Miss Kelly is ‘Down for Whatever’

Singer Kelly Rowland has just unveiled the video for ‘Down for Whatever,’ the next single to be released from her Gold certified ‘Here I Am’ album.

Produced by RedOne and reportedly meant for the European market, ‘DFW’ is definitely a song meant to keep Kelly’s dance fans happy.

On a sour note, Kelly’s video is being called a rip-off of Wynter Gordon’s video for her single “Believer.”

It’s time Kelly checks her people. No excuse for this.


  1. I LOVE IT….I am so happy for Kelly, you are on fire and love the next selection of single coming as well!

  2. I like Kelly so much and if anyone deserves success it is her. That said… heads need to roll. Fire ya people Kelly.You are making great strides in music right now. Don’t let lazy people with no imagination drag you down.

  3. Kelly I like you but seriosuly these videos are starting to all look the same. How many ways can you show your ass in a video. Your a beautiful woman and a good singer, enough with the slutty videos. Please!

  4. Yes.. @ Dana, heads should roll. Kelly has some momentum now (even though Lay it On Me) needs to take off, and she can’t afford the originality accusations (even though parts of it are generic enough to be simple coincidence.

  5. For this type song Kelly needs more dancing and less posing. I see some similarities in the other video but many have done the glow in the dark thing so that’s not a rip off. Forget the video the songs sound too similiar. I like Kelly though so I wish her the best.

  6. Love this video…sex sells and people respond…otherwise, they say it’s boring or ok…the good thing is that Kelly is doing other things…this song will do well overseas and perhaps, on the dance charts…good to see her putting work there…so she can move on to her next project with this learning curve…her confidence is beautiful to see…it was always there…love Kelly’s having her moment!!!

  7. I love Kelly she’s always been my favorite. With that being said I DON’T like this song at all…..SHE should have made a video for KEEP IT BETWEEN US or FEELING ME!! I love those songs!! But go Kelly!

  8. Naked, naked, naked. I’m so sick of these attention-starved celebrities. What do they get from this? Compliments? Ooh’s and ahh’s? Self-esteem? And I’m sick of the “sex sells” arguement as well. Yes, it sells. And it sex kills too.

  9. sex, sex, and more sex…geesh is that all these videos are today??

  10. am I blind….or delusional…I see abolutely nothing wrong with the dance moves or the poses…we I guess your going to complain one way or the other if it had more dancing then she copying beyonce and Ciara and it too much and not enough dance oohh it too sexy..were talking about a 30 year old phenominum..to talk about intimacy at that age is appropriate… to not talk about means something is mentally, emotionally and socially wrong.

  11. to Toy “Keep it Between us” my fav as well and “Feeling me” videos are on they’re way

  12. love it,…CERTIFIED GOLD ALBUM…..Haters i told you Here I Am was gonna goooo gold?

    I said do the math.

    if kells sold 75,000 in a week her album will soon be gold. and yall say noooo way Tadow Gold!!!!!

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