Kelly Rowland Leaves Columbia Records

Kelly Rowland I thought it was just rumor, but apparently I was wrong. Singer Kelly Rowland has indeed parted ways with her label, Columbia Records. Kelly released a statement today saying she and Columbia were amicably parting ways, as she will no longer record with them as a solo artist. However, Kelly is still tied to the label via Destiny’s Child, which is still under contract with Columbia. The part with her label of the last ten years comes on the heels of the singer parting with her manager, Mathew Knowles, who had guided her career since she was a teenager.

Kelly’s official statement about the departure can be read below.

“Because Columbia Records has been my home base as an artist for more than a decade, the decision to move out on my own required a lot of soul-searching,” said Kelly Rowland. “As a solo artist, I felt the need to explore new directions, new challenges, and new freedoms outside my comfort zone and my friends and family at Columbia have been incredibly understanding about my evolution. I want to thank everyone at Columbia for the love and support they’ve shown and I will never forget how many good times we’ve had over the years.”


  1. Change is never easy. Takes a lot of courage to get out of the boat and walk on water. Hope she is pleasantly surprised as she discovers who she really is and what she is made of.

  2. :iagree: TO the people above me. she has so much talent and she needs to let the world how much talent she has.

  3. Good for her, Girl I like people with her strengh, When you decide to turn your back, Turn your back completely,Move on with your life,Next album as usual i’ ll be buying :thumbsup:

  4. Best Wishes, Strive To Do Your Best. Kelly You Are Amazing.

  5. Hopefully, this is what she needs to bounce back!!! I liked her last album, I just felt the wrong singles were released. Wish her the best.

  6. ok Brown Sista is very late with this update but thanks for letting people know

  7. I thought Columbia dropped her saying that she was not bringing any money in? This is the best thing that can happen regardless, it is now important for Kelly to separate herself from the Knowles.

  8. Good for you Kelly. This should have been done a long time ago because no one was doing a dam thing for you and your future. Now, you can get a team together to work on all things Kelly and step into you best days ever. Yea, Bey wil drop songs or get in the way of your projects or release dates. But, at least you have taken the wheel to the car thats driving you. I’ll be first in line to by my first Kelly cd. You have my respect…finally. :bowdown:

  9. I am happy for Kelly as well. As someone mentioned above, change is not easy. But I believe she will do well on her own. And it looks like we may have Destiny’s Child reunion on the horizon. That would be nice.

  10. @ reality check.

    Well Said! :iagree:

    She has my respect too! And I don’t buy albums but I will HAVE to buy hers, now this is someone who really NEEDS the SUPPORT!

  11. Good for you Kelly. This should have been done a long time ago because no one was doing a dam thing for you and your future. Now, you can get a team together to work on all things Kelly and step into you best days ever.

    :bowdown: :bowdown:

  12. NO MATTER WHO SHE IS SIGNED TOO SHE STILL ISNT HOT! Kelly needs to go into acting or modeling, I think she’s a beautiful woman but unfortunately she lacks that STAR quality that very few posses. Anywho Good Luck Kelly, atleast you still have DC 🙂

  13. Thanks for finally posting this brownsista. Kelly is my doll. I wish her the best and will support her even if she was singing about dodo. I love her. She knows all eyes are on her. I’ll be waiting for you Kelly. :brownsista:

  14. UNITY – was an AMAZING SONG from MS.KELLY DIVA DELUXE and received NO SUPPORT from Columbia in the U.S. ! They had a HUGE HIT on their hands and didn’t know what to do with it … real shame ! Was a BIG HIT in Canada and received major airplay due to requests from listeners. It’s not too late for Columbia to release as a single in the U.S. and UK (see YouTube for unofficial video) … ” Two Hearts Forever ” <3 <3

  15. Thats great news just get rid of everyone even the family go start your own….atleast Matthew Knowles wont be pulling the strings from behind and she must be thankful that he didnt turn her into an overlysexed symbol…..she is still sexy and classy,kelly still has a lot of untapped talent and creativity…..girl plz let go of DC they will only use it to revive Bey’s career not yours.

  16. Good for Kelly – clean house and start anew…good luck gurl!

  17. According to perez, destiny’s child still owes one more album to the label and the label is going to squeeze it out of them come 2011.

  18. ^^^Dawn you beat me lol. We all knew this would come sooner or later. It make sense.

