Kelly Rowland Parts Ways With Matthew Knowles

Kelly Rowland For years the public and many in the media have been calling for Kelly Rowland to part ways with manager and father figure Matthew Knowles- and now it appears the singer has done just that. In an joint statement issued today Kelly and Matthew say they have ended their professional relationship, but that the split was amicable. Matthew will no longer act as Kelly’s manager, a job he has held since the 27 year old singer was a teenager. As many of you know, Kelly has struggled in her solo career, releasing two albums that both faltered on the charts. Many people blamed Matthew, believing he would never put as much time and attention into promoting Kelly’s career as he did Beyonce’s.

No word yet whether Kelly has chosen new management or if her decision has caused a rift with Michelle, Solange and Beyonce, who are all still managed by Matthew.


  1. Sings

    “it’s been a long time coming, but I knowwww a change ‘gon come”

    Congrats Kelly!

  2. That’s the ultimate conflict of interest…did she really think he would ever represent her with the same vigor as Beyonce. You think she would’ve learned from the Letoya and Latavia fiasco. Kelly and Beyonce can claim sisterhood as much as they want…they will never be equal in Mr. Knowles book.

  3. I think that it was for the best. From day one , you could see that knowles was only concerned for beyonce. She is a mild talent but the exposure has made her.
    Kelly needs new music and her own style. I wish her the best of luck.

  4. @EPI

    I agree 100%! Kelly is a beautiful girl, and Ill admit MAYBE Matt didnt put that much work into Kelly as he did his own DAUGHTER but Kelly isnt the best singer/performer and I can bet that even with new management she wont be that much hotter. She needs to work on her live performances. Best of luck to her tho.

  5. I’m happy for her, but I remember the snide a@@ comments she and Bey made about Letoya and Latavia. Then in 2006 we find out that Letoya was not tone deaf and the girl could actually sing. She’s the only other member of DC to go #1 with a platinum selling album. So if you think about it, Letoya got the last laugh for real.

    I also remember this is the reason Kelly stop being friends with Brandy. She told Kelly to leave the Knowles and she wouldn’t do it. Kelly should have learned her lesson with the first album. She had a #1 hit with Dilemma and instead of building off that there was nothing.

    As for the writing, Bey got the big name producers and Kelly got Solange. You can’t be serious. And Kelly’s last album got pushed back how many times?!?!? By the time it was released everything had been leaked. There was no buzz to generate interest. It was too late.

    I wonder what Michelle Williams is going to do. I thought her album was pretty good, but like Kelly, her album got pushed back messing up the momentum from the video.

  6. I disagree with anyone believing she isn’t that much of an artist on her own – the tracks on “Ms. Kelly” (on both the old and the re-released versions) hinted at a really expressive and sensual Kelly, with a sound and a style all her own.

    I’m intrigued as to what will come next. This split was long overdue though! I’m glad Kelly finally came to the realization that business and family have to remain separate – if your last name isn’t Knowles, that is.

  7. @Baron

    I agree Kelly is an artist of her own and I feel she is very talented but LIVE she isnt that good. Kelly can dance and some what perform but she needs to practice doing both so she can sound good. Her voice isnt that unique or good so she needs to work harder. But we’ll see how things go when she gets new management…that way no one will be to blame but KELLY! I hope she puts her best foot forward.

  8. Good for her! I wish her much success. And those saying, so what she still gonna flop, because no one’s checking for her, not so fast! I hear she is signing up with Simon Fuller management team, The man responsible for Leona Lewis, Carrie Underwood, etc success. So with a stronger management team behind her, she probably will do pretty well. While she may not be as popular as you know who, she does have enough name recognization–from her DC connections, in the USA. It’s not like she’s an unknown out the gate. Also heard she’s popular overseas–so she already has the international recognization covered–she may be a force to be reckon with! We shall see!

  9. Kelly is one of my favourite DC members and I always look forward to see the success in her career of solo. Everytime I watch DC concert DVD and when Kelly was alone on the stage doing solo, I always think when will she shine over Beyonce`s shadow (I also love Bey but that`s the fact). I wish her the best!

  10. @Sincerely, Fuck the Knowles

    You sound ridiculous! Beyonce sings, dances, and performes better then Kelly. Even with new managment she wont be HOT, Beyonce’s album is HOT the #1 selling album in the world for 2 weeks straight, went platinum in 4 weeks, her album has been in the TOP 5 of the billboards for 15 weeks and more. SINGLE LADIES is and HAS been # on the r&b/HipHop chart for 10 weeks now…SO STOP HATING. While Bey wa s working on her album Kelly was promoting her album if it didnt do well it was cuz of Kelly and her lack of strong talent. Kelly is a great singer but her performances are weak and hopefully she will BRING IT on the next album.

  11. Look, we all know Rihanna isn’t the best singer or live performer, but she’s been having great success. Why? Because of great management and promotion. I don’t see how Kelly could not go on to have great success as well. As another poster noted, Kelly has far more personality than either Rihanna or Beyonce, and she’s very well-spoken (this in itself puts her ten steps ahead of beyonce, lol!) Also, like Rihanna has the ideal body that Hollywood loves. I know many guys that loveeeeeeeeeeeee Kelly’s long slender chocolate legs, so–she like Rihanna–could get popular just off her body alone! (lets face it that’s why ri ri is doing the damned thing, she looks great in clothes! lol) I think she could do it!

  12. Interesting… I like her and “Work” was my jam last spring. I don’t understand why it flopped in the USA. It was a huge hit in Europe.

    @ Baron: you’re right , alot of people think that the only talent in DC is Beyonce. They don’t understand that Kelly and Michelle didn’t have the chance nor the opportunity to show their talent and their worth as solo artists.

    Does someone know if she’s still friends with Beyonce because I’ve never seen them together on vacations or shopping (things like that)? I’ve only seen her with Serena Williams.

  13. i find it interesting that everyone wants to blame mathew as if he’s the ONLY person in her camp. hello, they both ANSWER to the label and mathew DOES NOT hand out money for promotion, that’s the LABEL’S job. kelly had a huge hit with dilemma (was promoted EVERYWHERE) and still only went gold. people can say mathew promotes beyonce too much, but you can promote and promote all you want…if people are not interested in what you are doing, they won’t buy (ie, PCD, ashanti). columbia cut beyonce’s budget in the middle of her project and she took her own damn money and made her album a success. now sony and columbia want to invest in her because they know that with or without them, she’ll be successful. people think beyonce’s success is based solely on mathew’s promotion when her endorsements, tour, and movie deals are brokered by a third mathew that mathew ain’t got ish to do with. kelly just doesn’t have that star quality about her and her live performances leave much to be desired (BET awards 07). she’s been in europe promoting that album since the beginning of time and it still hasn’t made a dent. is it mathew’s fault too? i’m glad she left because i want to know who some of ya’ll use as scapegoats next.

    also, solange was heavily promoted under geffen records and she still flopped. is that mathew’s fault too? beyonce is a hot commodity not because of mathew, but because of herself. mathew is not the one up giving great performances after performances. CIL was hot, but it was her superb performance at the BET awards in 03 and performances after that that made beyonce a hot commodity and the star she is today. also, her sales and sold out tour proves to her label that she can give them a profit back. kelly has yet to prove otherwise to them.

  14. First, best of luck to Kelly!

    But I don’t understand why people want to blame Mathew for her lack of solo success. People seem to forget that Kelly released her first album before Beyonce and before Bey really became a juggernaut artist. She had the number 1 single with Nelly and even won a Grammy. Guess what, her album flopped! I guarantee, the same people who are complaining about Mathew are the same ones who did not purchase her albums. Mathew can not make people buy records.

    I have both of Kelly’s albums, but I really don’t think she has the “It” factor that Rihanna and Beyonce possess. Rihanna maybe making it on her exotic and modelesque looks, but I don’t think mainstream America is checking for Kelly like that. Kelly is no doubt talented, but I don’t think she is going to really blow up. And if she doesn’t, people will have to stop blaming Mathew. I hope she does have some success though.

  15. Thank you, wohoo. No disrespect to Kelly at all. I hope she does well.

  16. Oh boy… I know WW3 is gonna go down on this thread lol.

    On to the topic… I am glad that Kelly is finally moving on. I read this somewhere else & I was hoping for it to be true. No, Kelly will prolly never be as big as Bey, but that doesn’t mean that she cannot have some level of success on her on rite. People can swear up & down that M. Knowles has no part in Kelly’s failure, but imo he does. No M. Knowles isn’t the main culprit, but he does share 50% of the blame, where as Kelly gets the other part. M. Knowles was Kelly’s mgr & I feel that he was not up on his game when it came to promoting the chic & leading her down a fruitful path. Kelly shoulda put her foot down & went after what was hers & not just chilled in the background while things went down the tubes. If people like Rhianna can make themselves into international hits, so can Kelly. And guess what she has a foot over Rhianna b/c Kelly can sing.

    I agree a new makeover won’t hurt, a makeover is what has made Rhianna. Kelly needs to find that style that fits her. I found on her last album she was looking too Beyonceish. Of course, gettin w/ fiya producers to create some killer hits won’t hurt either. I just hope that Kelly can go out & be the best for HER & not try to worry about what other people are saying. Also many have said why would M. Knowles kill another way to make money thru another one of his clients( Kelly). Truth of the matter is that M. Knowles has enough money coming in from Beyonce, plus Bey has so many projects I would think it would be hard to concentrate on others when he is pushing a chic that is in constant demand. Which = MORE money, so the dollars he would rake in from Kelly would be nothing.

    Also no matter what anyone says, M.Knowles is Beyonce & Solange’s FATHER, he is a parent & what decent loving parent is NOT gonng look after their kids FIRST. At some point the fine line of parent & manager will always cross, which is why some people say it is bad business to let parents have a mangement role. However, that still doesn’t give him the excuse to leave Kelly @ the side of the road & not help her further HER fan base regardless of size. I wish Kelly much success. I have her last album & I thought it was decent. I have a few favs off that album. I hope this whole experience teaches her that you can’t put others down ( LaTavia & Letoya) coz you NEVER know where you will end up & that if you wanna make it in this business the ONLY person you can trust is yourself.. so stay on your top of your game.

  17. I think Kelly was often nervous to “go all the way” with her talent, because she didn’t want to upset the Knowles camp. So it became almost a self fulfilling prophecy–of failure. I think without the pressure on her not to “outshine” Beyonce, she can do her thing and probably will surpise people. It’s bizzare people are saying Rihanna has an “it” factor and Kelly doesn’t. Even Rihanna fans admit the chile can’t sing..she’s just fly and pretty. Well Kelly is fly and pretty too and has a voice! Interesting people think she can’t hack it. And even more bizzare people saying she mainstream America don’t check for her. Kelly like Rihanna is actually adored by white boys–mainly because of her slender body. And we all know she’s known in the black community. Don’t tell me Beyonce fans are shaking in their boots, that Kelly may actually bring her A game this time around? lol

  18. I agree @ blame it on the rain. I mean Matthew is also supposed to be managing Sunshine Anderson, Mario, Trinity 357 and do you ever here a peep from them? Nope, because he puts all his attention on Beyonce. If you sign with Matthew you are doomed to be left in the dust. That is why I was glad Jennifer Hudson didn’t sign with his management. We probably would have never heard from her again, after her Oscar win. lol. Matthe is like the Puff Daddy of managers. You are never heard from again, once they get their hands on you lol!

  19. @ Tosha …..Sunshine anderson is just a one hit wonder no one else would sign her. Mario is very successful when it comes to his career. and so is Trinity 5:7 in the gospel world. Matthew is to blame for SOME but also Kelly isnt a hard enough hustler or she would probably be just as successful as Bey. I mean over seas they LOVE Kelly and Michelle is also very successful in gosepel and R&B world. Michelle be hustling! but you as an artist have to be on your hustle and A game as well. For 2 years that Bey was not on the scene Kelly had her chance to really do it, she worked with producers that she wanted to work with and did what she wanted to do but “Ms Kelly” didnt do so well. To me Kelly is also to blame for her lack of success. NOT all Matt’s fault. sorry

  20. @KD

    I agree wholeheardly with your post. dilemma was HUGE and kelly and nelly were EVERYWHERE promoting the song and the album still brought in subpar sales. Beyonce had to push DIL back from feb. to june because the label wanted to capitalize on the success of dilemma. kelly still barely managed to go gold (in todays industry, gold is good but back in 03, she should have hit the 2mil mark with the promotion and a number 1 hit). she performed at the grammys and won one like you said….you can’t get anymore mainstream exposure than that. i think it looks like beyonce is everywhere and is being heavily promoted because she usually has multiple things going at once (endorsements, movies, etc) but people must understand that that has NOTHING to do with mathew knowles or the label for that matter. like i said, her side deals are brokered by a third party (steve stoute handles her endorsement deals and she has different management for tours). i mean if we are going to blame managers for holding people back, why don’t we ask every artist that doesn’t sell as well as beyonce or alicia to fire their managers? management can only do so much if the label is not promoting you with their money. which brings me to another point, what’s the point of firing mathew if she’s not going to leave columbia? they haven’t showed much interest in her or her projects. i will say this though, kelly should somehow be greatful to mathew cause any other person would have been dropped by now. just ask c-millian and janet and janet sold millions of records!

