industry the way it is today Janet, Whitney, Stephanie Mills, Roberta Flack, Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin would have never been given deals.

  15. With the industry the way it is today Janet, Whitney, Stephanie Mills, Roberta Flack, Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin would have never been given deals.

    I aAbsolutely agree

  16. @ LouLou

    umm… Jamelia. Is she still famous? I thought Fefe was famous there too, but she is canadian.

  17. I forgot Estelle

    Anyways, I agree with Voice, it’s so sad the way “talent” is judged. I mean all of these people sound and look alike and they all work with the exact same people. It’s pathetic. All of the top artist today, atleast the females are all light skinned, with european features or specific hair textures. It’s so tired. But lets face it, music will NEVER be the same. When someone gives us something real, we don’t support it.

  18. When someone gives us something real, we don’t support it.


  19. Heck to the yeah @ Dana and Voice ….. and JBL hello…. saying it’s buried or it’s not longer an issue with more than a few people still or isn’t still as strong without talking about it as many times as it needs won’t make it go away or get any better.

  20. @ Truthteller: oh my God! I forgot about Jamelia. Actually she has been dropped by her record company a few years ago, don’t know if she has another one. I don’t know who Fefe is but Estelle is huge here (in Europe).
    And you’re right about what you said, music is just a big beauty pageant now. I wonder what happened, I belong to the 90s generation (I’m 25) and back in the day we didn’t care about what the singers look like as long as the music was good. What happened? How come music and our way people approach it changed so much?

  21. Congrats to Kelly! I always thought she had a pretty voice & finally she’s getting her shine!

  22. @Voice I totally agree with you. All of this women who are talking about light/dark how many dark sisters have you supported in the past. How many Angie Stone, Leidisi, Lala Hathaway, Rochelle Farrelle, India Arie, or any other dark sisters that are out here putting great music out and just killing it. Yet in the main stream RnB they never get mentioned. If you are so upset that most of the black so called female stars are light then go out and support the dark sisters. You know what’s a blessing for them is because they are not judged on their looks they really put out some great quality music. They are beautiful, talented, and hellafied singers. So I dare one of you to go and pick-up one of their cd’s. I dare Stephanie to post one article about anyone of these sisters. I dare you.

    Until then check yourselves because it is you who do not support our dark sisters.

  23. @ Bee
    Girl you better speak the truth!

    Great to see Kelly succeeding. I’m still waiting on the tell-all book. Maybe in a few years..

  24. BEe:That’s what i’m talking bout-but you know what i noticed, people or groups who aren’t mainstream usually have a smaller, but more fiercely loyal fanbase. Mainstream fans usually are fickle and changed their tastes with the trends, but fans of those you mentioned like Jill, India, etc are there thru thick & thin. You go Kelly, chocolate power!

  25. lol non je t’aime bien c’est tout loulou lol

    Bee:Girl i sat back in my chair like damn i know it wasnt adress to me but i feel told off i have been neglecting Rachelle Ferell 🙁 “i forgive you” was my jam tho!

  26. @ LouLou

    Same here, the girl groups from the 90’s made some of my favorite songs, Xscape, SWV, EnVogue, Total, and if the industry was like it is today back then, they never would’ve happened, and those sistas could blow.

  27. I don’t know what happened. I like Ashanti and all, but once Irv let her out the gate, and J lo blew up, all the none singing chicks just started coming from the left and right. I remember when it was about the sound. Now it’s looks and who you sleep with that come first, “swagger” is second, dancing comes after that, and then finally you have singing. It shouldn’t called singing b/c now you just have to sing over a hot beat. What happened?

  28. @ Bee

    I agree with you, but I’m not upset because they are light and famous. I’m upset because I believe the only reason they got a chance is b/c of their shade. Alicia Keys & Beyonce are light but they deserve what they have because they have talent. I love and support India Arie the woman makes good music. And I still bump Lauryn Hill. As for supporting real music, I was talking about women like the others you named, like Angie and Ledisi, I can buy everything they put out, but if I’m only 1 of 30,000 it’s not enough. People always nag about “real music” but what do we turn around and spend money on, Lil Wayne, Cassie, Danity Kane. That’s all I’m saying. And I hate the fact that average chicks on the street sound better than women on tv, but won’t get a shot b/c of their look.

  29. @ Voice: OK lol.
    @ Truthteller: Well, maybe one day things will be like they were back in the day and real singers will shine. When people saw Cassie couldn’t sing they lost interest in her so there’s still hope.

  30. I am a south African and colour is no issue when you r an african singer. Most europeans support hardcore(Traditional) african music, thats were most africans make money and endouresment deals with luxury cars, Loreal, samsung,Elizabeth ardens etc,south african love jazz and Afro pop

  31. I LOVE me some Angie & India Arie, some Jazmine, some Christette HELLO.

  32. LOL, Go ahead Kelly. See what breaking the chains of slavery will do for you?

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