  19. i have always admired Kelly from her days in dc3. i loved her ms.kelly album.she had this track ”comeback” which was a nice and good track but it was never released, i only saw it on utube.kelly is really a big star and i love her. her next album is going to b a massive dream is to oneday meet kelly, brownsista i hope you can help me to meeet kelly ocs i am such a huge fan of her.kelly my good wishes to you is that, your next record label and manager will put in more efforts to make this album a hit for you.i love you

  20. I really liked Miss Kelly. I thought it was excellent. But insipid music is what become hits on the radio stations in the US. I just hope that whatever direction she takes allows her to become recognized in he US but if not I’m sure Europe will accept her. She seems to have established a fanbase there. But I’ll definitley be supporting her next venture!

  21. I have to agree with Virgo. I like Kelly and I think she’s a hot girl, but she lacks star quality IMO. I wish her the best though.

  22. Kelly has star quality and now that she has gotten ridden of the monkey on her back you are about to see just how bright it is. Kelly has signed with Virgin and she had officially left Columbia last year she just had to wait to announce it for contractual reasons. Don’t sleep on this business woman. She wasn’t up under the Knowles and didn’t learn anything. She makes millions of dollars per year and does not have to prostitute herself to do it. She is not broke by no means necessary. Now she can let go of that ridiculous Knowles image and continue to creat her own brand.

  23. It’s probably best. She should go with a boutique label where she can get real attention. The reality of it is, labels only concentrate on one big female soul act at a time, and the others suffer because of it. Just look back through the ages: Aretha at Atlantic. Natalie Cole at Capitol. Mariah at Columbia (and now Def Jam). Janet at A&M and Virgin. And now Kelly’s former groupmate at Columbia. No other chick gets shine when a label has one at the top of the their game bringing in coins. I for one love Kelly and can’t wait to see what she brings us in the future. I think her TV venture will open her up to a whole new audience.

  24. That’s a good point@Thisisme. I like Kelly too. I love to see all the sistas do well. I just hope she gets a manager first. That’s the most important thing, someone who is connected and knows what he or she is doing. Then when she does a project, have confident in it. Don’t change the sound that she feels, or push back an album. Just release it and her as well as her manager promote it. Simple as that. If more artist take control of their stuff, then you will have better music or rather more sincere music.

    Good afternoon@Lady

  25. lizz you speak the truth, i told my sister when beyonce’ stops selling then and only then will there be a dc reunion. hopefully kelly can not particpate.

  26. :thumbsup: for her, Kelly needs to find her confidence, and realize that she is worth more than being a cheerleader for someone else, Leave that to the stans, You are beautiful girl, People love your voice, Remenber how you had all of us grown women singin “no matter what i do, all i think abut is you ” Where is that hot and confident Kelly? I understand your confidence has been destroyed and people made you feel like , to make yourself look good you had to praise someone else, But you don’t Be you kelly,Everything else will fall into place, as long as there is a god out there


  27. To Darksista: I know Kelly obviously found her confidence she left Matthew knowles and Columbia she obviously knows she is worth being a whole lot more sweetheart. I dont think her confidence was destroyed just she was lost and did not know what to do back then. she was young she had to stick around so she could learn more about the industry. She has to remake solanges song F’ the inustry. So to all haters please fall back and have a great life trying to say Kelly is broke. She will show you haters up soon enough. Singed Kelly’s #1 FAN. AJAM

  28. Well great for Kelly :thumbsup: . If that’s what’s needed cut ALL those ties & start fresh. I have the Ms. Kelly ( original) & I enjoyed quite a few songs on that album… my 2 favs are “Flashback” & “Inluv w/ My Ex” 🙂 . I hope that this cut works for her :brownsista:

  29. I hope she will find the success she deserves because I really think she can sing. But I have a question: I don’t know anything about music industry so I’m wondering if a new album of DC is planned for 2011 can Kelly be signed on an another record company even if she is in solo? How can both record companies manage that?

  30. To Darksista: I am calling you a hater i believe you can read if you can write. Lol!!! Anywho to loulou she is now no longer with Columbia who still manages destiny child a different group/artist. So therefore she can go to a different label cause she is an solo artist. She was in a group in destiny child. They didnt manage her they were there label. Hopefully that helps you understand a tab bit more.

  31. its not that she wasnt making good music with her label the problem was is they were releasing the wrong songs, “like this” was hot for the first single but she had songs on the album that could have been hits if they were released instead of “ghetto” she could have released flashback, better without you, still in love with my ex, love again…all those songs were HITS and i was sooo upset when she didnt realease them because they all called for a hot video as well

    i have supported her from day one and i will continue she just need to understand what songs will do well and which wont because he last cd was one of my favorites of that year

  32. Yeah I kind of agree with you Mario. After the first single the choices for what went to radio were kinda all over the place. I think with the right guidance she could do big things. In truth, “Like This” should have been a far bigger hit than it was. I really liked that song. I think she should do what Michelle has done. Find a niche audience and cater to them. The dance crowd and gay men love Michelle and have kept her working steadily, and that’s what Kelly needs – people who love her and support her for being her. A niche crowd will follow an artist and keep them eating when the mainstream throws them under the bus. At the end of the day, that’s what keeps a lot of female singers alive in the business.