  21. Free at last..Free at last…Thank God Almighty she’s Free at last…………

  22. She had a hufe hit in the UK without one single release and a hit in Canada called Unity. If you youtube her singing the National Anthem you can see she has a great voice. That is not an easy song to sing.

    People don’t realize that marketing has a lot to do with your feelings about someone, esp. if they are pretty. It’s calledthe ‘Halo’ effect. Pretty people can be mediocre talents and folks will believe the good hype around them, because they see them through the ‘pretty halo’ filter. Unattractive people have to do hands stands to get the same attention.

    That said, if she can sell over a million worldwide with little or no promotion what kind of force could she be with support. People forget that she had a #1 hit with Nelly before any of the DC chicks went solo.

  23. I love Kelly and Letoya they are my favs from DC but what i wished Kelly had of realized all long time ago is that Matthew is looking out for REAL FAMILY first. And turth be told she isn’t his daughter. Now I understand what ppl are sayinga about it not being all Matthew’s fault because you also have to look at A&R reps, and the label. But like I said on another blog if your label isn’t going to do it, then you got to get out there and do it yourself. Spend your own money for videos, and promotion. It’s not like Kelly doesn’t have the moeny to do it because she does. I LOVE KELLY AND I WILL SUPPORT HER BUT I REALLY WANT THE BEST FOR HER.

    Kelly and Letoya my favorites.


    STOP FAKING YOUJUST HATE TO ADMIT THAT BEYONCE IS YOUR FAVORIT DC MEMBER AS IS ALOT OF PEOPLES…ITS OK TO ADMIT IT. You cant blame Matthew totally for her lack of success. Kelly didnt hustle hard enough, when “Ms Kelly” came out I didnt see her at 106 and park singing, or “Good Morning America” “Ellen” or ANYWHERE for that matter. You have to hustle hard to make it in the industry so I blame Matthew AND Kelly…look at Michelle she is successful in R&B and Gospel. Good luck kells!

  25. I am so happy! Finally! Although I think a lot of damage has already been done since they have crippled the poor child psychologically and messed up her confidence. I think she left at a good time cause she still has time to start over which is pretty much what she has been trying to do since they disbanded DC and gave all the spin-off opportunities to Bey.

    I personally think Kelly is a hard worker and she can’t promote a CD if the label and mgmt don’t get her opportunities to do so. Her mgnt are the ones who needed to get her decent gigs like singing at major awards shows (other than the BET Awards tag along with Bey, Kelly hasnt been on any award show in the US singing songs from her album), product endorsements (Kelly has nice weaves too she could have been in that L’Oreal ad with the sisters or they could have played one her songs), movie roles (They are producing movies now, they could cast her in one of them), etc.

    I pray that whoever she chooses for management now will do their best to help her enhance all her talents and that she will work hard at improving her game. I heard a rumour a while back that she was considering Simon Fuller (American Idol, Spice Girls) for mgmt. But however it goes I wish Kelly the very best. I really love this girl. There is something special about her and I think it’s time she gets a break. All the best Kels!

  26. Kelly I am so proud of you for moving on….best wishes in your future endeavors.

  27. I hope this news generates TONS of publicity and anticipation for Kelly’s new record. More importantly, I hope she comes harder than ever.

    Kelly, this time around hold NOTHING back. She should seize this moment and deliver. I wish to see stronger confidence and performances on stage. She should choose the best songs which showcase her wonderful talent, pick the right directors who will successfully translate your concepts and make them look great on film. She also needs people who have good ear for music on her team, people who would not be afraid to push the envelope and help her bring something unique to the table. If Kelly and her team accomplish that successfully, it will set her apart from the pack.

    A strong vision and a stronger sense of direction for this project won’t hurt either. She should leave no room for error, no loose ends. She will be under more scrutiny this time around because of this controversy. Because Kelly wants to come out on top, she should utilize every drop of that scrutiny to her benefit LOL. Now, she has the extra storyline that will keep people talking and guessing her next moves.

    2009 will be an exciting music year with all these new records and concerts coming out. Hopefully, Kelly and others do not disappoint.

  28. Good for her!! This may spark a new interest in her and cause better album sales. This was a very bold/difficult move and I am so proud of her!!!!

  29. Britt it’s not that easy as you think it is. What artist doesn’t want to perform on the shows that you mention? The artist isn’t responsible to make them calls it’s the team that backs you up. Everyone seen this coming but it wasn’t going to happen on our time it had to happen when Kelly was 100% ready. Like she has said before she has done a lot of growing the past two years, traveling all over to place like Europe, Africa, and Russia. I wish Kelly the best and she has always been my favorite artist from Destiny’s child.

  30. Best wishes to Kelly on finally becoming an independent woman. She has to look out for herself and plan the future of her career. She’s almost thirty and not much time left to make a big impact on music. LeToya has had greater success as a solo artist than she or Michelle has had together. So yes, new management is in order. I WILL BUY HER NEW BREAKTHROUGH CD! Since I was one of the ones calling for her separation from the Knowles, I owe it to her to support her efforts. Join me! Platinum Kelly in 2009!

  31. Wishing Kelly and her new team all the best. I will definitely support her when she drops this year! Love my DC girls!

  32. Note to Kelly:

    Now that you are no longer managed by the Knowles you can request interviewers to stop bringing up Beyonce’s name so that the focus can be on you. The way for you (kelly) to sale your image is to make listeners forget that you are so closely associated with Beyonce’ . At least that is astart and you can get a breather from letting everyone know how great Bee is and how you are so proud of her. This business is too grimey for friendship.

    Congratulations, I know you are going to feel so much better knowing that you are no longer under the pressure of painting the perfect picture for the sake of the Knowles’. Its all about YOU!

    And give ole Brandy a call, she was your friend not Beyonce’s so it’s nothing wrong with having someone speak up for you sometimes. You are worth it

  33. On the contrary, I really dont think that Matt has a whole LOT to do with Kelly’s failures. I thinks she needs to believe in herself more and maybe the fans will believe in her. Also, Solange is having a hard time as well and I am sure her father has done all he could to help her. The problem most people have is, the Knowles’ clan seem really fake and shady; Beyonce gets away with it because she is a very talented-triple threat. I think it was wrong to mis-lead a father-lacking girl like Kelly into believing that she was an equal part of the family when in reality she was used as a crutch for a than friend-less and shy Beyonce’. Classic “A Different World” Kim Reese and Whitley Gilbert

  34. Rihanna has 5 number 1 on billboard. every song Rihanna release is in the top 40. Over 7 songs in the top 10 what the hell has Kelly done? Kelly does not give Matthew nothing to work with. ppl say Beyonce get better pro ,but Matthew don’t have to do nothing for Beyonce companies come knocking.

  35. @ Malcolm

    @ you already know
    B!tch CALM THE FUCC DOWN! I can say whatever I damn well please sweetie, and I call it like I see it. Have you purchased any of there albums?? NOT A BOOTLEG copy either….I mean did you attend any concerts, CD signings??? I mean tell us what you’ve done to support Kelly and Letoya probably NOT A GOT DAMN THANG! Girl Bye

  36. @blacksista

    Girl that is a bunch of BULL Solange did fairly well for her 2nd album alot of folks love Solanges album especially being as though she basically wrote everything her self, Kelly also has much success but its just over seas. The knowles took kelly in like she was one of there kids. Beyonce and Latavia were friends before Kelly came in the picture, so she had friends, I believe that they love Kelly just as much but Bey is his REAL child and she is more into and confident in her talents. Kelly is just not that BIG of a star… she’s beautiful talented and smart but if you dont have the “IT” factor you wont make it. Look at Rihanna I like her and I think she is FIERCE but the girl is talentless but she has that “IT” factor. No disrespect to Rhi but it is wht it is.

  37. it might be a good move for her
    I heard she’s now celeb in Uk & Europe and I don’t think Mathew Knowles was the best choice for her.
    I wish her the best. I bought her last cd and it’s a very good one!

  38. No, Baron…You sound ridiculous yourself!!! You must not know music besides just listening to it. Please don’t get it twisted about my girl Kelly Rowland. Beyonce’s voice isn’t no better than Kelly’s. Beyonce has a very harsh voice and sings strong with nice runs and she uses it very well. Where Kelly doesn’t sing that harsh and her voice is very well developed with beautiful runs. You can’t compare those two. They both have totally different styles. Kelly has it, there’s nothing more that she needs to do besides just going to a different level as she progresses and working with other management that could probably enhance what she already has. The girl is off the chain!!! So, Be careful what you say about Ms. Kelly Rowland, because she’s going to surprise you all. Just watch!!!!!!!

  39. I distinctly remember Tina Knowles on VH1 saying Bey had no friends before Kelly. The reasons given, she was “shy and awkward”, I also remember Beyonce saying the very same thing herself on Oprah.

    Anyway, when I’m in Europe, esp London, ppl rave over Kelly. She does very well overseas; both album sales and ticket sales. Alot of ppl who never leave the states behave as if nowhere else matters. Anyhoo, best of luck like someone above said hope she seizes the moment and really takes advantage of the extra publicity.

    BTW: Why are most of the ppl bashing Kelly the ones who haven’t heard any of her albums. Ms Kelly was far better than most others in the same genre.

  40. @Brownee

    Your wrong dear, Beyonce and Latavia were friends before Kelly came along here is alink to YOUTUBE with just the 2 of them at 13yrs old (I THINK) singing together ( . Kelly is successful over seas but not in th USA where she lives, where she is from. I think Kelly is a good singer but she doesnt have originality, like her performances lack confidence and if you dont believe in YOU then why should WE?. Michelle is happy, she has a HOT new r&b album and she’s about to do a show called “QUEENS” with Ru Paul on VH1 next month. Its Kelly’s lack of drive and real potential that has her not in the high number of sales. She has to grind and practice on those live performances and dance moves. nontheless I wish her the best of luck with anything she does. I do love me some Kelly 🙂

  41. kelly has a better chance,she is better singer and good dancer.Kelly was perfoming in south africa and she suprised everyone and the way she was connecting with the audience was amazing and she had a workshop with our local female singers wich was a nice thing to do.Bey once over danced for us but she cant touch our local sister when it comes to the moving department,bey has a huge fan base and she been promising to return,i guess she scared because the opening acts will outshine her that girl dsnt want to be outshined,she is just the only star in the USA or international level who can sing and over dance,the only thing she has is creative promotion,if you go around the world at local level there are so many people who can do what she does better,its just undiscovered talent and poor management,so matthew knowles is good and bey is unoriginal,she is the greatest stealer and does it so well in a way that looks original.

  42. @ LIZZ

    You dont know what your talking about! Kelly isnt better then Bee in anything and you know it. I mean lets BE REAL she’s good but not GREAT like Bee. Please ppl lets speak the truth here! The numbers dont lie baby! Beyonce has worked very hard to get to where she is. Her father is her manager he didnt have any connects its Beyonce’s talent that has gotten her to the TOP and no one can take that from her. Kelly hasnt performed in the US as much as Bey has and Bey has performed in other countries too Japan, Germany, and West Africa they loves Beyonce. Im glad they have parted ways now she’s to be blamed if she flops again. NOT MATTHEW

  43. Kelly will now conquer the world as a solo artist and get the recognition she deserves. Next order of business ? Release UNITY as a SINGLE w/video – was Number One (#1) for six straight weeks in Canada with no promotion … it’s Grammy and Brit material ! Can’t wait to hear this one LIVE in concert – ” until we meet again ” All the best Kells 😉

  44. Hi everyone,

    I just wanna say that Im soo happy for Kelly, this is an opportunity for her to break the mould and do what she wants to do and step away from the Beyonce and DC aura and create some energy of her own.
    As for Mr Knowels, I dont fully blame him – truth is Beyonce is more marketable because of her light skin and her sexual appeal (everyone knows she doesnt hold back there).
    That being said I think it should be a good year for Kelly if she has her head screwed on right…..and not suffering any permanent psychological damage from life at Camp Knowels! lol!

    To whoever said How come kelly and Bey dont hang out as often – I wanna know the same thing…what happened to them? Arent they supposed to be the of best friends or something like that? MMmmm makes u wonder!

  45. 50% of you is wrong it is 100% mathews fault 1.he is the label owner of music world music 2.and he is a manager 3.he is good at one then the other but you cant tell him that.3.he had the power to tell kelly what songs to release and reject,approve of her image,and her sound as well as the layout of the album.he was also responsible for getting her endorsments but then again how can she get them if he make sure she puts out material that don’t get enough shine.

  46. Sure Luxe…Lets reduce Beyonce’s success to just her light skin and sexual appeal SMH & *roll eyes* LOL. I wonder though, why don’t every light skin women with sexual appeal [who want to break into the music scene] as successful as her?

    This is a wise choice for Kelly because the fans and potential supporters wants her to break away from the Knowles in order to support her. In addition, they want her to show confidence and independency. This move accomplish both, and it will generate extra gossips and anticipation around her projects. An artist has to know and listen to her fans if she wants to make it in this industry. They are the ones who will purchase your work after all :).
    Besides, Kelly has nothing to lose by this marketing move. She has been under Mr. Knowles’ management for years. It won’t hurt, either way, to try something different. I hope her fans support her now, and that she manages to win over the potential supporters 🙂

  47. I think all we can do is wish Kelly the best while she is choosing her next manager. I surely hopes she makes the right choice for the sake of her career.

