Miss Kelly Is A Grown Ass Woman

Like Christina Aguilera and a host of other artists with new albums set to drop soon, Kelly Rowland is dealing with daily leaks of her upcoming material. Last week Shake Them Haters Off leaked and now this week we get Grown Ass Woman. The Ne-Yo penned and Stargate produced track is one of those singles Kelly says is meant to show her urban fan base that she has not forgotten about them. The question is- will urban radio return the favor and finally give Kelly some play with this new venture?


  1. :bowdown: I LOVEEEEEEEE ITTTTT!!!!
    Esecially because im going trough the same right now

  2. Leaking is so scary. This made artists and the labels push back the albums and the result after was so poor. I really wish the label will support my beloved Kelly the best they should and in what she deserves.

  3. cant wait to hear her new stuff its going to be great she is awesome

  4. Puhlease, they are “leaking” their own material to gage public reaction and find a direction for the project. Its a marketing tactic. Only a small group of people has access to any material an artist is working on. So, it would be real easy to find the perp. But, there is no perp because they wanted it out. It keeps her in music news in addition to the other perks.

  5. @Real Talk Spring Edition – You are so right. It’s all about publicity and if they create some hype maybe that will help sell a record. I hope this one works out in her favor.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  6. Real Talk Spring Edition, I don’t think that is the case most times. Artists are cracking down and wasn’t a guy arrested not too long ago for leaking Gunn n’ Roses material? Look at poor Christina Agulera right now. Her entire album has leaked. Leaks are album killers and poor Kelly’s album doesn’t even come out until September. By the time it does get released watch the entire thing be done leaked.

  7. i am really praying for her that doors will open for her and that she follows what God wants her to do. Like I mentioned on another post, unless God is in it, then you can forget it. So if she can just see what direction God wants her to go she will do just fine. I am rooting for Kelly.

  8. Loving this track but the vocals can be waaay better!

  9. The song is nice and I think it’s good for her album but I hope the record execs don’t push it as a single. They should do heavy promotion for Commander. I can hear it on a commercial!!

  10. First, I love Kelly and was really hoping she would prove herself but it just hasn’t happened for her. I really think her confidence was shaken (as a performer) and she’s been struggling to get back on track.

    Second, if music is “leaked” why is it happening repeatedly? You would think they would take every precaution to ensure it doesn’t happen. I think the record execs are behind that sometimes. It just happens to much to be done by just your every day thief.

    That’s my opinion.


  11. THIS is HOT! I like it…I hope Kelly really goes far with this album. She deserves it!

  12. Her voice is amazing, she’s either underrated or R&B is over populated.

  13. @Dessi I’m in agreement with you I love this….It’s hot. Go Kelly!!

  14. Leaks are messed up for real, I don’t care who does them. They take away the true effect of a song, you don’t get the whole package the way it was meant to be. I saw an interview where Kelly said her focus was breaking the US market so I hope it works. I do like her new material. Above all I really love her new found confidence!!!

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