Miss Kelly Lands New TV Gig

What awesome news for Kelly Rowland.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 31-year old “Motivation” singer is in the midst of shooting a comedy pilot for BET.

“What Would Dylan Do,” the tentative title of the show, will star Kelly as Dylan, a struggling L.A. based relationship blogger who lives with her two best friends.

The roles of best friends will be played by actresses Gabrielle Dennis (The Game) and Melanie Liburd.

Warren Hutcherson, the man behind such shows as “Living Single” and “The Bernie Mac Show” will act as executive producer and lead writer.

Should Kelly’s show move beyond pilot status and actually get picked up, it will reportedly run alongside Gabrielle Union’s new show “Being Mary Jane,” which is set to make its debut in early 2013.


  1. Mathew Knowles never had any faith in any of the members of Destiny’s Child except his own daughter and definitely not Kelly, Michelle or LaTavia. Kelly’s career has taken off since she started being repped by The Collective because they had faith in her. Kelly has a great deal of talent that still hasn’t been tapped yet. I see all sorts of campaigns and endorsements she could be benefitting from. I wish her the best and know I will be tuning in to support her. I have no doubt BET will fully pick up her show just like they did Gabrielle’s. Black women is where the money is. Aim shows at us and you will have a hit. Don’t and you will fail. That is why Reed Between the Lines is all but dead, the show didn’t target black women enough with their cast of mixed black women only, except for the loud older chick. I’m glad Tracee bounced and hope to see in something more believable next time.

  2. Really, Kelly’s career has taken off? Kelly’s last album did worse than anything she released under Mathew. She was on X-factor, one of the biggest shows out there and didn’t even make top 20 with her album. It’s time for people stop putting all of the blame on Mathew because it’s obvious Kelly doesn’t have faith in herself. What type of promotion did she do for motivation when it was huge at radio? She didn’t do anything to promote the album until its release week and it ended up flopping all over the world. Kelly claims she couldn’t promote the album because she was doing X-factor. Yet, Kelly drops a new single, Ice, and runs off to Australia to judge a dance show. At what point are people going to start seeing Kelly’s fault in her lack of success? Michelle is extremely successful at her niche, gospel and Broadway shows. If the same people who played the blame game supported Kelly, she’d be way more successful than she is now because she does have talent. I have seen people talk about Kelly’s talent, play the blame game, but have never ever bought a CD of hers. When Kelly decides that she really wants it, no one can stop her. The fact that she couldn’t take advantage of the biggest show in the UK when the likes of Cheryl Cole and Tulissa did says alot about why she continues to struggle. Once again, Kelly needs to believe in herself because no one can give her success, she has to fight for it. Hopefully, this show is the beginning of great things for her

  3. I like kelly as a actress. She will do good and I will be watchin her and gabby.

  4. She’s so gorgeous. I’m so glad she’s staying relevant.

  5. Kelly looks great and I hope her sitcom is a hit! People play the blame game because there were inequities in how the other two were managed, no doubt! Michelle has done well, but during the height of her solo career on Broadway and off, Matthew Knowles didn’t promote what she was doing the way he would have, had it been Beyonce. I wondered when she did The Color Purple, how were the reviews??? There no clips of her stage performances until much later, after the fact. I even think Solange career would have been better and different with another manager (Roc Nation is working for her), she should have focused more on acting, getting her music on film soundtracks and on television! Fortunately, she has found her stride. Kelly didn’t have the confidence for a solo artist initially and there’s a learning curve! It’s like getting a divorce and having to make “me” decisions after having them made for you when you were a “we.”

    It can be difficult to rise being from a back-up singer, they were not En Vogue, ok and take center stage. Michelle never dranked the Kool-aid, she knew and was grateful for the opportunity to be in such a legendary and successful group! Kelly literally grew-up as family, in a family business who’s design and purpose was for one star to emerge, plain and simple!

    But, those are bygones, she’s looking good, confident, beautiful and with plenty of opportunities to embark upon! It’s going to be difficult for most established artists to repeat big sales and artists like Kelly are successful emerging brands, it doesn’t hurt she has her DC millions and recognition!

  6. Go on Kellz 🙂 Saw her recently during my marathon-viewing of “Girlfriends”. She did well in her role opposite Miss Jill-Marie Jones. I so love that show and miss it as well as “Living Single”; but I digress.

  7. let me enlightened you young ladies a little about the industry…you mention how Kelly didnt promote her album and if Kelly had half the mean to promote I know for a fact she would have…it is not Kelly who would promote her but it is the record company..who was probably banking more off of the show than the unpredicatable which has AFFECTED and EFFECT EVERYONE records sales (360 deals)…no matter who you are Usher, Beyonce or Jay z urban do not buy records we burn..bootleg them but buy we do not…and notice i mentioned all black..once again you compare her to Cheryl Cole and Tulissa two beckies…hate to tell you but the industry is more directly to the high light the Rihanna and Beyonce( who are both doing there thing and I am very proud) but it is what it is..Kelly is doing something that no one has ever done before is to get out of the girl band shadow and out behind Beyonce lead and became a wrecking force on her own, amidst the bullcrap the idustry has to offer..

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