  48. SORRY Rosie and The Beyawnseybots,

    But if you really think that Bey will be on top of the world FOREVER you drank too much Beyawnsey KQQL AID. No one is FOREVER especially not these new biotches. This industry is instant quick mix.

    Now some of ya’ll are saying Kelly isn’t talented I bed to differ that. She can sing just as good anyone else. Beyonce is talented but muthafucking truth be told she is an urban Tina Turner there is nothing she has done that hasn’t been done already. Like her tour with Missy and Alicia (I’ll get back to A Keys dominating her ass in a sec) when she came out from the ceiling upside down….that was ala “Britney Spears” she’s cute but it’s not all that.

    And to the other person that said Kelly isn’t on her grind. You just don’t walk up to The Early Show, Good Morning America, SNL and say can I perform? Your mgmt does it for you. And Matthey wasn’t about to see his queen get upstaged with that type of mgmt grinding like it should be PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Kelly went overseas and the WORLD opened up to her!! Why?? Because they appreciate black music and give people chances
    There are a lot of US folks who are abroad for this very reason. The US music market can be very shady.

    However Kelly did the right thing remember she was signed to Music World (Owned and operated by M Knowles) with Sony/BMG for distribution so Matthew ran the entire show.

    Now let’s talk about Beyonce if we shall. No Doubt about the talent and her drive; It’s there for all of us to see. But isn’t she the Black Music queen no shade check Billboard and the stats if you want to do it buy sales. SORRY kids that goes strictly to Alicia Keys
    Let’s see
    I AM Sasha Shady/I AM Beyawnsey sold first week roughly 500,000

    Alicia Keys As I am sold roughly 725,000…enough said and Bey tried to be cute and release The Beyawnsey experience the same day and got assassinated by A Keys. You might pull that with the other girls. Not A Keys!

    Bey is great but not forever. Kelly will get recognized in due time. However because in America we’re very biased about our artists and everybody is head over heels for Bey as if no one else is here.

    Also Mrs Carter isn’t stupid her people are FIERCE at strategy. Let me explain that.
    OK , I AM Sasha Shady/I AM Beyawnsey is out and she begins to set up her world tour…BUT WAIT A MINUTE her peeps just found out that The Circus is in town that same time frame. OH HELLS NO Britney is back from her nervous breakdown and looking good as shit. Beat it Beyawnsey Bey and her reps are no fool that’s why it’s starting overseas and not in the US those white fans of her will support Britney…TRUST. So she will come back when Brit goes overseas. Now a bad biotch would go toe to toe But Bey knows her place!

    Good Girl and keep thinking if you really were a Boy. As for Rih Rih her mgmt is FIYA keeps a girl on the go in spite of Sasha and that’s how it suppose to be!

    As for Kelly the sky is the limit and it’s now opening up for you. Go get it girl!

  49. Let’s not forget, Kelly’s solo European fanbase has risen under Matthew’s management. I know some of you would like to ignore that LOL. She can only go up by this move.

  50. Mr C
    Beyonce knows she won’t be on top of the music world forever. That’s all that matters. Nevertheless, she sure makes her dent and left a stamp on it LOL.

  51. Amicable my (_’_) – He got kicked to the curb and its about dam time. For too long he has thrown kelly & michelle under the bus while pimping out his cash cow beyawnce.

    Kelly has a beautiful voice and I wish her the best of luck.

  52. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA im so happy for her. She going to do good for herself.

  53. I’m sure Kelly is grateful to Matthew for her fledgling status and fan base that has launched both her albums to the top of the charts! I’m being facetious of course, but although I’m sure Kelly is grateful to Matthew, the fact is that Beyonce went on to conquer the world and Kelly is still struggling to make a name for herself as a solo artist. It’s a competetive industry and she can continue to take the back seat by staying under Matthew Knowles direction or she she go on to explore new horizons. I’m rooting for her and I hope she brings it! But you know what they say 3 strikes and your out..

  54. @ Britt


  55. @ MR. C


  56. Honestly I am happy she did that. But Matthew is a father first, there is no way to be unbaised when your children and your bank account are involved. Kelly should have bounced after Matthew came out of hiding when he was running from sexual harrassment and money laundering accusations. He ain’t been right since then.

  57. I am not as well versed in the music biz as some you are (claimed to be) to know how much, if any, blame should be ascribed to Matthew Knowles for Kelly’s lackluster career. What I do know is that every woman should look inward, ask herself “what do I want for my life” and make it happen. If you make it clear what you want and the people on your team aren’t helping you meet your goal(s), then you need to literally or figuratively, draft the equivalent of the “MK, you’re fired memo.” IMO, that’s the real takeaway from Kelly’s story – she didn’t lookout for Kelly. That’s the said tale of most women. We worry more about offending and relationships while opportunities pass us by. Don’t let that be you.

  58. i’m very happy she’s making this change. matthew doesn’t care about anybody but his daughters (even though the hard promo on solange still didn’t do anything for her album), kelly needs to be managed somebody who will put everything they had into her. i wish her luck

    “(even though the hard promo on solange still didn’t do anything for her album)”.

    That tell us it is not all about promo.

  60. Well, what words for some doesnt work for others…im happy she went her seprate way and im sure they are all still great friends…sometimes its just best to part ways because the connection isnt there and thats fine, i hope for the best with her because her last album was hot in my opinion! so good for her!

  61. @Kia, I am not “wrong”. Again, I know what I saw/heard said on the two occassions cited. Not to mention both Kelly and Bey claim to have become friends somewhere around age 5/6, so I don’t know how a vid of Bey & Latavia singing at 13 negates the veracity of that claim.

    And Kelly may be from the USA, but she doesn’t exclusively in the US. Believe it or not, some ppl don’t view America as the mothership, and are comfortable being other places as well. Again, she sells quite well overseas (primarily the UK), so I’m not sure if her “drive” only kicks in when she touches down at Heathrow.

    As far as Michelle’s new album, you proved my point. It’s hot, but where is she on the charts? Alot of ppl don’t even know she has new material out.

    Closing remarks: Ms Kelly was a damn good album! Most ppl just didn’t bother to give it a listen, and that is partially due to the way Kelly was/wasn’t marketed.

  62. @ Bronze-Beauty & you already know said

    Boo Boo’s I’m just keeping it real.
    Some of these kids are going off like Bey is “God No Higher”


    She’s cute……And I’ll leave it at that! And actually like SnijanaFleur said her father pulled all the damn stops out for da little rug rat named
    so-long-e she was even on LOGO pushing dem damn Hadley street Nightmares…….LOL as I’m typing I am LMAO!!!

    And the public repsonse was very SO-LONG!!!!!!

  63. did any one read the actual press release, it implied that kelly was still in dc?

    also, some one on another site, recalled hearing michelle sing back up for monica, before dc and said that her voice was so different from what we hear on dc records and live performances.

  64. Good catch Iris.
    When Matthew states “My company, Music World, will continue to manage Destiny’s Child as a group”, I was not surprised. I never thought the group would cease to be. I always think of it as a temporary break for them to grow individually.

  65. In my best ghettoized Voice “It’ s about damn time Bitch”, damn kelly couldn’ t you see the injustice from the get go? When they told you you were in a group called destiny’ s CHILD not children you should have up and left, if she gets with someone that can give her a new look, and sound it’ s a wrap didn’ t rihanna had two flopped albums? and when she came back with GGGB it was like she was someone else, Kelly can do it, Girl just think about everything you went trought because some people think they are auto sufficient and can use, buy, or threaten their way through every thing I know you read blogs honey take my advice, Don’ t give up and make them regret ever mistreating you . I’ m rooting for you Girl

  66. @Rosie, people like you honestly worry me! Your so called idol will not be on top forever. In fact most normal people wouldn’t say she was on top, fair enough her sales are good but she hasn’t sold 180 million records (Mariah) or had a diamond selling album (Lauryn Hill) and she is nowhere near being a legend! (Tina, Mariah, Patti Labelle, Whitney, Celine etc)

    Like so many ‘stars’ before her, Beyonce’s crown will fall someday. Any normal mature adult would not spend their time obssessing over an artist who doesnt give a damn about you. That’s why I hate stans, their love for an arist is unrequited- they need to find better things to do.

    Back to Kelly- its great that she’s no longer under the management of Matthew, but she now needs to get her act together. She needs to find also leave her record label (Sony/Columbia) Sony is a beast! They try and destroy peoples careers so that they can support and promote specific artists who they believe will make most money. They’re known for being a greedy corporation and extremely powerfull too. Kelly needs to sign with a different label that is not under Sony if she want’s to have a career, ie. Beyonce’s biggest current threat is Rihanna who is signed under Def Jam. Had Rihanna signed under Sony her career would have been dead!

    Kelly’s new management need to spend about a year coaching her; interview skills, new image changing both hair and fashion style, and hook her up with the best producers. Once these things are done then she should stand a chance of being successful, otherwise its a wrap for her.

  67. UK Girl “Beyonce’s biggest current threat is Rihanna who is signed under Def Jam”.
    Well, I fail to see how. Is it because Rhianna is…Black? 🙂

  68. good luck kelly.. i am so tired of peolpe thinking beyaonce is like, god. she is awoman and her dad is goona look out for his bread before anyones elses. go kelly go, i have supported both your albums. cant wait to hear more from you… dont give up!

  69. Well….I am looking forward to Ms. Kelly’s next album and seeing her on tour and performing at big events but even more than that I am looking for her other ventures. This business of entertainment is not just about music!

    The reason Bey is mega famous is not her music, it’s all the exposure on magazine covers and in movies (regardless of her acting abilities) that has catapulted her to this stardom. Pretty much everybody and their grandma knows Bey– but except for young people who listen to the type of pop music she does, most may only know one of her songs (if any at all). So it’s not music why Bey is popular. It’s all the side gigs that get her face and name out there.

    Kelly’s new management team better work to “up” her image and get her lots…….and lots of side gigs. Kill us with Kelly Rowland’s ebony gorgeousness the way we have been force fed Bey and Rihanna.

  70. Wow! I think a few people here are in danger of suffering a brain aneurysm if they don’t calm down lol!

    But I agree that the failure of any artist mostly falls on the job of the manager. That’s why actors and singers switch representation if they feel that they’re projected goals aren’t being met. This was along time coming for Kelly, my favorite.

    As for Beyonce, I just came across a clip of John Legend’s people filming the President telling her that he loves and dances to Single Ladies. Bey has now been officially validated.

    Stans – 1
    Jaders – 0

  71. Wow. How many Jesus Stans are up in here? Sorry to tell you no pop star (whomever you like) is God almighty.

    Jesus Stan – 1
    Idol worshippers – 0

  72. Good luck Kelly, I hope she really puts herself first. She seemed to be content with being the 2nd or 3rd in line to shine. I’m glad she finally realized that lil Joe Jackson never managed her as his first priority which no matter how many clients you have I think that’s how your artist should feel.

    and to banjiboi: It’ s not even about beyonce at this point You don’ t even realize the bigger picture behind this,
    People are showing our president, a black president that just made history in America doing a dance created by a woman known for her marketable sex appeal, you don’ t even see the message behind it, talking about stans one, If bush had done the dance they would not have even worried about that, but they are insisting on showing our president doing the uh oh hand movement dance like he is some kind of ghetto rat,or if he is agreeing with this lyrically poor made for ghetto teenagers reckless song you should be worrying about the bigger picture rather than if beyonce is ” accepted” or not.

    But anyway 2009 is pay back time and i believe that everyone will be dealt with accordingly , Kelly is on her own now, and franckly if i was her, i would take the music industry by a storm and not be affraid to knock out cold my own sister, the problem that kelly have is that she has emotions, and that’ s y her and michelle are where they are, beyonce has no emotions what so ever no matter how many time she cries when it comes to the business she would like she did so many time
    have shadys ways against her owns, and that’ s what made her, so kelly it’ s time to get on the get out of my way train and excuse my language sh-t on these h-es, u can even hire beyonce choreographer who gon do what to you? it’ s time to get shady you can still go to church on sunday and ask for forgiveness


    Jesus Stan – 2
    Idol worshippers – 0

  73. kelly what took u so long? some of us thought this day would never come true but it did! take a break from music and do you..! f-u-c-k the knowles!

  74. Oh and something Else Kelly is well known in England she will have a bright future here, everyone has had it to the back teeth with Beyonce which is the reason Kelly came to Europe,the Knowles empire is collapsing and Kelly knows this ,every time she tried to further her career daddy knowles pushed Beyonce in front of her. Kelly most probably waited until Beyonce finally over exposed herself and chose her time wisely good luck Kelly

  75. We all saw this coming. I guarantee Beyonce singing for the Obamas was the straw that broke the camels back. Beyonce pretty much elbowed her way to be there at any cost. Beyonce made a statement that singing for the Obamas was the most importatnt day of her life; sorry, but until the birth of her child, her wedding day should be the most important and happiest day of her life. So what she thinks is the so called most important day of her life is going to bring her some serious backlash from her friends and those in the industry who felt that Beyonce had not paid her dues and an artist from the civil rights era such as Stevie Wonder or Gladys Knight should have performed for the Obamas. I know that Beyonce fans want to believe that President Obama and First Lady Michelle asked her to sing, but I don’t believe that. I believe Beyonce and her people paid someone millions to get her that gig. But I guess money can buy you anything including lies and deceit. Money is the root of all evil.

