Miss Kelly On The Cover Of Cosmo

Kelly Rowland’s long ago reported on South African Cosmopolitan cover has finally surfaced. The singer is covering the July edition of the magazine, which you can check out below. Kelly looks incredible- but I gotta admit that when I first saw the image the first thing I thought of was Donna Summer. Kelly’s resemblance to the 1970’s Disco Queen is just amazing.

Great cover for Kelly and one I wish could be reproduced for the American edition of the magazine as well.


  1. Me too!!! I am going to search for it at Barnes and Nobles! I would love to add this mag to my collection!

  2. I’m so proud of her! She is still pushing to get what she wants…I’m glad that she didnt give up because of someone else outshining everybody!!! lol

  3. She is really making moves! Proud of her cause her voice is under-rated. Glad Brownsista.com is showing mad love to her too! Thanks guys! =D

  4. Keep on pushing Kelly there is hope for real talent to survive in an industry that only believes that looks and the sound of the music will sustain you in order to make it these days, show them that that is not the case with you.

  5. I will have to find this magazine issue. This is a collectible here! Team Kelly!

  6. She looks gorgeous and everytime you see her she’s ALWAYs happy. She exudes beauty and you can sense she has a beautiful spirit. It’s great to see her new management is showcasing her versatility – she’s on international covers, she was a co-host on the design show with Isaac Mizrahi, and she hosted a UK awards show. Go Miss Kelly!!

  7. Beautiful Beautiful brown sista. She doing the damn thing. I told her at the airport she better work that album. Go Kelly. She gotten her a good support team that know what they doing with her.

  8. She looks beautiful. She is making a lot of progress since she went under new management. Good for her.

  9. I am so happy that people are finally acknowledging her , and she is finally getting some shine. Sad, that it has to be in other countries and not here, but it’s posistive, sometimes we have to leave our environment to find our blessings. I don’t care what anyone says, Kelly was never given the opportunity to shine in this country because of her complexion. Noone would admit it, but I bet many American markets felt that she was too dark for crossover appeal, and that she couldn’t be a huge success. JMO.

  10. :iagree: Team Kelly! Beautiful beautiful brown sista. Would love to see her on cover of Essence.

    Peace, Naj

  11. for the luv of money sum pple would stoop low expose their dignity to get fame and riches but what we do in the past always come to haunt us in the future

  12. She really is giving ‘Bad Girls’ era Donna. Do it girl … that’s right!

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