  33. Loulou : Hey ca va ? :hifive:

    Ajam: My nick name is Dark sista That’ s the first Clue Nobody Loves Kelly more than i do,You don’ t know me Sit down you look ridiculous Go back on Kelly’ s posts and check who is there lifting her up, and giving her props Every time, and come back to me

  34. I wish nothing but the best for Kelly,this is her time to shine.Many of you have stated that she should have parted ways with Matthew a long time ago.But I sense she was a people pleaser (always concerned with making others happy,instead looking out for number 1)

    Now she knows better so she’ll do better! 🙂

  35. Ah well..some people have it some DONT! Kelly doesnt have it. I think that no matter who she is with or managed by she will always be the Kelly that no one is really checking for. Dont get me wrong I love Kelly Kellz but she needs alot of practice and grooming. No one is to blame but KELLY she is an artist, thats what its all about making YOURSELF marketable and bringing IT to the stage when you come. Im rooting for Kelly and I hope that whoever she gets with next, (which Im sure she will bounce back) that she puts her best foot forward and comes back bigger and badder then ever! BTW DC is coming out with another album in 2011!!!!! :thumbsup:

  36. Kelly HAS it!

    Just wait, watch and weep.

    As the world is ready for a change.

    The timing is perfect!

  37. She’s everything that Beyonce ISN’t


  38. @ change

    Beyonce is all that and MORE! Why do you think she is loved by many and hated by plenty?? :hifive:

  39. :thumbsup: Good!!!! because leaving Matthew Knowles would not have been enough with a record label putting Beyone first. She would have never gotten the attention she needs to bring her #1 hits to america. I mean she is banging in Canada and the U.K. Columbia held her back in the U.S. They didn’t promote her #1 Canadian single in america. Big mistake!!!

  40. To Darksista: Aww sorry sweetheart. I thought you were trying to go hard on my baby Kells apology accepted. I have to say to those of you who say Kelly was or is a ppl pleaser then you may have been right a few years ago. A ppl pleaser would not have picked up and amicably left someone who has helped make them famous am i right? I feel like in your early twenties you are trying to figure out who the hell you are, and you make stupid mistakes. Your mid twenties is when you wanna please everyone you love and want to be loyal and you are still learning who the hell you are and when you are in your late twenties you start to not give a damn what every one thinks and you start doing you damit. I think Kelly is in that place that she wants to start to take control of her career and her brand as an artist. If anyone wants to know more or wants to stay current go to She is making power moves. She is opening a new resturaunt and has a new deal with a high street fashion line. Those are just a few to name that Kelly is definately taking her career into her hands. So :haters: fall back and watch while Kelly laughs at you miserable ppl.

  41. Well she sure didn’t get a FULL HOUSE in SEATTLE, 3/4 boo
    Ain’t nobody loving that dummy like you all have been brainwashed to believe
    If she was all that, SEATTLE would have been sold out, period.
    That is why they are talking about putting Jay on the tour so people won’t start noticing
    the trend—that she doesn’t PACK ARENAS–
    Maybe with DC it would have been sold out……

    Beyonce is all that And MORE to YOU—you must not have much going on in your life to place a middle school drop out above yourself. I don’t worship anyone or think anyone is SO BIG as the FACTS show that Beyonce is JUST ANOTHER entertainer, she has not done anything that another artist hasn’t ALREADY DONE…. :lol2: How is that legendary?

    Oh, the legendary copycat?

    Who did Tina T get her inspriation from….Oh, herself
    Beyonce is nothing but a cut and paste of Tina T, JLo, Shakira as she doesn’t have the mental capacity to FORM a sentence or a CREATIVE thought–she knows it–that is why she pays for songs, and scans magazines and watches old videos for ideas (her words).
    And just wait when Kelly brings the HEAT

  42. @ Change, Umm, Beyonce will open her European tour to 21, ooo in Croatia, 3 sold out 20,000 shows in London with a fourth added, 4 sold out tours in Ireland(more shows had to be added), 2 sold out in the Netherlands, etc. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    Oh, and that Seattle show, that’s like another 800K in her pocket!LOL The fans loved the show! See, regardless of the size of the crowd, Beyonce puts on an excellent show for her fans! Fans always get their money’s worth and more!