    Good luck to Kelly.

  76. This isnt about Kelly getting bigger than Bey cause that may not happen especially since they took all the DC momentum and used it to push B. The other girls are like new artists cause mainstream america never got to know them. I just want to see Kelly get a chance to live up to HER full potential.

    In the past 3 years we have heard at least one #1 song from Ashanti, Rihanna, Ciara, Keyshia Cole, J-Hud, Fantasia etc. Kelly is as talented or even more talented than most of these (& Bey too). If they pushed one of her songs as much as they pushed the annoying single ladies song or umbrella, we would learn to love it just like those songs grew on us.

    But there isnt one song on her album that was really heavily promoted on radio or TV (MTV, VH1, BET). I kind of saw the whole Ms. kelly project as being sabotaged in so many ways. And I am upset people say she is a flop cause Ms. Kelly sold 1.5 Million copies overall with literally no ad campaign! When Beys albums are coming out she is all over the bus & bus stops, the train station, walmart…everywhere and not just in the US! Plus monster internet ad campaigns on Yahoo, AOL and others…coupled with performing at every awards show possible and doing every morning, daytime, night time and weekend talkshow, etc there is on TV or radio. When Ms Kelly was being released, few people knew and she didnt even have an active single out…..”Like this” had been released 6 months prior and Ghetto (a poor choice) was relaesed a month later. While on both major post DC albums Bey constantly gets 2 videos every three months.

    She doesnt have to get the idol worship B gets but Kelly should at least be as well known as Ciara or Keyshia Cole.

  77. Good luck, Kelly. I’m glad you finally got wise. Better late than never, I guess.

    @Mr. C
    You wrote..”You just don’t walk up to The Early Show, Good Morning America, SNL and say can I perform? Your mgmt does it for you. ” I was thinking the EXACT same thing. I don’t get people who say Kelly wasn’t on her grind. Since when do artists book their own shows and appearances? The industry is a machine..the artist is at the bottom of the totem pole, which makes their “team” (management, etc) all the more important. Matthew was not giving her 100% and it has always been obvious to everyone but Kelly. I’m glad she has finally parted ways with him.

    You are speaking the truth. I am at the point now where I wouldn’t mind seeing Beyonce for the rest of the year. There is a such thing as over-exposure and she has surpassed that. She is still my girl..but it would be nice if she laid low and let the fans miss her for awhile. I’m sure Jay wouldn’t mind spending a little time with his wife.

  78. GOOD 4 HER!! NOW MATT OR BEY WILL NOT BE BLAMED WHEN AND IF SHE FLOPS. Just got word that Kely is moving to Europe is why she is leaving Matt…she is selling her home and will be relocating to europe. I wish her the best of luck.

  79. @ Voice

    Um, really.

    It IS about Beyonce. This POST, that is. And yes, I do realize the importance of the presidency and politics in general. That said, if you were to click on the link, you’d know that it was John Legend who supervised the filming of the clip, and it consisted of the President greeting and thanking those who participated and performed at the concert, which had taken place earlier. It was simply portraying our President in a light hearted mannner as he shared his infinite candor and charm amidst black celebrities. Perhaps you, too, should lighten up a bit.

    And furthermore, if you follow the comments here at Brown Sista, or any of the other AA entertainment sites for that matter, you’d know that posts on Beyonce or any other entertainer or issue connected with her inspires lengthy dialogue, as insipid or insightful or ridiculous as it might seem, whether you like it or not. I see it as all in fun, hence the stans vs jaders comment. And if it’s so important for you to stress the “BIG PICTURE” as you say, why do you take it to the more political themed blogs. This is an ENTERTAINMENT blog, last I checked.

    Jaders – 1
    Misguided Pseudo-Intellectual Religious Stan – 0

  80. So, this is no longer about Kelly, but about Beyonce! OK!

    @ Mr. C. Beyonce also starts her tours out abroad and then comes back to the states where she lives. LOL Same way she’s been doing it since DC days. She did it on her last two solo tours as well! Try again! For all those claiming to be sick of Beyonce, you all sure can’t stop talking about her. Heck, Kelly can’t even have her own thread!

    Anyway, I’m a fan of Kelly’s , so I wish her the best and will be supporting all her endeavors.

  81. @ Banjiboi, I love the clip! President Obama is such a family man! He said he learned the moves to show his daughters he could do it! Just love the family! He is a man for the people!

  82. Bandjiboi
    You are right this is an entertainment blog and i apologize for challenging your mental abilities
    I should have not done that , people like you don’ t see very far behind the glitz and glam and you don’ t have a single clue
    when it comes to double standards or reading between lines, if you did you would have understood that my comment was not event about the beyonce topic but about the fact that people are insisting on portraying our president as a simple person and the word “simple” in this matter have a pejorative connotation, But my apology, Let’ s return to the schedule program, and please do bless us with more praise for beyonce….

  83. Oh and steph Jasmine Sullivan’ s New video is out “Lions tigers and bears” is my jam

  84. @ Voice

    Perhaps you’re not as good as you think are in terms of making statements which are supposed be “toungue-in-cheek”. I suppose it flew right over my the head, no? And please, your patronizing apology lacks much-needed bite or wit.


    Jaders – 2
    Misguided Sarcasism From Self- Righteous Stan – 0

  85. I think Matthew Takes talent that are threats to his daughter and sabotage them,
    i swear that if Jennifer accepted to be managed by him, she would be done and over, I feel as if Kelly were sabotaged, but i also think there is something deeper than that , she needs to come out with a book, Honestly she look like someone who has been told, all her life that she wasn’ t pretty and would look better if she was praising another chick (beyonce)which is the essence of a stan, Kelly was beyonce’ s biggest stan, stans praise and worship because they lack self confidence, I mean i don’ t know Kelly seem ” worked on ” and i hope she can come out of it

  86. @ Dark Sista

    Yeah, good stuff! You are nailing stans to the Cross of Their Own Blissful Denial!

    I’d love to see that book come to fruition and made into a Lifetime movie, btw. Full disclosure: I do, however, stan for Fantasia’s now classic and epic Lifetime Movie Opus.

    Jaders – 2
    Stans – 1

  87. @ DARK SISTA

    Shut the HELL UP! If that were true Kelly wouldnt be successful any damn where. I bet your ignorant ass aint got not ONE album of Kelly’s! Ya’ll act like Kelly is a nobody?! She is very successful over seas…MORE THEN Beyonce. Her solo album “SIMPLY DEEP” was released BEFORE Beyonce’s DIL album came out. Kelly probably is having a Janet moment “CONTROL” and wants to do things different and fresh. She is moving out of the country so that may be the main reason why. ANYWHO BEYONCE (I AM…SASHA FIERCE) HAS GONE DOUBLE PLATINUM AS OF TODAY IN JUST 2 MONTHS??!!!! NOW THATS A BAD BYTCH!!!!

  88. banjiboi aka WE STILL LOVE KELLY

    Thanks for the time and attention, but i don’ t share bananas with monkeys, so go on

  89. @ We Still Love Kelly:

    Wow. Now THAT was a confusing rant. Classic!

    Jaders – 2
    Confused Ranting Stans – 1 (Honorary Point + a cookie)

  90. @banjiboi
    Maybe your just an idiot that cant understand English!

    Im sorry you feel that Im that dork Banj-WHATEVER but like I said you need to stop jumping to conclusions about sh!t you know nothing of hun. Kelly is Kelly and I can assure you that you dont have any of her disc but yet your blaming Matt for his lack of managment skills….kelly is talented but not THAT damn talented. she can barely hold a high note, she cant dance and sing at once. She’s beautiful and has success in her own way. OVER SEAS thats what Bey doesnt have so much of…over sea love, so with that said GET OVER IT! Matt is coming out with new talented group in a few months they are from Britan…

  91. @dark sista

    You probably hate Beyonce b/c she is light skinned and stunning. YOU CANT TAKE IT. Your the type that hate all light skinned girls cuz they probably stole ya man or some sh!t like that..BITTER in other words…well its 2009 hunnie get over it Bey aint still ya man and Kelly is chocol8 and beautiful learn from her and embrass your darkness…unless you looks like Whoopi then all hope is gone. But you shouldnt refer yourself as a monkey thats the low self esteem Oprah was talking about today… LOVE YOURSELF. Remember the blacker the berry sweeter the juice. *snaps fingers*

  92. @ We Still Love Kelly:

    Okay, I’ll bite, even though it sounds like you have BPD. It’s pretty simple. You claim that you “Still Love Kelly”, yet you’re ranting against her. Now, go take your meds and take a nap. I’m pretty much done with you.


  93. Geez. This is the most traffic I have seen on a Kelly post EVER.

    Here is my 8.5 cents…

    1. YEH!

    2. The appearance of a lack of confidence in Kelly and, yes, poor direction from management has stalled her career.

    3. Can we please stop bashing Bey and comparing her to her sisters! I may not be a fan of her hypersexualized-nice girl persona but the girl is talented and agressive. When she performs she gives her ALL.

    4. Back to the confidence issue…. I think it was blacksista who suggested she not answer questions about BEY when interviewed. I have watched a number of her interviews and it was Kelly who brought up Bey and not the other way around. Last year at this time, Kelly’s MySpace page was all about Beyonce. I thought “Can’t this girl maintain her own “space” ???? It’s MYspace and not OTHERspace.” You can’t blame Matthew for that. At least Solange’s page was all about herself and showed alot of her personality and spunk.

    5. As far as Solange, she has done exactly what she needed to do to develop a cult following. She performed on major TV shows to catch the eyes of folks who don’t read blogs which may motivate them to download digital music for the first time just because they liked her. Very few entertainers have the platinum success of a decade ago because of lack of airplay on corporate radio. (Yes, go on and call me a broken record. Scratch. Scratch.)Artists who were once guaranteed gold & platinum status have read the writing on the wall and are learning to be comfortable with digital downloads eg Prince, Hall & Oates, Res.

    6. Michelle has balls. Folks should check for her YouTube page.

    7. I did not follow the early years of DC as intimately as some of you so I don’t know wo was friends with who first. I can say that Matthew should be given credited for recognizing talent. How he manages is another story. LeToya can sing. Still waiting to see what LeTavia is working with.

    8. Kelly, I wish you well. I hope she takes charge of her career. Make sure everyone around you is on YOUR team. Make them sign “no leak” contracts. And don’t let them push your record back for this is the kiss of death.

    8.5 Do artist actually read blogs???? Someone tell her what I said, OK. LOL

  94. Oh and one more thing…. Kelly seemed much more interesting when she had finger waves. Wish she would reconsider a short hairdo and leave the long weave alone.

  95. Banjiboi,
    I’m flattered that you like to criticize. Normally, People who talk about BPD, are the ones that live life in denial about themselves. I normally don’t respond to such ignorance and argueing with someone who you just don’t know…(Pure ludacris). What even caused for you to respond so negatively…but i’ll let you make it sense i don’t like to argue with women. I’ll leave this site for the brown sista’s. That’s exactly what it’s for. The feminine one such as yourself. So, Go take your meds, i called in a prescription just for you …i’m so glad you know me. Thanks for the attention. It just adds on to my EGO!!!!!! Don’t bother responding, because it’ll automatically delete it. See you sweety!!!!!! Muah!!!!!! lol

  96. Oh and one more thing…. Kelly seemed much more interesting when she had finger waves. Wish she would reconsider a short hairdo and leave the long weave alone.

    I agree


    I have been on Brownsista long enough to know that Dark Sista does love her dark skin. She was just stating the obvious. Kelly Rowland had said some time ago that she did have issues with being dark skin. You would have it too if you grew up in the south and had a light skin friend. I do think that Beyonce has a color complex issue that has been taught by her parents. Why do you think Farrah said that they made her get tans because Beyonce had to be the lightest in the group? Being light equates to being the prettiest. Why do you think they made her wear darker brown contacts? Because light eyes means that you are prettier. These things have affected Kelly greatly. Now as far as marketing dark skin in Europe is not as bad as it is here in the US because we have a history of marketing Western European features and Beyonce so happens to the Black woman that can easily be marketed as. Why you think Estelle has a harder time making it big here in the US? Sharon Jones the singer said the same thing on television. She said that record execs did not want to sign her because she was too dark. Kelly might be exempt because she is “regular dark” lol I got this term from somewhere else. She is not dark to be totally ostracized because I did read a blog from king magazine and the brother that wrote the blog did an analysis on both Kelly and Beyonce and said that he prefer Kelly over Bey. Anyways, colorism did have an effect on Kelly. Why you think she is the one that praises Beyonce more than anyone else? I think it’s to hide her self-consciousness of being dark so she feels that she has to praise her because she feels that she is superior over her. One thing I know is that alot of dark skin women do that because if they make unfavorable comments about a light skin woman, they are automatically think you are jealous of her. I’ve heard people say only dark skin women hate her lol which is stupid.

    Now as far as Kelly not having the “it” factor, I think she does. I remember people saying that “Freddie vs Jason” was a stupid movie but people say that she was pretty good with her acting. I remember kelly doing a song from the “Mona Lisa Smiles” film and they were raving about her performance on that song. She has it. She is beautiful, she is classy, and has lots of personality. The one thing that held her back was that she didn’t have confidence. She didn’t have the mental support. Trust me Kelly can blow. I remember her singing “Say My Name” Timbaland Remix, and she tore it up! A DC fan posted on youtube a long time ago and I was in awe! I read the comments and every last one of them agreed with me. Kelly is one of the those girls that can’t hold her emotions in and do well. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, which effects her performance to do well in the industry. I think she is more talented than Michelle but what Michelle had was confidence and that is why she was more successful. I’m glad she left Matthew because it shows she is growing up into a strong independent lady. She can still be friends with the family but it was the best thing for her trust me lol.

