Kelly Rowland Performs at Orlando Mardi Gras


Free agent Kelly Rowland took her talents to the stage over the weekend to perform at Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras Celebration.

Kelly performed a medley of hits, including several from her Destiny’s Child days. I’d almost forgotten about “Cater to You,” until I saw the video below.

Without a doubt, Kelly has everything it takes to go to the next level musically. Now, if she can only find a label that’s willing to invest in her talent.

Earlier this week Kelly revealed she was a free agent, having left Universal Republic, her label of more than five years.

“I just needed something new and I’ve earned the right to make my own choices and decisions,” she told Huffington Post. “There were no hard feelings. I needed a fresh start and they wished me the best.”

Kelly says she’s back in the studio, on her own dime, and that she’s taking her time crafting her new project.

As for how she will release it to the public, Kelly says there are “offers on the table,” but that she isn’t ruling out going independent.

Here’s hoping she has better luck than the recent spate of artists who have went at it alone.

Anyway, check out a cool clip below of Kelly performing at Orlando Mardi Gras.


  1. I think Kelly is awesome, but she should just remain independent. Make her money off touring and keep producing herself like Ashanti and so many other artists. I know Toni Braxton just has a management team and I think maybe that’s all she needs if that. I mean, she clearly is getting exposure for herself on sites such as this one and maintaining endorsement deals without the help of a label so just keep the money in her own pocket and don’t pay a label to basically rob you when in this age of social media, etc it is soooo simple to promote oneself as an artist.

  2. Kelly needs to dig into her pockets and help promote herself. She said Universal didn’t want to release a third single which she would have promoted via The X Factor. So, why didn’t she do a video and promote herself? She didn’t need Universal to tour or perform. I hate to bring up Beyonce, but do people think Columbia upped the money to pay for all those videos? No. Those videos were paid for using Pepsi money. Ashanti has financed her own videos and so have other artists. Kelly needs better management because her fiance is not a good choice if you ask me. She needs to assemble a team that believes in her and wants to see her fly. Without that she’ll always be a struggling artist.

  3. I agree with Kourtney and Sista: Kelly needs to go it alone and spend her own money and promote herself. The best investment anyone can make is themselves. And Sista as you mentioned Columbia did not pay for all of those videos Beyonce did she paid for them herself. So Kelly could learn a thing or too from good management. She is also an actress so she can pursue that. I wish her the best.

  4. I like Kelly, but she did this to herself. All these years in the industry and she’s still struggling. I don’t care for DC music , but they were one of the best selling groups of the 2000’s. She had a name for herself, but she kept herself down to light beyonce shine. Instead of promoting her stuff, she would be talking about beyonce albums! Lol smh. Until she really addresses her low self esteem issues, she will continue to struggle. “Motivation,” “Ice,” “Feet to the Fire,” etc all solid cuts, but she wouldn’t promote them!? Like I said she would be promoting beyonce and/or appearing in her videos. People can’t get to know you if you you are talking about yourself, be a loyal fan if you don’t even believe in yourself. The Knowles did a number on her. Smh.

  5. Kelly has been promoting Beyoncé for years now hello what’s going on with that. She should be promoting herself! For example look at Mariah Carey she knows how to promote herself. Btw why is it that there is no post insite on Mariah Carey she’s been busy.

  6. Sorry to be so kurt, but… it is utter foolishness that Kelly didn’t put one of her best songs ice on her last album. The video and song was fire. I was always (and will remain) a Kelly fan, but it is hard to support her when she leaves her fans high and dry. It’s terrible to learn that she didn’t release another single because the label didn’t support it. Forget the label. Pay for it yourself. Kelly has serious self esteem issues, I’m sorry to say. She spent a lot of her time in DC and out of DC promoting BK, who doesn’t need any added promotion. Kelly was a detriment to herself. I have actually seen Kelly in an interview with BK raving about BK, while BK listened and said well your good too, bla bla bla. Kelly promptly cut her off and said but your so great cause you write and produce. BK was trying hard not to roll her eyes.
    Kelly was the first in dc to have significant solo success with dilemma. Instead of getting her look together, and making sure her music was right she released a half ass album and videos. I’m being harsh because Kelly has a lot of talent, is intelligent and beautiful, and has not reached where she should be partly because of her not believing and promoting number one.

    Sorry again, but like the others I had to say it.

  7. Got to agree with the theme here. Kelly needs to take a few pages from the “Me, Inc.” book of self-success – tape those pages to her bathroom mirror and make it happen for herself!!!

  8. I think Kelly is awesome but oh so lazy in regards to promoting herself. Kelly seems to want things to come drop in her lap instead of self promoting and working hard to achieve what she should be at now. Maybe she should go independent and invest in herself. Look Beyoncé the first time around in putting out a video album she spent her own money and this time around she said from her own mouth(Beyoncé)that she don’t trust these records companies and she prove herself when you un announce her last project thru I-TUNES. Kelly has had many chances to self promote but didn’t.

  9. I think Kelly is awesome but oh so lazy in regards to promoting herself.

    I could not have said it better.

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