    She is a Worldwide Woman! And will be on the Forbes list once again after this tour! You thought 81 Million was something! 😆

    Anyway, Kelly will be find! She’s doing great in Europe! :brownsista:

  43. @Change you got me over her cracking up lol. Luving it.

  44. Well she sure didn’t get a FULL HOUSE in SEATTLE, 3/4 boo
    Ain’t nobody loving that dummy like you all have been brainwashed to believe
    If she was all that, SEATTLE would have been sold out, period.
    That is why they are talking about putting Jay on the tour so people won’t start noticing
    the trend—that she doesn’t PACK ARENAS–
    Maybe with DC it would have been sold out……

    Beyonce is all that And MORE to YOU—you must not have much going on in your life to place a middle school drop out above yourself. I don’t worship anyone or think anyone is SO BIG as the FACTS show that Beyonce is JUST ANOTHER entertainer, she has not done anything that another artist hasn’t ALREADY DONE….

    Well, in that case, if Kelly was all that you claim her to be, she would have had two multiplatinum albums by now. She doesn’t, now does she? Kelly would have been lucky to sell out 1/4 of that arena, so what is the point? Beyonce is a dummy(a middle school group dropout according to you), yet Kelly Rowland was in the same group, and they grew up together—so you are essentially saying the same thing about her? LOL Pathetic. Kelly Rowland isn’t doing anything groundbreaking either. You see how easy it was for me to tear her down to uplift Beyonce. I did this to prove a point. Stop being negative, and lift up both sisters. I, for one, have supported all three DC girls and will continue to do so.

  45. @ DarkSista: :hifive: Ca va et toi?
    @Ajam: thanks for the explanation.
    I hope everything will be fine for her.

    I don’t understand people who compare Beyonce and Kelly. I know they’re from the same group and all but their solo careers are totally different.
    You can’t compare their achievements because they haven’t been promoted the same way. If Kelly was in every magazines, every commercials and every awards shows like Beyonce ( it’s not a criticism , it’s just to explain my point) and despite of all of that she didn’t manage to sell records or have her own world tours I would understand. But it is so not the case.
    Some people say that she had a #1 hit in Canada and her song Work did well in Europe so like Mario said with the good singles and promotion her album could have done well.
    Besides, Kelly doesn’t need to be an entertainer like B to be successful she can just be a pop singer with talent like Christina who is maybe not as popular as Britney but has a large fanbase.

  46. Star power is important, but there’s more to it than that. Beyonce may have “it” as far as some folks are concerned, but the minute there’s a shift at her label or she loses support, her career will be impacted. The chick that comes to mind for me is Jody Watley. She was damn near as big as Janet and Madonna in the late eighties … packing arenas, modeling for major retailers … but then things got shaken up at her label and there was nobody there to support her artistic goals and visions. Thus, she fell off. Not because her music was not good, but because she didn’t have support. Beyonce is talented … I don’t take that from her. But the above poster is right – when you’ve got a huge machine behind you it makes a difference. When the time comes – and it does for all pop acts – that the machine is not behind her, her fortunes will change.

  47. I will never support Backstabbing I don’t give a fcuk abuot nobdody but my benjis beyonce.
    I can never support such a superficial, fake (she has been caught in 1 to many lies for my tastes) dummy who does everything to come across as this exotic, creole…(not a SISTER)

    Beyonce can have the Entertainment Lane
    I am happy that a REAL SISTER has FIRST LADY, a woman who isn’t CONFUSING black kids into thinking you have to have weave, a big booty, vvs stones, etc…..
    So the esteem of young black girls should be okay, and no thanks to beygreedy and her sick family.

  48. IF kelly realize her full potential it is going to be a wrap,It’s scares me when people actually think that entertainment is the only way to make money, Invest your money,That’ s how you stay rich, Stop buying / singing about / praising /all those material things, and invest your money you’ ll never go broke! Letoya (hi five to my baby) is opening a second store, a restaurant,have money tied in investment,Do something with those dollars besides flashing it in people’ s face! Kelly need to transform herself into a business woman if she want to be rich she is going to have to lose her personality and become a product (Sad but truth),she still have a chance in the states, See how rihanna reinvented herself? her first two albums nobody was checking for her, Gggb BAM the stans start getting nervous calling her out of her name, every magazine is fighting for her,You just have to bring a new you kelly, you can even go by kelendria Period,Do something shock the world, stop being afraid to be too out there chicka u can do it :thumbsup:

    Change you are too funny

  49. @ Change,

    This post is about Kelly! Can she even have her own thread!