  98. Kelly has a great shot overseas, her album went double platinum and she is a big star over there. Kelly Rowland was not properly managed in the states because the sole focus was on Beyonce. Beyonce wasnt the only person in DC, there were other girls in the group that contributed and made names for themselves….which means Kelly has talent. It doesnt matter if people are checking for you or not, your manager is suppose to get you on those magazine covers, SNL performances, and so on to build the career. Honestly Beyonce has been shoved down our throats where its lead to be believed that she is the best thing….she is not. Beyonce relies alot on her beauty because it sells, when her records release on the radio no one is feeling it but as soon as a video is released thats when everyone becomes in love with the music. IF Rihanna has a successful career without being able to perform or sing then Kelly should have a great career. Rihanna has a team that responds to her and is very supportive, she is on magazines, at shows, on others records, and so on. Kelly should have the same play, but because her manager was not focused on her she fell off. Marketing is everything!

  99. Also, believe it or not but Beyonce’s camp Pays to Play, and I know people dont agree because they are naive to believe that people dont do that but this is the industry all things are done for money. Matthew was the top sales exec at Xerox trust and believe he can sale water to a drowning man, which means he should have sold his products better but he was focused on only one product. Even Solange got a better deal than Kelly, Solange gets alot of promotion for her new album and she is in the Loreal commercial. Why is Kelly in a “Dark & Lovely” commercial and not in a Loreal commercial? is is because she is dark skinned? Solange is in the commercial with her song playing in the background. The Knowles plays the light skinned/dark skinned card because they know that light skinned sales… an INstyle interview Beyonce stated that she didnt mind that Loreal lightened her skin…..

  100. @kENNY

    If Beyonce plays to pay then so does almost the WHOLE damn industry! People come knocking on Beyonce’s door for her to come and perform, so PLEASE that’s bull sh*t. I think Kelly has mad talent but she isnt super great! I hope she makes a big come back and Im sure Beyonce is still behind Kelly in whatever she wants to do, there like sisters. Matthew has done alot for Kelly lets not forget that, he took her in like she was his own and made her into a star, yeah she’s not as big as Beyonce but Bey has HUSTLED her way to the top, lets give credit when its due. She is the hardest working women in the music biz…even other celebrities (Mary J, QueenL, and John Legend) always say that about her. Kelly will be fine, she is a DC member people know what she’s working with.

  101. My boyfriend gave me Bee’s cd It’s excellent
    I bought Kelly’s it’s excellent as well
    both are good singers and performers
    point final!

    take it easy! damn

  102. @ Melissa,

    UMMMMM Try again what?????
    BOTTOM LINE Beyawnsey is not about to try it with BRITNEY PERIOD okay. That’s why it’s going abroad and not state side and that B-Day fiasco where busted her a$$ and kept on going like an energizer bunny started in the U.S. first and not abroad.

    As talented as Beyawnsey is this CD is full of quick beats that gets the youngins jumping no real songwriting is in it at all and 8 songs on each for 2 CD’s. No Doubt she’s a bad BIOTCH she knows how to FQQL her audience into buying a shame. And she didn’t write the fab “If I Were a Boy” like she first claimed and if I am not mistaken I believe “HALO” was originally for Leona Lewis but Matt politicked that FABULOUSLY in Bey’s camp.

    You try again. Sasha Fleebags doesn’t want none of the Circus
    PERIOD!!!! and she can bring SO-LONG-E droopy eyes with her.


  103. @kim, Sony have a reputation for paying radio stations and tv channels for playing songs! So don’t think for a second that Bey’s camp haven’t done that. She’s under Sony afterall!

  104. For the record Beyonce has always admitted that Kelly was always her real true friend. Yes Latavia was in the group with Bey before Kelly but that does not mean they were the best of friends. Latavia was also in pagents and commercials simultaneously so it could have been business. I can not believe I am sitting here talking about these people as though they are paying my bills let me go to work.

  105. Well, I have some things to say. This is not about Beyonce or Mathew but about Kelly and maybe she is finally seeing this. If so then this is great for her. Here what Kelly needs to do to get to the next level: 1. Get her own sound. One of the things that I noticed from her since she has been a solo artist is that she puts out singles to get hits. Wrong move for her. No more uptempo songs, maybe one midtempo that she should never put out as a single unless she has already established her album. Her album should be ballad-heavy because that’s where Kelly’s voice shines the best. She has a beautiful, airy, angelic and clear voice that works best within ballads. Think of her best songs: Stole, Still in love with My ex, The show, Bad Habit, and even Dilemma with Nelly. They are all ballads. They work for her. Every artist has their sound. Does Kelly have one? Not really, especially with the fact that not everyone knows who she is. No one knows who Kelly is. The best way to establish that is to have her own sound. Apart from DC.

    2. Have strong lyric-writing and don’t go after the “name” producers to get a hit. Most producers these days are out to get hits. That’s fine with other artists. But not with Kelendria. She’s a vet and she should have full control of what she wants to do. She should work with people who she has a connection with musically and lyrically. For example: Solo and her work well together. They should continue to do music and lyric-writing together. Her voice, being a lyric voice would frame greatly written, autobiographical lyrics that makes us feel the music and see the sincerity that comes with it. Her best songs have that quality. She should build off of that and progress her sound as she goes along in her artistic growth.

    3. Finally, have confidence in her music and promote it with intensity. In the industry, she is selling herself and one of her big problems is we don’t know her musically. She is very personable, engaging and emotional. She has the personality to draw fans to her music. She has to let it shine through her music and not let her label control her. She has to have the boldness to say, this is musically and I am going to do this whether people like it or not. That’s what she needs to do to get to the next level.

    If Kelly do those things then what she has done with separating from Matthew will be a good thing for her and even DC. If not, then it is all for nought because contrary to what people think, it is not all Mathew or even Sony. Kelly is a vet, she has to act that way. Being part of DC, she knows what it takes to shine. All she has to do is get the guts to do it. That’s all.

  106. Ummm Mr. C, you still don’t get it! All American artist start overseas first!LOL They go abroad and then they go back home. It’s really plain and simple! Umm, Britney is going overseas first too!

  107. Melissa, it don’t matter. According to everyone else, everything is Bey’s and Mathew’s fault. No responsibility on the other artists, just on them no matter what. Kelly needs a sound, pure and simple. Look at LeToya, she has a sound: Mid-Tempo. That’s what set her apart and she is growing from it. Now if leaving Mathew will help her do that then great but if she is not going to do that, it will not matter how much she promotes, where she tours or anything. But girl, let those who want to blame the Knowles have their say. It don’t matter because we will not convince them that it is not about them anyways when it comes to Kelly, Toya, Farrah and Michelle.

  108. @ Curtis

    I think that there are things that Kelly had to take responsibility for. One of the main ones was confidence. However, I do think that her living with Knowles has destroyed her confidence because of her not believing that she is good enough, which explains her ego stroking Beyonce all the time. It’s not very easy for Kelly. It wouldn’t be easy for anyone that loves in the house that has color complex issues it affected her greatly. Now you right about the writers and producers. She needed to become more independent and find her own way. However she has become so attached to the Knowles that feels she can’t do it and she leans on Beyonce all the time. It’s not that Kelly is blameless. However, you have to think deeper in why people say those things about The Knowles. Her main priority is to gain strength and move on. I’m glad she did. You will see a brand new and approve Kelly. I also think Beyonce feels the same way. Although she might have all the ego stroking in the world from her family, friends ,and fans. However, I think Beyonce still is with her father because she knows that can’t have all the deals that she had with her father than what she would have with other managers.

    @ blacksista

    I do believe that her and LaTavia were best friends. The reason why her and LaTavia are not as close of friends as they were is that LaTavia is very independent. She don’t do all that ego stroking like Kelly has done. Kelly has done that since she was a child lol. I watched those old videos. Kelly had very low self-esteem. She even admitted she had. LaTavia looked like she carried blades under her tongue lmao!

  109. loveroflife,
    I have heard both Beyonce and Tina Knowles conpliment Kelly’s beauty in interviews. I, too, find Kelly very beautiful. Therefore, I don’t see how they are responsible for breaking her confidence. A person may be very beautiful and talented; However, it is crutial that SHE believes it. Unless she starts believing it, it’s a lost cause. How did you come to the conclusion that the Knowles household has ‘color complex issues’? You must have been a fly the wall.

  110. Stephanie
    Should the edit button say “I do not have permisson to edit this comment” during the minute countdown?


  111. Right(Snijana18). In fact Kelly said that Tina helped her in dealing with self-esteem issues especially with the dark-skinned issue. I mean, THEY HELPED RAISE KELLY and helped her to be where she is at right now. In fact, I don’t even feel that she would take this risk if it weren’t for seeing what they have done. She might not even be in the industry right now. No matter people feel about the Knowles and especially Mathew, he is like kelly’s Dad(her words) and seeing a man have that effect on a girl that is not even his daughter is telling.

    Loveroflife: I never seen Kelly’s complimenting of Bey has “stroking her ego”. I have heard many times Bey complimenting Kelly’s voice saying that it is powerful and clear. When you have friends, you see their strengths and you give them their due for it. At least you should. I know I do with mine. People have this mindset of how the Knowles are(true and untrue) and though I don’t agree with everything they do, I do think people overreach to make them out to be villians. I say that Kelly should take responsibility because that’s she has to do. If Solo can do it and she did, then Kelly who has been in the industry and has seen the things it takes to succeed can do it too. If she needs that much “stroking” then it will not matter that she left Mathew as her manager. To be truthful, if Kelly wants to really make a break, she needs to leave Sony/MusicWorld(especially Sony altogether) because I feel her label is one of the main reason for why she is in the state that she is.

  112. Snijana and Curtis

    She struggles with it because she was in the house with three light skin women! Just because someone tells you something does not always mean that they really mean it. That is contrary to Farrah story. They made her darker and made her put on dark brown contacts to hide her light eyes. Now if they so loved her dark skin and dark features so much than why they did darken her skin and features? Why didn’t they enhance her beauty like you suppose to when you get made up? They hide her beauty. They secretly believe that dark skin and dark features are less attractive and less mainstream. They felt that Farrah was a treat to Beyonce’s beauty. They felt people were going t pay more attention to her than Beyonce. Nevermind the fact that she is not as talented as Beyonce it was because she was light skin and had light eyes like Beyonce. Most people prefer light skin over dark skin. It’s the way it is I didn;t make the rules. Their words contradicts their actions to me. This has nothing to do with me making them out to be villains it’s just that they are victims of western europeanized supermacy like many people of color. How would that make you feel being from the south and being friends with a famous light skin woman and have guys come up to her and rave about how pretty she is and talk about her color? I gurantee if a guy did talk to Kelly he probably would say “You pretty for a dark skin girl” I gurantee you they say that. It’s an awful cycle but it is what it is. I don’t think they helped the Kelly’s situation with her skin color as much as they say they did. That Farrah story added up. She was dark and her eyes were darker than what she really is. I’ve seen her recently. She has green eyes lol. Once again I’m not making them out to be villians. As for kelly “ego stroke” she does and she willingly does lol. most interviews she brings the girl’s name up when its not necessary lmao. Does Beyonce bring Kelly and Michelle name up in most of interviews no! Unless interviewers asked her about DC. Not even that but does Michelle bring up Beyonce’s name? Not really. Kelly was ego stroking because she believes that she is superior over her. Alot of that could be from living in their household.

  113. @ Snijana18 & Curtis

    You both well know that Bey doesn’t spend her interview times talking bout anybody but herself. If she has in one or two interviews said that Kelly Rowland has a nice voice, etc. I think it was during the DC era. Bey has moved on. Kelly on the other hand speaks at length about Bey in every single interview even when she is asked the simplest questions. —This is a sure sign of insecurity and overcompensating. She needs to learn how to focus interviews on HERSELF and whatever project she is promoting and keep the reminiscing to a minimum. Stop trying to plug Bey because she has sufficient air time to plug herself. I dont hear Bey or Michelle sounding as nostalgic as Kelly does.

    What little air time Kelly gets she should stop promoting Bey, Michelle & Sol. Bey has already made her name in history and she is the one who should be reaching out a hand to plug Kelly’s and the others’ projects –if she was any kind of friend. Instead she talks about herself and Sasha.

    I agree with those who say kelly as confidence issues and I don’t know if I totally blame the Knowles’ for that because Esteem issues are usually influenced by a plurality of factors and like abused/battered wives…… it is hard to let go and move on. That said, Kelly leaving Matthew is in my view a breakthrough and I hope she won’t regress but that we will see a more confident Kelly on stage and in interviews. I believe she has lost a lot of time but she is still young and has time to make her name in the business. Again I’ll say that even if she doesn’t reach Bey’s megastar status, Kelly Rowland has the potential to be a lot more.

