Kelly Rowland Debuts Official “Commander” Video

The official video for Kelly Rowland’s new single, “Commander,” is finally here. The video is very similar to the leaked version released a few weeks ago- so similar in fact I couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Maybe you guys can. Check it out below.


  1. Kelly should have softened her face a bit in a few of those shots. A lil less anger and more softness would have seemed more natural. This is where knowing how to interact with the camera comes into play. The overall concept of the video is good but it somehow falls flat. The final scene of her smashing the glass and jumping through just looks fake and could have been left on the cutting room floor.

  2. oh i can definitely see a difference. it looks more clean and cut. the other one its like you could see all the odd scenes that needed to be taken out.

    she go hard!

  3. It looks a little more polished but the same pretty much. That leotard looks painful. I like the ponytail; I get playing down the hair and makeup so the costume stands out but I think something could’ve been done differently there. Maybe a mohawk for the red and a triple-stacked ponytail for the black. Meh, what do I know.

    She still looks great. This is a good song. The video is still okay.

  4. I really like this song and the video.

    I agree Kanyade.

    The hair could have been different for the red since she has a ponytail with the black. Unfortunately, I have not heard this song on any station…

  5. okay seriously the (LEOTARDS) are gettin’ played the F**K out 🙄 enough already :stop:

    other than that the video looks like Janet Jackson’s (feedback) video to me…but the song Is o.k I don’t see myself dancing to It

  6. Song is jammin. I’m sure they play it in the gay clubs.

  7. the song is fire I really like it. Go ON MISS KELLY!!!

  8. Yeah no for the video, i’m not even going to watch it i know what to expect, But i hope she achieve the success she deserves

  9. Nicely done. She is seriously going after the Hot 100 charts with this song. I hope it pays off for her.

  10. I’m lovin this song, but the video(s) could have been better. Just my opinion.

    I hope she does well with this new album, I like all of the material I’ve heard from it so far.

  11. I really, really like Kelly but she is just not a stand out performer, she has the talent but there is something just missing with her and guess what it is? A group!

  12. this video reminds me of feedback by Janet…. but i’m not comparing the two I LOVE Kelly and this video n song is FIRE!!!!!!!!! :iagree:

  13. Cheesy video but am excited for Kelly. I am happy she has found herself and knows how to work her 15 minutes of fame. Best wishes on a successful cd.

  14. Don’t really care for the video, but I love the song and Kelly is gorgeous.

  15. I like the song. I don’t know how black women can have a career in music when the select few have chosen Beyonce and Rihanna to rule the world. Go Kelly.

  16. Love Kelly. Great dance song. Can take or leave the video – but I’m not big on videos anyway. I wish I were in a parisian nite club dancing to this song with one of those Harliquin Romance novel type guys…

  17. Kelly looks cute….but I’m not too crazy about the song…it isn’t soulful….it is, sadly, borderline corny…try again Kelly…listen to some old Mary Wells, the Shirelles and the Marvalettes….get a clue as to who you are. Also check out Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, etc. U R not Madonna…sorry.

  18. :bowdown:
    Ms. Kelly is going hard. I hope she does well here in the US, Know she will do well in the UK.

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