    Beyonce is successful because folks like you who CLAIM to hate her talk about her 24/7!

  50. Kelly needs plenty of confidence and to start over fresh(new look,energy,company) :thumbsup: and she’ll be alright.

  51. @ Voice: you’re so right. We just need to look at what happened to Michael Jackson.
    @ Change: it’s funny that you mention your first lady because she’s actually a big fan of Beyonce, she said that she and your president LOVE her and that she is a good role model for their daughters.

  52. Bah chui la pepere loulou j’ oublie toujours de te demander out t’habite 🙂

    ajam : No one apologized to you,Idiot You need to check your facts next time before calling somebody anything,Because as far as i am concerned you need to wait until kelly blow up to her full potential before attacking people the way you do,Gon’ Get your little feelings Hurt

  53. @DarkSista: J’habite en France près de Paris. Et toi?

  54. “it’s funny that you mention your first lady because she’s actually a big fan of Beyonce, she said that she and your president LOVE her and that she is a good role model for their daughters.”

    she is a good role model for their daughters.

    Loulou arette me dit pas que tu crois vraiment que Michelle laisserais ces filles se baisser et montrer leur culs a des inconnus quand meme? Elle a beaucoup plus de classe que ca, elle a dit ca juste pour faire gentil, Si elle avait rien dit les gens dirait qu’ elle est jalouse d’ elle parce qu’ elle est claire! tu sais DES IDIOTS et ne pense pas tres haut

  55. moi je vis en californie j’ y travail en tant que gynecologue

  56. Might this blind item from Gawker be referrring to Kellz? Note the the reference to “pay the bills”. Yeah, I know it’s been discussed before, but it’s apparently still news. And not not all that unlikely. ENJOY!

    “Dad has several kids, but we’ll focus on two, who are both adults. Offspring A is the A list celebrity everyone knows, who Dad acknowledges as his blood, and who has his name. Offspring B is his illegitimate child, and has a different last name. Offspring B is in the same business as Offspring A, and they have even worked together, but B has always been treated as a second-class citizen. Sadly, Dad has even made several moves to sabotage B’s career. For example, every time B has a project that’s about to be released, Dad pushes Offspring A into the headlines. Now B is struggling a bit, but are Dad and A stepping up to help? No. As usual, B will have to rely on him/herself to find work and pay the bills.”

  57. banjiboi
    I refuse to believe that Kelly is Matthew Child,No matter how much i could care less for tina, I’ ll be damned if she let anything as huge as a child conceived out of her marriage,Still be around her and her legitimate Children I don’ t believe it,Tina looks like anything but a push Over :noway:

  58. well now, one will never really know now, will one? unless one knows Tina personally, eh? :koolaid:

  59. @ DarkSista: c’est mon rêve de venir un jour en Californie. Tu as bien de la chance. Comment ça se fait que tu parles français? Tu as déjà vécu en France?
    Par rapport à Madame Obama: ben tu sais en même temps personne ne l’a forcé à dire ce qu’elle a dit. C’est la première dame donc pourquoi elle mentirait sur un sujet comme celui-là. Elle s’en fout de tout ça elle. Et puis tu sais les gens s’en foutent du fait qu’elle soit comme ça (Beyoncé) dans ses videos. C’est seulement de l’entertainment. Ce que voit le public c’est une chanteuse talentueuse, qui travaille et sur qui on n’entend jamais rien de mal. Elle n’a jamais eu de scandales. Et qu’on l’aime ou pas il faut l’admettre. Surtout quand tu vois toutes les petites starlettes genre Paris, Britney etc. C’est pour ça je pense que Michelle dit qu’elle est un bon exemple et puis elle la connait mieux que nous.

  60. Yes, I agree, “Kelly” should do a whole image change, including, but not limited to using her real name (as one poster above suggested) Kelendria Trene!! STAR POWER? She’s just as big a star as any other entertainer out there. Good luck, Kelendria.

  61. I think she should keep Kelly (its more mainstream).

    Keep KELLY Kelly, ok.

    Don’t even go the kelendria route (its ghetto sounding IMO) and you are going for the Interntional, Chic, Fashionista route….PLEEAAAAAAAAAAASE Keep Kelly!

  62. Change: GIRL if a ghetto name could hold you back…Don’ t even get me started Lmao :lol2: You already know!

  63. loulou: Je sais pas je pense toujours qu’ elle a dit ca pour eviter que les gens disent qu’ elle est jalouse ou pas, Mais non en fait je suis senegalaise donc le francais lol c’est ma langue

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