  114. And you believe Farrah? Farrah was dark when she first came to DC. She was making it up to excuse her behavior when she was in the group. I believe nothing she says. As far as there being 3 light-skinned women(He is talking about Solo—Snijani18) in the Knowles household: Again, those are the same women who treats Kelly like family and loved her as such. Again, Kelly is the one who said that Tina was the one who told her to love her dark-skin and is like a second mom to her. Besides that, it means nothing to the fact that Kelly is still the one who needs to assert herself and have confidence.

    This is what I am talking about. Her fans—I being one of them—don’t want to admit to the fact that KELLY has put herselfin this position and now she is the one who has get herself out of it. Note that I put out the things that Kelly needs to do to get her career on track and no one has address them because truthfully, all people want is Kelly to shine so that they can “throw” in Bey and the Knowles’ face in light of the Toya and Tavia situation that happen a decade ago. That’s all it is and people need to let it go. Everyone seemingly is okay with what happened and have moved on from it. People need to stop making the Knowles the villain all the time. People should root for Kelly because they’re her fans, not because they want to stick it in the Knowles face and Beyonce “stans” face because truthfully even after this, most Bey fans want to see Kelly do well. At least the ones who aren’t over-the-top in their “standom”.

  115. D: I don’t disagree with what you are saying about Kelly in terms of her confidence. My thing is people need to stop trying to blame the Knowles for it, especially if we have no proof that they were contributing to it. Maybe Kelly felt loyal to them because they helped to bring her to this point. I don’t know. What I do know is I want to see Kelly fly also and people blaming the Knowles when she has the power to do the things necessary to get to where she need to go is not productive.

    Unless Kelly do that, it won’t matter if she gets Berry Gordy circa 1965-75 to manage her career. She has to take ownership with the lessons that she has learn and hopefully she does this. Let’s keep the Knowles out of this for once. Let’s allow Kelly to the focus without referring to them now. That’s what I did with my list and hopefully other Kelly fans who are really her fans will do the same.

  116. loveroflife,
    Stop throwing the Knowles-Next-victim card around so losely, dear. It doesn’t do you character justice. Your argument is backward because you are so intent on villanizing the Knowles.

    You argue the knowles force Farrah to darken her skin tone and to exchange her green eye color to brown in order to make her less beautiful. They did not want the thing that makes all beautiful, lighter skin, to compete with Beyonce’s. loveroflife writes, ” They made her [Farrah] darker […] They hide her beauty. They secretly believe that dark skin and dark features are less attractive and less mainstream”. It seems one can turn this argument on its head. First, you must regconize the serious implication of your statement, and I AIN’T talking about YOUR notion that the knowles feel darker skin people are not beautiful, the American society feels the same, and they played on that to ‘hide’ Farrah’s ‘beauty’ from the public *3 snaps* LOL.

    The serious implication?
    YOU, loveroflife, are one of the people who agrees that darker skin tone and brown eyes are on the bottom scale of beauty. How so? If you believed darker skin & eye folks are AS beautiful AS the European standard of beauty, you would also agree by darkening Farrah’s skin & eyes, the Knowles were NOT in effect ‘hiding her beauty’. They would be giving her ANOTHER representation of beauty [Follow me?]. However, the language you use show you are the very person that you are accusing the Knowles of being [SHOCKER]. You believe the darkening of Farrah’s skin and eyes AUTOMATICALLY lessens her beauty. As a result, she did not become Beyonce’s beauty competitor in Destiny’s Child. Phew! The europpean did a number on you loveroflife.

    loveroflife, you ask “How would that make you feel being from the south and being friends with a famous light skin woman and have guys come up to her and rave about how pretty she is and talk about her color?”

    Why should I feel anything but happiness for the fact a lot of guys are appreciating the beauty and talent of my ‘famous light skin woman’ friend. JEEZZZ I would, too.

    HOWEVER, if they are only flocking to my friend because of her lighter skin shade, I would be thanful & grateful that I would not have to waste my prescious time with them ignorants who believe only lighter skin women are beautiful. I would be grateful because they wear their ignorances on their sleeves. It’s the ones who are undercover I should be worried about. Eventhen, I would eventually shake them off, and move one with my life. I would know what I’m working with LOL, nothing they say would make me believe I’m on the bottom scale of beauty. Think about it…why should I, or anyone else, take the word of an ignorant at face value? If I ever did, it would mean I have yet to truly value my beauty. Then, I did not deserve it in the first place since I cannot learn to cherish it.

    It is up to Kelly Rowland to cherish and appreciate the beauty and talent God gave her, and she should continue grace us with them everyonce and awhile LOL. If Kelly wants to shout to the world her friend’s beauty that is her business. It does not diminish hers at all. In fact, it enhances her beauty because it shows she is a confident beauty who does not mind or feel threaten to recognize & speak about other beauties. She’s beautiful inside out :). The fact that Beyonce and her mother have reciprocated in interviews only put them in the same light.

    loveolife “Alot of that could be from living in their household”

    YEAH we already know you are full of speculations 🙂

  117. @ Loverof life & Kenny

    Good points. Agree much.

    That’s it for me.

    Be strong and courageous and enjoy life to the fullest.

  118. @kim

    Everyone in the industry does pay to play that’s a well known FACT. So if ppl are saying Beyonce doesn’t she does just like everybody else.

    Anyway good for Kelly we shall see what happens next. I’ll def be on the lookout.

  119. Lover of life, Thank you so much for your kind words, But don’ t mind Banjiboi we still love kelly, I am Way more beautiful than beyonce all glammed up when i wake up in the morning stank breath and all and that is after a pregnancy and another on the way and that is a fact so those small comments don’ t bother me , I agree with what you said about how people say some things but don’ t mean it, at the end of the day actions speak louder than words, and you can tell me how beautiful i am but if you put more time and affection in the lighter chick, It does not take brain surgery to figure out, what is really up.You are very intelligent and make great points, I can appreciate that .


  120. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry but Kelly is one loyal puppy dog. I didn’t even KNOW that Matthew Knowles had been managing her all this time. Look at Beyonce’s success in comparison to Kelly. You would NEVER EVER know that both of them had the same manager!! What amazes me is how loyal Kelly has been to Beyonce’s family for all these years while dwindling ever more quickly into obscurity as Beyonce rose to mega stardom. It must have been damn painful. Wow!


    So Matthew Knowles has been her manager all this time???

    What a crying shame. Poor Kelly.

  121. Okay so I just went through and read all the posts. Let me say this. In the BEGINNING, when it was still only Destiny’s Child, Beyonce wasn’t that great. None of this Sasha Fierce nonsense existed. Even when Beyonce released her first solo album, it was only because of 1. Jay-Z and Sean Paul and a couple of other collaborations, and 2. the fact that Beyonce’s new image was now super sexualized that anyone paid any attention. Beyonce could not sing that well back then.

    HOWEVER, Rihanna happened, and she too was pretty much like Beyonce in look. She had the same endless wavy sort of blonde lace wig that Beyonce had, only smaller. She was cute, she was boppy but she also could not sing and that was it. Now Beyonce probably sing’s better than Rihanna, but she is DEFINITELY no Jennifer Hudson or Whitney Houston. Rihanna on the other hand knew that there was no hope of her ever being able to sing, so her management made a VERY SMART decision. They turned her into a goth undead princess and gave her Umbrella and suddenly she was an international superstar.

    At first Beyonce was claiming that her alto ego was Sasha (which is probably bullshit drivel that she’s been told to say to make herself seem interesting ) but did anyone notice that it was not until Rihanna and her Umbrella rained on Beyonce’s parade that Sasha suddenly morphed into Sasha Fierce, a…surprise-surprise, edgy almost goth chick just like a bigger version of Rihanna.

    Who do you think took note of Rihanna’s amazing turn around and instructed darling Beyonce to goth out?

    And if Matthew Knowles is so great, well he knew Beyonce was already a star, why didn’t he turn his attention to his artists that needed more help and turn KELLY ROWLAND into the wierd, sexy, goth chick that she so desperately needed to be to duplicate Rihanna’s success? Why give it to the already successful Beyonce?

    The answer is very very simple.

    Beyonce = daughter

    Kelly = not.

  122. agree with everything lover of life is saying but he is wasting his time, for beyonce’ s stans are the most hypocrite people on earth they will find a way to flip everything around

  123. Voice
    Then, the haters are just like the stans. The haters, too, find a way to flip everything around. They are one of the same…Beyonce supporters 🙂

  124. Snijanaflower, if that makes you better to believe that in fact everyone is a beyonce supporters go for it sista

  125. Voice
    You don’t have to put words in my mouth, that’s MY job dammit LMAO.

    Not everyone who dislike Beyonce, the artist and the woman, check her EVERY moves and are mostly the FIRST to comment on them [Keep in mind, it’s even when a blog post is not about her]. Therefore, not everyone in the universe is a Beyonce supporter. People who truly dislike every thing Beyonce are too busy enjoying their lives and their fav artists. No, this is a hater’s pattern. This behavior pattern shows they also supporters of B :). They help make her identity popular.

  126. Kelly is going to be alright. She is doing VERY well overseas, especially in Europe.

  127. UNITY by Ms. Kelly – went to NUMBER ONE (1) for six straight weeks in Canada with NO promotion or video from Sony/Columbia … how is this possible ? It’s a HIT, that’s how … already proven on the radio. Should be Kelly’s next single with FULL support from her label. Can’t wait to hear this song LIVE in concert – bring your lighters and cell phones 😉 – Jules

  128. Snijina
    Well that’ s a dumb way to put the situation, sometimes stephanie post things and i’ m the first to see it and comment on it does that make me a hater?
    and isn’t it better to know someone or about someone before talking about them? a hater is someone that don’ t know anything yet sit around and criticize, and the entertainment business is a vaste competition isn’ t it normal that someone get brought up even if the post have nothing to do with them? also 80 % of the time it’ s bey’ s stans that bring her up to put people down, so sister Please, Enough

  129. I’m upset with Kelly personally, that girl needs to get some counceling and some self -esteem. All she does is praise Beyonce, stop mentioning her I ain’t never heard her mention you… I remember when Michelle joined DC and they were talking all this Beyonce is the 1st lead singer, Kelly is the 2nd lead singer and Michelle is the 3rd lead singer. nd is Kelly’s place and she is too comfortable playing second, shoot Solange is even doing better than her w/her do not mention my sister stank attitude.

  130. @suga belly

    GIRL BYE! Where the hell have you been not to know Matthew Knowles who NOT to mention took kelly in like his own made her into who she is today, have a 3x platinum CD over seas was her manager??? Kelly knows what the deal is and she just isnt that terrific when it comes to anything, yes she is a good singer OK dancer, she needs to find the courage and confidence in her self to bring it to the table. Her as a group member she was great but solo artist?! No ma am

  131. I think that it was her hit around “THE WORLD” that finally made her realize that she is just as good, if not better than Beyonce. Beyonce is Hot!! and sings O.K. but one can’t listen to a beyonce album all day long because her voice isn’t that interesting. Kelly’s voice appeals to the masses as proven by her success around the world, except maybe the U.S. Kelly has more mass appeal than Beyonce. Beyonce is being shoved down our throats. People actually get mad when they hear she is coming out with something. It’s because she really isn’t all that talented. Michelle Williams can blow Beyonce out of the water vocally. It wasn’t until i went to a live concert and saw/heard for myself. Everybody in the audience was like OMG Beyonce is not the best singer in the Group. Kelly has White people behind her now.. it’s only up from there.. Especially if she gets a white management team. Call me racist, but thats just how it works. And the Euro is worth alot more than the USD. So she might be out earning beyonce in dollars. Dem White folks gonna make sure SHE and THEY gets paid… ie Tina Turner… Donna Summer… Whitney Houston… Look what happended to Janet when she switched to Black management… Beyonce.. shaking in her boots while trying to chase an Oscar. I’m a Diva I’m I’m a Diva…. ooh she make me sick..

    If Latoya Luckett had a number one platinum album I know Kelly can have one in the U.S. as well.

    I hate to see people held down and that what Latoya and Latavia could see happening and Kelly was to blind to see it.

  132. Voice name calling much?

    Haters just like the stans find a way to always make a topic about Beyonce. The blog on this site easily BACK MY POINT. They go out of their way to find something negative about her EVERY moves on EACH B blogs [In addition to blogs that are not about her].

  133. It’s not ‘nomal’ to continuously seek an artist you OBVIOUSLY dislike just to talk smack about them. It doesn’t cast a good look on your character at all.
    If this is your behavior on this site about a person you’ve never been in physical contact with [Or have limited physical contact with], I’d hate to know your behavior toward those you do come in contact with. It reminds of folks who always get together to talk sh!t [crap :)] behind other people’s back. I detest that behavior.
    To talk ish every once in a while about another…OK, you’re aloud a moment of weakness. However, to do it EVERYTIME is abnormal [a professional hater]. When I can’t stand an artist, I attempt to avoid everything about them. I’ve had success.

  134. Kelly is finally selling her Condo in Miami. Since she is more successful over there in Europe. She is starting a fresh new start. Babygirl has finally found her confidence and people can’t stand it. This is only the beginning lol.

  135. “a hater is someone that don’ t know anything yet sit around and criticize”

    I never thought of it like that but this is very true

    Ashawan, You spoke the truth, the day i heard michelle lived singing heart to you, I broke down crying, because i know oh too well how it feels to be put in the back because you can’ t be better than what society defines as good

  136. Congratulations Kelly!!! That’s the smartest decision you ever made girl! I hope you will do well ! If she brings a good material I’ll support it for sure!

