Kelly Rowland Hosts New Lifestyle & Travel Show

Singer Kelly Rowland is taking time off from the music business to concentrate on her television aspirations. AOL Black Voices is reporting that Kelly recently shot a pilot for a new lifestyle and travel show, and with a few phone calls and e-mails; I was actually able to get my hands on a few pics of Kelly on location in Miami Beach shooting the pilot for that show. Though word of Kelly’s new series is just now hitting the net, the taping of the show actually began way back in early May. Kelly’s tentatively titled show is “Around The World” and is said to be an updated and hipper version of Lifestyle’s of the Rich & Famous. The show will feature Kelly showcasing the hottest in food, hotels, restaurant and party destinations around the world. Early word has networks very impressed with Kelly’s new show, with Bravo, Style Network and Oprah’s OWN channel having expressed an interest in picking the show up for the fall 2008-2009 season.

Photo Source: P. Jeudy


  1. Damn, Kelly is just gorgeous in that first pic. Tall and thin but without being skinny. I still cannot understand why her beauty isn’t appreciated more in the Black community.

  2. The beautiful Kelly Rowland. I love the entire outfit although I would’ve chosen another shoe color.
    Keep doing big things mama. I love my DC3 ladies.

  3. I agree, she does look gorgeous in the pics. I will tuning into the show when it premieres!

  4. Kudos to Kelly, I`m happy for her, as I`m rooting for both her and Michelle. They are two Beautiful Brown Sistas who derserve to be given a “fair” chance of some level of success.

    MJ and The 80`s forever!!!!!

    In the spirit of my fav. hero/champion Malcolm X ( El-Hajj-Malik-El-Shabazz)

    Power To The People

  5. I’d definitely watch! I use to love “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” as a little girl and I think this similar/updated version would be a big hit and a good look for Kelly.

    Kelly is looking very pretty in those pix!! Luv that dress!!

  6. Oh, Kelly is so pretty. She looks classy. What’s on her leg in the first pic, it confused me. Is it a spray on stocking, or lighting, or what?

  7. The same way people didn’t buy Kelly’s music they are not going to watch her television show.

  8. I took one look atthat first picture and said to myself, Kelly is in Miami Beach, my husband and I were just there last week, what a great vacation that was, wish I’da seen her out there.

  9. Kelly is gorgeous and i hope this works out for her. Alot of people over here really love her and im glad she is branching out to other projects!

    Well whatever network picks up this show i just hope its international so we can check her out also.

  10. Best wishes to Kelly. I hope this brings her success.

  11. I think Kelly Is pretty i think she doesn’t get a lot of her props because she is a brown sista.

  12. Congrats Babe! Us Chocolate sistas are taking over, lookout ya’ll!

  13. Lonnie…don’t worry. People will watch her show. You don’t have to tune in and trust me you won’t be hurting her one bit. You are the only negative person I have seen on here. Get a life. Kelly is naturally beautiful and fab. She’s very successful. So keep hating since it seems obvious you have nothing better to do.

  14. The show sounds like its gonna be kinda cool…

    I hope we get to see it over here in England, cause I will be highly dissapointed if we don’t….. But Kelly looks really lovely, I hope the show goes really well for her…

  15. I hope this show works out for Kelly, she really deserves it. The idea of the show sounds very interesting.

  16. Congrats to Kelly. This will be a success because it has nothing too do with the Knowles. It appears she is finally starting to branch out on her own and make her own way. I am very proud of her.

  17. Yay Kelly! Good luck girl. I think we’re witnessing the birth of a second career. She’s not playing second fiddle to anyone here. She looks great too.

  18. It doesn’t surprise me that people are impressed. She is both classy and humble. She has been around the world, so she’s also creditable. She is also articulate and well spoken. You don’t see that combination in the young pop starlets of today. I wish her tons of sucess and I will defintely be watching myself.


  20. Congrats to her! I don’t have either channel to watch (just have basic extended cable, too cheap to buy the Platinum channels 🙂 Hopefully I will be able to catch it on Demand.

  21. Kelly looks great as always…I hope that her show gets picked up.

  22. Truly happy for Ms. Kelly…HEEY!! I’ll be looking out for it.

  23. Love it when Kelly gets some shine. She looks gorgeous. Hope this venture is successful.

  24. She must have ready my post a few months ago here on when I suggested that she do television. Anyway, she looks radiant. As for her new gig, I think this is right up her alley. Kelley is very articulate and seems to have welcoming personality. Best!

  25. a boss in her own lane! beautiful chic classy articulate – PRACTICALLY MADE FOR TV!!. Ive been a Kelly fan since the early dc days and for some reason shes always stuck out to me – esp in interviews she always seems to be the most intelligent and can piece her words together nicely and she has the type of personality that just draws you in!!!! When u think about it , its really her destiny. bey has trhe moive game on lock – michelle has broadway on lock and kelly will def have the tv game on lock – its wierd how it all fits in so perfectly. each lady has success in their own lane tied together by the love of music and love for each other. emmy/oscar/tony – kelly/beyonce/michelle!!

  26. Congrats to Kelly! i hope this project does very well and puts her on the mainstream radar.

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