Kelly Rowland Debuts New Covers

Check out the artwork for Kelly Rowland’s next two singles “Grown Woman” and “Rose Colored Glasses.” The singer debuted the covers earlier today, along with her new album’s title and release date. Get ready for Kelly Rowland’s “Kelly Rowland” album to hit stores on September 14th. A lot of people are complaining about the title, but at some point all artists tend to name an album after themselves. Many do it with their debut album- Kelly waited a few years. I don’t see a problem with it.

In other KR news, in a recent interview Kelly spoke on Mathew Knowles’ recent statement where he said a Destiny’s Child reunion was never going to happen. Kelly said, and I quote: “Mathew Knowles is not a member of Destiny’s Child so that is a decision he cannot make.”

Click here to watch the interview and if you haven’t heard Grown Woman and Rose Colored Glasses, you can check them out here.


  1. ATTACK OF THE WIG! That lace front look like its gonna swallow her face! lol Photoshop much?

  2. WOW 😆 I love her response to Matt Attack’s comment. I like her covers.

  3. I would give anything to know what Matthew did that turned Kelly and probably Michelle too against him.

    I never believed Kelly was angry with Matthew until she said what she said. Clearly she is too through with him.

  4. I like the second photo alot better….and 😆 @RIRI4LIFE that was funny

  5. LOVE IT!!!! I’M READY FOR YOU Ms. Kelly!!! wishing you nothing but the best, it’s your time to shine 🙂

  6. Fiyahhhhhhh werrkkk kelly. She got a good management team. Yes matthew need to go some where with his cheating @ss. Making babies with his old @ss.

  7. I would not be surprise of beyonce say she pregnant around her album come out lol.

  8. I would love to see people focus more on Kelly. Beyonce is sooooo overexposed.

  9. @Lady

    Um, is that a bad thing. 🙄 , what does being pregnant have to do with her album. I see, so u think if Beyonce announces a pregnancy, it will get more publicity than kelly’s album. True, Beyonce can be spotted buying Tampon and will get more spotlight..Once again Beyonce is the bad person….SMH

    U betta werk Kelly, and like you said, people dont want you and beyonce to be friends, but they are so get over it. :loser:

  10. @LMAO you know when kelly comes out with something. Her come her best friend or sister comes and trying to take the spotlight like come on. We both know what the deal is. As far as the tampon response that nasty lol.

  11. @Lady, Beyonce did what a singer does, what all singers do.

    Kelly is not on the same label as Kelly anymore. Why should Beyonce stop what she doing to let another artist shine. And if u think beyonce being anywhere when Kelly is out will hurt her career, than u have no faith in kelly.

    O yes Kelly released two singles and a video..Where is Beyonce, since everytime kelly comes out, so does Beyonce..SMH!! 🙄

  12. I just wish all this Kelly vs. Beyonce s*it would die, they’re both talented and most importantly both love each other.

  13. KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that BACK OF HAIR she’s wearing! Did they find that wig out on the range? in the wild? Somebody shot it and put it ‘down’ and then put it on Kelly’s head.


    Both images are cool. Kelly is such a beauty!!! 🙂

  14. well the “LOOK” won me over i guess. She does look nice

  15. The singles sound good. I don’t understand all these “leaks”. I remember after the last record she said she would prevent her tracks from being leaked all over the place.

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