    I agree with everyting sugabelly wrote.

  137. she was used as a crutch for a than friend-less and shy Beyonce’. Classic “A Different World” Kim Reese and Whitley Gilbert
    So true. DC was formed to build the confidence of Beyonce. When she got enough confidence to go it alone, that is exactly what she did. Told the remaining members that they were “taking a break” and she went solo, leaving them (and the fans) wondering when the “break” would be over. They are STILL to this very day saying DC is still a group and will return. BS.

  138. All along Beyonce was being groomed to be a solo artist, the others found themselves standing alone not knowing which way to turn, even though they were still under the same managment. smh

  139. I am convinced that the people who are taking up for the knowles on this site has to be beyonce or solange!!!
    Kelly run and never look back, the truth always comes out in the end. The Knowles aren’t what they are cracked up to be, and Beyonce married a guy in my opinion if they ever part will tell all her business!! Watch how it unfolds!!!!

  140. I AGREE 110% … release UNITY as a worldwide single with a video and full promo – was NUMBER ONE for six straight weeks in Canada with NO support. What more proof does Sony/Columbia need ? It’s a guaranteed HIT RECORD for Kelly … check it out on her MySpace site 😉

  141. Yes … I love Unity !!! Actually heard it on the radio today and I’m from Chicago. Has it officially been released in the U.S. ? One of Kelly’s BEST 😉

  142. okay ppl kelly does not sing as beyonce does but that doesnt mean she isnt talented kelly has a very nice voice and is very talented its good she has new management but like some of u said she does need to tune up on the live shows because she just looks a little less together on her own without the other two. all she needs is better songs that actually show off her vocals and she will be fine. anyway some artist never get big in the usa like they are in europe look at tina turner event though she is succesful here she is mega in europe and hasnt had a number 1 since 1980 something in america. but i think kelly will be okay

  143. Stop throwing the Knowles-Next-victim card around so losely, dear. It doesn’t do you character justice. Your argument is backward because you are so intent on villanizing the Knowles.

    LOL, I said that repeatedly that that is not my intent on villinzing the Knowles. I’m sorry if it came off as such.

    “The serious implication?
    YOU, loveroflife, are one of the people who agrees that darker skin tone and brown eyes are on the bottom scale of beauty. How so? If you believed darker skin & eye folks are AS beautiful AS the European standard of beauty, you would also agree by darkening Farrah’s skin & eyes, the Knowles were NOT in effect ‘hiding her beauty’. They would be giving her ANOTHER representation of beauty [Follow me?]. However, the language you use show you are the very person that you are accusing the Knowles of being [SHOCKER]. You believe the darkening of Farrah’s skin and eyes AUTOMATICALLY lessens her beauty. As a result, she did not become Beyonce’s beauty competitor in Destiny’s Child. Phew! The europpean did a number on you loveroflife.”

    Its not about accusatory lol Snjiana. You are viewing my statement on how YOU want to view it. I reread my statement and it as quite clear. If it wasn’t to you then I will make myself clear. They darken her skin and eyes to not have her get all the attention in the group. Beyonce and Farrah are both light skin girls with light features. Only one in the group can have the mainstream appearance and that is Beyonce because she is the star. Just think about it. After LeToya and LaTavia left the group and they found replacements the attention is going to be on the new girls. Michelle to many is not a looker so of course no one is checking. However with Farrah she is attactive and by her looks she has the mainstream look. They were afraid the attention from Beyonce would shift because she is also a light skin girl with light eyes as well. You catch my drfit? They had to tone down her looks to make her less appealing to Beyonce’s appearance. If they hadn’t Beyonce no longer is the hot redbone with the nice body. There is another one in the group that is just on her level of looks that can grasp the same attention. They didn’t want that. The lead singer has to be the main attraction. Telling Kelly to be comfortable in her skin and loving her dark skin is good on their part to help her. however,most people including the Knowles know that Beyonce being a light skin woman with a nice curvy body helped her further her career, She is talented no doubt but I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t. Kelly saw that and started to question her self-worth even though she loves Beyonce and vice-versa.

    “HOWEVER, if they are only flocking to my friend because of her lighter skin shade, I would be thanful & grateful that I would not have to waste my prescious time with them ignorants who believe only lighter skin women are beautiful. I would be grateful because they wear their ignorances on their sleeves. It’s the ones who are undercover I should be worried about. Eventhen, I would eventually shake them off, and move one with my life. I would know what I’m working with LOL, nothing they say would make me believe I’m on the bottom scale of beauty. Think about it…why should I, or anyone else, take the word of an ignorant at face value? If I ever did, it would mean I have yet to truly value my beauty. Then, I did not deserve it in the first place since I cannot learn to cherish it.”

    I agree with this. However, you be a dark skin woman in an industry that is tough on appearance. I have heard so many dark skin woman say they have been rejected so many tmes because the industry is so damn shallow lol. Not only that but they will tell them they are beautiful but they don’t have a mainstream appearance to make the company more money. The indusrty defines you because that’s how you make your money.

    “It is up to Kelly Rowland to cherish and appreciate the beauty and talent God gave her, and she should continue grace us with them everyonce and awhile LOL. If Kelly wants to shout to the world her friend’s beauty that is her business. It does not diminish hers at all. In fact, it enhances her beauty because it shows she is a confident beauty who does not mind or feel threaten to recognize & speak about other beauties. She’s beautiful inside out :). The fact that Beyonce and her mother have reciprocated in interviews only put them in the same light.”

    Giving a woman compliments for their beauty does show confidence and unselfishness however, Kelly gives Beyonce more compliments than she does with herself. That shows she has an inferiorty complex. Beyonce does give Kelly compliments when she is bought up in an interview not willingly like Kelly lol. kelly’s fault to me is that she didn’t talk about herself more. To tell you the truth she is more of a mystery to me. She allowed herself to not to become a relatable figure. She is just known as being a member of DC and is best friends with Beyonce. That’s not saying much. I think distancing herself from the knowles gives her a independent image. That’s a start for her to focus on herself. Beyonce already has done it and has become well established because of it. She can still lover her and be on her own.

    “YEAH we already know you are full of speculations :)”

    Call it full of speculations but I do more about the industry and what goes behind it to become it to beoome successful. I talk to A&R’s, producers, and even assistants who work with managers in the business. Surprise, surprise! I know one right now who use to be an assistant for Matthew knowles. He said that he is what he is perceived to be and that is dominant and aggressive and borderline douchebag. He said the man does not play at all! lol. However he enjoyed working with him to gain experience. Me and Snijana me and you are just going to have to agree to disagree on this issue though concerning Kelly.

    @ Curtis
    I believe both the knowles and Farrahs’s story. Farrah’s story makes sense because she does look different then and how she looks now. However it best for the group for her to leave for the sake for herself and the group.

    @ Dark sista

    No thank you for your kind words 🙂

  144. sbijani i didn’ t even start calling anything yet, i just said it was dumb to assume that just because someone post first and say something that you don’t like they are haters and further more knowing something before speaking on it is fundamental don’ t you think? You just had a dumb moment it’ s okay

  145. I fail to see where I had a ‘dumb’ moment Voice. If you want to build an argument against mine, fine. However, don’t start throwing the word ‘dumb’ around as a counterargument. It makes you look childish 🙁

  146. loveroflife let me get this straight
    You agree the Knowles DO compliment Kelly’s beauty, yes? The case with you is they are DANM if they do and they are DANM if they don’t LMAO. They just cannot win SMH. I’m sure they are somewhat use to that now. I doubt they are sweating over it.

    My previous argument stands.
    It’s a matter of did loveroflife say “The [Knowles] hide her [Farrah’s] beauty by darkening/tanning her skin? YES YOU DID 🙂
    Your argument that she becomes uglier with a darker skin & eyes tone is just therefore could not compete with B is just…SMH .
    Women range fromvery dark brown to pink can be very beautiful. My argument–> if/when the Knowles forced Farrah to darken her skin ton, Farrah, would then, showcase ANOTHER representation of beauty. She could NOT become any uglier or prettier than she already was to begin with…Follow me?

  147. ^^^^^^^^^
    To Loveroflife’s defense:

    Our culture prefers European features. Period.

    If Farrah was asked to darken up, then it wasn’t to showcase another form of beauty.
    This had to have been imposed on her to ensure that Bey got most of the attention in among the members of DC.

    Your argument is valid because many of us (black folk) do make these arguments with the mindset you have described. I just don’t get the impression that Loveroflife has that mindset.

  148. My first question to Pearlsrevealed

    -When you say ‘Our culture’ prefers European features, which culture do you mean exactly?
    -Second, which ethnic features does Pearlsrevealed prefer, if any?

    Just because some/majority have one preference, does that mean you SHOULD have the SAME preference [I hope not…Following the crowd much?] Or does it mean you should put your own standard of beauty on a lower pedestal to the Europeans & devalue it just because the Europeans already their choice and it’s not yours? Why do you continue to give the European the authority to tell you who your ideal beauty is? Can’t you make and support your own decisions? They certainly make and support theirs. Come to think of it, there is nothing wrong with some European chosing a white-skin-blue-eye-blonde-hair as their ideal beauty. They are entitle to their opinions afterall. In addition, of course their ideal beauty is going to be someone with their likeness. You, however, owe it to yourself to start appreciating your own ideal beauty…whomever it is.

    If it makes it easier for your conscious to say “Well, them K-N-O-W-L-E-S make Farrah uglier with a tan” by all means. The better question Pearlsrevealed & Loveroflife would ask themselves is to whom does a-tan-Farrah look uglier? Does Farrah look uglier to YOU two with a tan and brown eyes? If yes, you have issues. If not…what was/is making her tan-self anyless beautiful than B…since you already believe their ‘light skin’ put them on the same level of beauty to begin with? Some even say Farrah’s light-skin-self is more beautiful than B’s…SMH. If Farrah is this beautiful pre-tan, she will still be beautiful post-tan LOL. I continue to see DC as a group fill with diverse Beauties. Beyonce happens to be my fav since the first vid / record because [No, not her light skin DAMMIT :)] of her voice, drive, confidence, stage pressence/It factor which keep on getting better. I hope she enjoys the ride.

    Side Note: don’t I love it when you folks reduce B’s talent to her skin tone? LMAO

  149. ok this crap is not that serious to last so long, and go as low as color complex. This is about Kelly Rowland and her parting ways with Matthew. This is my first time posting and I am reallly happy for her. I just find it sickening for someone who never met any of the Knowles’ or DC members to fight over them like they’re giving them free food or something. Even Obama’s post barely gets close to this amount of comments. But which is more important?? Our first african american president who MAY actually change the economy? Or fighting over something that is pointless? haha wow, smh

  150. SnijanaFleur
    For two people to be arguing they both need to have a somewhat open mind to the subject or since i started reading your posts you say the same thing over and over i do not care to debate with you , i know your answers already and believe me i could care less how i look on internet that’ s you baby not me 🙂

  151. Voice…now I get it
    Since you do not care to have an open debate with me, you resort to childish name calling like…dumb? Yeah…that’s the better path to take *roll eyes* 🙂

    In these posts, I realize people tend to be the exact thing they accuse others of being. For intence, Voice tends to repeat herself in each Beyonce blogs. In addition, she can’t help it if she is one of the first :(. Where is the open mind darling? Voice writes, “i could care less how i look on internet”. No wonder you write some of the things you do…SMH.

  152. Kelly was always my fav, because she had a strong voice, slender body, and she was more down to earth. I think she has the potential to come back and this time leave a dent. Whatever she puts out I will most likely support it.

  153. SnijanaFlower:

    First: Stop shaking your head before it falls honey That does not touches me,you are nothing more to me than a beyonce afro tilted head icon character.

    Second: Only someone Insecure would be worried about their online portrayal, and who likes them or not, again that’ s you baby , not me, I know who i am which is why i do not stan for anyone, or stay defending someone i don’ t know just to make myself look good, or none of that , Once again [and now you can throw the repetition card] THAT’ S YOU

    Third: I’ m glad you realize that whatever you accuse people of being is just a reflection of yourself, that’ s a breakthrough

    and Baby remember you wrote me , i was not even paying attention to you, but as soon as i talked about stans you jumped to the rescue, again [again sweety] That’ s you, when you started to call people “haters ” i was not there!

    Only when you adressed me because you wanted to E-fight that’ s when i responded and my few sentences pissed you off?
    I’ m the wrong person for that honey I don’ t do all that online gangster movement Girl please
    ,i come post and go, sometimes share a few laughs, argue a little and go on with my day you on the other hand can sit here and wait for people like a war dog, that is your prerogative “he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches.”

  154. Voice says, “Only someone Insecure would be worried about their online portrayal”. Does that philosophy work in the non-cyber world. Are you not conscious about the way you present yourself everyday, one way or the other, in the physical world [In School/work/the neighborhood/around family members/husband/boyfriend/ lover/around strangers…]? If you tell me you’re not conscious about it, I will find it hard to believe. If you are however, I will ask you what makes it any different whether you’re in the physical or cyber world? Also, How do you equate ‘insecure’ with being conscious about the way one presents herself to the world?

