Miss Kelly Debuts “Rosey” New Video

The beautiful Miss Kelly Rowland debuted the video for her new single “Rose Colored Glasses” earlier today via VEVO. The Dr. Luke produced track is the second single to be released from Kelly’s upcoming third solo CD.

Kelly revealed during an interview last week that her album, which has been pushed back multiple times, won’t be released now until sometime in early 2011.

We wish Kelly luck with that….


  1. I wish Kelly the best but she just doesn’t have what it takes to be a solo artists. She hasn’t released one good song yet. All her songs are like album fillers.

  2. I guess I need to listen to it several more times. I like the message in the song.

  3. *Says this with love*
    Kelly sitteth downeth!!! At least until you get more people or a different perspective or something. Goodness child, everything you are doing just looks so desperate & pressed. Love your voice, it really is special but I don’t know what is going on creatively…


  4. I liked the video but I wish she would have had a non-black love interest. Kelly does need acting classes. Good job though.

  5. I agree black female artists would be more progressive if they use nonblack love interests in some of their projects. I truly believe that in Hollywood if a black actress/singer is only seen with black men either real life or in their work, Hollywood view them as “urban black”, thus are kept in that market. but if they venture out and play in interacial storylines it further their careers. I find it irritating that black women always use black men. Black men are more progressive in that sense, they don’t care.

  6. The video is alright, but Kelly step it up a bit babe. @BOHWE- I totally agree that’s exactly how Hollywood works.

  7. What silly comments (NON BLACK LOVE INTEREST)She’s suppose 2 use black, whatever happen 2 the black family unit her love interest in this video is perfect. White or non-black people are not BETTER than our blk race…. Wow hollywood says that non-black is better so now we have FOOLS jumping on the band wagon… What has this word come 2?

  8. *singing- i stick my right foot in i stick my right foot out i throw my two cents in and then i shake it all about*

    i agree with “Purple Peach”. i don’t get why you guys say she should have a non-black love interest. 9 times outta ten a white person won’t use a non-white person as their love interest so what’s the dealio? if that black man i who she wanted then there it is. that’s who’s in the video. i’m not racist by any means but heck just because some black dudes don’t use black girls in their videos doesn’t mean we gotta drop them period. a black guy with a music video with no black girls in there as you say would appeal to any and everybody but his song and video for that matter could still be shi**y. the internet is a scary place. i’m a young girl and i like seeing black folks together. bives me hope. i truly haven’t found many other people attractive outside of the black race and never a white person. guess i haven’t spotted one yet who knows who cares. everytime i go to these sites i hear people talking about why they can’t stand black women and why they can’t take black men and it seems like we’re just fighting for show because i guarantee you no one of any other race gives two sh*ts that we’re so damn dysfunctional. if anything i figure they’re laughing.

    like i said i threw my two cents in and shook it all about. *jumps out*

    *if that black man is who she wanted, then there it is.
    *gives me hope.
    *guess i haven’t spotted one yet, who knows and who cares.
    *everytime i go on these sites i hear *some* people…

  10. Uh..Song is great.
    Kelly Rowland has a great voice, and the songs she got this time around are actually really good, pop-oriented, radio-friendly songs. But, the videos are all green-screen, low-budget, low-creativity, pieces of crap. This video should have been done in the real world, rather than over a black background with confetti and FAKE glass.

  11. aside from the outrageos dresses(mho) i could do without them there is a mesage which can be applied to any situation in life, i mean any. i can feel/see the confidence she now exudes, that has taken her a long time ti build. and it is a grown woman confidence, one that stems from basic knowledge of the world through experiences. not one that is just from knowing you have a hot body… im happy for her and wish her all the best really.

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