    Again do not put word in my mouth Voice. I’m very capable of saying a mouthful…It’s clearly evident LOL. Voice writes, “Only someone Insecure would be worried about […] who likes them [online] or not, again that’ s you baby , not me”. If someone online like my character **Wink, BRILLIANT choice, coy grin ** LOL. If you dislike my character [I don’t see why you would LOL], I will not lose sleep any over it. We don’t not know each other personally afterall.

    Voice labelled me a B stan. I’m not…maybe I’m in denial. Of course I enjoy her music [Especially her performances], but I enjoy countless other music. Help me understand…why exactly do you think I’m her stan specifically. I know I enjoy debating. The topics I debate do not have to be related to the knowles although blogs about them usually spark these discussions LOL. I would debate the same if they are about anyone else.

    Currently…I’m not ‘pissed off’. To the contrary, I’m enjoying myself LOL. I’m a staunch believer in debates. They are healthy excercizes for brain. They help you grow and look at things differently. I WISH I could sit around here and debate longer, but I have to go to school to continue nourishing that brain. It’s funny you think I’m war-dog-like, you would not reconize my character if we met in real life… That is until you get to know me LOL.

  155. “agree with everything lover of life is saying but he is wasting his time, for beyonce’ s stans are the most hypocrite people on earth they will find a way to flip everything around”

    That was the statement i made, I don’ t see any words referring to “flower ,fleur or snijina?” I did not labeled You a stan, I never called you anything , When i talked about stans you jumped to the rescue so like i said That’ s you not me, if you take offense at something i stay then maybe you feel like i was talking to/about you

    When you talked about haters i would not have come for you if
    number one :You hadn’t addressed me “Voice Then, the haters are just like the stans…. Supporters :)”
    and re-reading that it sound even dumber now, For if beyonce’ s “haters” are beyonce “supporters”, and you argue with a fellow “supporter”…. Then maybe you are the real hater no? Confusing ain’t it ?

    and number two: I thought your statement was idiotic , I didn’t call you dumb , I said the way You put it Was dumb, See that’ s your problem you take your assumptions for reality…Again it’ s all about how You put it

    I think [think= IMO] lol our problem here is that you are one of those people that just follow the pretty popular girl and sing praises of her, Just so you can look good and not being perceived as jealous, Just like kelly in a way That’ s what i think from the posts i read from you, Me i’ m the girl that will speak against the pretty popular girl if i feel like it because i don’ t need to be her puppy to feel validated in society 🙂 That’ s what i think, and we will never agree until you find yourself but that’ s My opinion

    As far as being in denial Only you knows You,If you don’ t think you’ re a stan then you’ re not.

    Have fun at school I got to go too,

  156. When is Kelly announcing her new management or a new project? I think she should capitalize on this new found interest in her career. It’s been a while since any news on Kelly Rowland has been adopted by the Associated Press and other mainstream media houses.


  158. Let ” UNITY ” prevail and release this track as a worldwide single !!! Already went to Number One in Canada for SIX weeks. One of the most beautiful songs Kelly has ever recorded. How can this go to #1 in Canada and not the U.S. ??? (shocking) It needs support from her label, radio play / video and all her amazing fans. Stations in Chicago and New York are leading the way … let’s make it happen !

  159. @julia

    Lets check FACTS dear! that song wasnt even released on her USA album…that song was only on the Canadian version. Artist s always release a song or two different from what they release in the US! So check ya facts before you go blaming folks for Kelly’s lack of success. Have you bought any albums by Kelly Rowland??

  160. Last Post:

    “Our culture”~~~specifically American; westernized cultures in general.

    By stating the obvious, that is euro features are preferred, does not mean I think this is the ideal form of beauty and it does not mean that Farrah was made ugly by darkening her skin. That is just a fact of life in this day and age. The big question is why would one black person ask another black person to change their skin color. This is not a big deal for caucasians for tanning is completely acceptable and considered attractive. But this is absolutely whack for blacks. A new hairstyle and some new clothes? Sure. Loose a few pounds? ok. Wear brown contacts and get a tan? Why? It would be just as disgusting if someone asked her to use fade cream to lighten her skin and wear blue contacts as well.

    You need to do a search of Bey’s post to find that I have never reduced her talent to her skin color! I have taken issue with the rump shaking and the mixed messages given by her music and her spirituality but I have always acknowledged her talent.

    Personally, I have never had color issues and I am over most self-esteem issues. Like anyone raised in the south Louisiana like myself, the psychology of race and color is a subject you have to figure out in your own time. Fortunately for me, color was NEVER an issue within my home. When I encountered colorisms outside the home I would think “that person is crazy”. I rarely took it personally. I recall that when classmates would complain I would be the one trying to steer the conversation in a different direction. Though I was a depressed child for other reasons, I would always try to encourage and empower others to elevate their minds and transcend colorism. I did this in elementary school! I should have gotten a degree in psychology.

    In conclusion, I am comfortable in my brown skin, brown eyes, and sisterlocks. I have found myself attracted to men of every color. I also see the beauty in my sisters of all races, colors and textures. No color issues here.

  161. HEY REAL TALK … yes, I have bought ALL of Kelly’s albums and UNITY happened to be released digitally in the USA via iTunes – album title: ” Ms. Kelly – Diva Deluxe. ” Check it out – only $5.99 for all 7 songs. Not blamin’ anyone … just saying this song deserves a chance. #1 in Canada with no video or promo … just based on radio play and requests across the country – that’s sweet 😉

  162. It’s getting hot in here LOL! But anyway congratulations to Kelly. It’s a new year and I guess she wanted a fresh start in every aspect of her life.

  163. Everyone has difference’s in their life but it’s best to let bygones be bygones.That’s the only way to move forward positively.

  164. Snijina and Shante: Knock it out with the low blows ^^
    Thomas said it best and i will add that If like i believe Matthew Knowles and his daughter have been faking, hurting and betraying, Their way to the top, then will come the day where their sandcastle will crumble, If they didn’t then may beyonce keep on living the life she’ s ever dream about, and accept my apologies, For now go to school and find something else to do beside bickering How old are you?!

    beyoncehasitonlock: You’ re right i will never come for her oh never, i’ ll just let jennifer’ s oscar, voice and praises do the Job, You ‘ re just mad go drink some water

    Pearlsrevealed: Well said

  165. i don’t know where some of ya’ll get your information from, but kelly DID NOT have a #1 on the Canadian charts for 6wks. she was number 1 on vancuver’s radio countdown for 6wks but NOT on the official charts. the single finished at #14 on the R&B charts (not the mainstream charts) at the end of the year. please stop making up up facts

  166. Let us pretend that this is an interview.

    Interviewer: So Beyonce, what do you think of Kelly’s new solo album?

    Beyonce: Oh I am so proud of her. That’s my girl.

    Again, let us pretend that this is an interview:

    Interviewer: So Kelly, what do you think of Beyonce’s new solo album?

    Kelly: Beyonce is so beautiful and talented, she has the most amazing voice, she’s like a diamond, she’s just so rare. I always knew she was destined for great things, everything about her leaves me in awe, I think the special light of God is shining down on her, I am so grateful for her and I am so grateful for our friendship, she is the best friend you could ever have, she is so loving, so kind, so gracious, so humble, her career is amazing and she inspires me, all of you go buy her album because it comes out tomorrow. Beyonce, you’re a star.

    Something…. is deeply wrong.

  167. On Kelly: She finally got some self esteem,and realize that she was just as good as anyone else, Just because America says dark is not beautiful does not mean it’ s a fact, Go on girl, and go get them I’ m rooting for you

    On beyonce: Sound to me like she is selling products to insecure people. You should/read/listen to the typical beyonce fan, Laughable, Good for her to live her dream, and more power to her, But i am one of the people she does not touch or influence, the all let’ s kiss the Celebrity girl so we can feel better about our selves, child please i’ m a bad woman in my own rights don’ t need to stand at beyonce in amazement, Plus i’ m strictly penisly don’ t get off watching another woman shake her booty

    On the haters/ stans: There is no such things as a hater or a stan they are just people with their opinions , now the self proclaimed stan or hater need to get some help

  168. Re: Unity … being Number One for 6 straight wks on any radio countdown and having the 14th Best-Selling R&B Song of the Year with NO video or promotion is a major accomplishment ! Just imagine if this song had the level of support that Beyonce receives from Sony/Columbia ??? BTW … heard Unity on the radio today and I’m from Chicago – Go Kelly 😉

  169. @sugabelly

    you look like a AFRICA BOOTY SCRATCHIN somebody! Nigerians STINK SO BAD…My friend Uche smells like doodoo straight from a dogs ass!! lol Ghana women are so much more prettier and fresh in all places. WHY DO NIGERIANS STINK???? Lets do an interview about that

    Sugabelly:Well we smell so bad b/c we have no idea how to clean out african butts

    interviewer: Yucky…have you all heard of soap and water??

    Sugabelly: No…what is dat called my friend?

    Interviewer: Its something small and fresh it makes your body soft and alot of OTHER africans use it too

    Sugabelly: Well Im so caught up on what Beyonce and her wonderful family is doing that I forget to wash my ass oooohhh

    interviewer: Thats sad If you dislike Bey so much, why focus on her at all?? I mean she is the greatest entertainer of our time..even Brandy admits to that!

    Suga belly:well Ill ask my stinky ass parents to buy some so all my family can smell very very good!


  170. @ sugabelly

    Girl that is so true. I have noticed that (about the interview part you did) LOL.


  171. @ Bronze_Beauty

    Great point!!! Alot of these people are simple-minded and just ignorant. I’m happy for Kelly!!! She has always deserved sooooo much more.

  172. MR C…………….I agree 100% You really put the icing on the cake.

  173. Just love UNITY by Ms.Kelly … ” until we meet again ” 😉 Wherever you are, let’s support our girl and get this hit song on the radio. NYC and Chicago are leading the way.

  174. lol @Rihanna is a Lesbian…thats wrong tho! My ex bf is Nigerian and he smelled really good all the time.

  175. @Rihanna is a Lesbian grow up! thats not even funny. And anybody who laughs at it is ignorant themselves. smdh!!

  176. Rihanna is a Lesbian..,.YALL AINT KNO?!?!

    Desperate Much? What you know about Africa? Beside what you see on the Geographic Channel, Child bye, Typical American, Can’ t stand other cultures

  177. @rihanna is a lesbian…

    to use your own words, don’t hate. You don’t know the first thing about me or my family, and you obviously have no idea about Nigeria.

    Aren’t you pitiful? 🙂

  178. Lol. I wonder which Nigerian put you in your place and which Ghanaian comforted you to fill you with so much resentment. If you were educated enough to know the first thing about Nigeria and stop lapping up everything you see on television, then you would understand that I can’t but pity you and laugh at your amusing little attempt at wit. Haha, I’ll keep Nigeria if you don’t mind, and you can stay right where you are. Be grateful I’m deigning to reply you. I would never even acknowledge your sort in public.

    What a sad, sad little person you must be. You must be such a waste of space and computer memory. Booty scratching Africans. What a joke.

    My advice to you: Books are your friend. They will not eat you. Go on, open one up. Don’t be afraid.

  179. I think kelly’s mad because Mattew wanted her to be part of the pussycat Dolls…Degrading!

  180. I think kelly’s mad because Mattew wanted her to be part of the pussycat Dolls…Degrading!

    Tania ,tania: shame baby girl you shoulf not believe everything you hear. Kelly was not ever offered that prt. She would not have taken it anyway. that was only on one gossip site which i am not even going to name. I hope Kelly is Preping herself to come back as a survior and shit on you Beyaky stans, and yes you are a stan. As i am a Kelly stan and damn proud of it. This is her year to show how much she has grown.

    Now over to sugabelly: Baby let me tell you something , yes Kelly praises Beyaky and she is gracious and loyal in doing so. Beyaky is all about self. She is so focused on self that she dont even wanna talk about Kelly. She is selfish and will and have done anything to get to top as she have. She has stolen songs and such. She will back stab anyone who gets in the way of what she wants. Kelly has wised wayyyyy up and moved across the damn pond where she can be an individual. I hope like i told tanifa that Kelly is prepping to come and shit on you and the rest of the Bey stans. Don’t take shitting on you personal. I mean in the way that i hope she gives it to you all where it hurts. and where it hurts will be making that good music everyone can relate to.

  181. I think kelly’s mad because Mattew wanted her to be part of the pussycat Dolls…Degrading!

    Tania ,tania: shame baby girl you shoulf not believe everything you hear. Kelly was not ever offered that prt. She would not have taken it anyway. that was only on one gossip site which i am not even going to name. I hope Kelly is Preping herself to come back as a survior and **** on you Beyaky stans, and yes you are a stan. As i am a Kelly stan and damn proud of it. This is her year to show how much she has grown.

    Now over to sugabelly: Baby let me tell you something , yes Kelly praises Beyaky and she is gracious and loyal in doing so. Beyaky is all about self. She is so focused on self that she dont even wanna talk about Kelly. She is selfish and will and have done anything to get to top as she have. She has stolen songs and such. She will back stab anyone who gets in the way of what she wants. Kelly has wised wayyyyy up and moved across the damn pond where she can be an individual. I hope like i told tanifa that Kelly is prepping to come and **** on you and the rest of the Bey stans. Don’t take shitting on you personal. I mean in the way that i hope she gives it to you all where it hurts. and where it hurts will be making that good music everyone can relate to.

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