Kelly Rowland Preps New Album


Though her “Talk a Good Game” album was released just six months ago, R&B diva Kelly Rowland is already back in the studio working on material for her next solo project.

In a recent interview, Kelly re-confirmed what she confirmed months ago, which is that she has started recording new music and is possibly thinking of re-releasing “Talk a Good Game” with several unreleased tracks.

So why cover this story again? Well, because I think Kelly is crazy in the head if she thinks what few loyal fans she has left will continue to support album after album that she abandons after it’s released.

“Talk a Good Game” is only six months old and yet Kelly stopped all promo within days of the album’s release. I haven’t seen Kelly give one single performance of any song on ‘TAGG’ since June.

As much as I root for Kelly, it cannot be denied that she is a lazy artist. She hardly does any promo before her albums are released, and does even less after they’re released. Kelly signs on to judge these fledgling TV competitions thinking they will give her a boost, but all they do is take her away from her main job: singing.

Kelly abandoned promo for “Here I Am” back in 2011 to be a judge on the UK version of X Factor- and this year she did the same with ‘TAGG’ to be a judge on the US version.

With less than 5 million viewers tuning in weekly, it’s safe to say X Factor may not return to the air next year and if it does it probably will not be with Kelly as a judge.

So where does that leave Kelly in the realm of relevant singers? Nowhere. She has twice thrown away her opportunity to become a true R&B diva by putting her music second and one of Simon Cowell’s failing talent competitions first.

“Commander,” “Motivation” and “Dirty Laundry” were all opportunities Kelly wasted to become the break-out star we know she has the potential to be.

With music labels becoming ever more fickle, Kelly better hurry up and pop or she will find herself having to release her music independently like Ashanti; and we all know how well that has worked out.


  1. I hate to play the Beyonce card, but here goes. Beyonce never planned to release new music this year, that is why she toured. I told people that months ago. She toured solely to keep her name out there while she finished up work on the new album. Beyonce once called herself the hardest working woman in show business. I originally thought that was arrogant, but see now she may have known what she was talking about. Whether she does it for the fame, ego or pure joy of it, Beyonce works hard to remain Beyonce. While these other girls are posing on Instagram Beyonce is working. When her new music drops, she will work even harder. She will sell her music to the public with every breath she can muster. Kelly, Ciara and Keyshia Cole can learn a thing or two from her. All three barely lift a finger to promote their product and then wonder why with each successive album they lose more fans. Keyshia Cole could once move over 300,000 copies of an album in a week, but her poor work effort and dependence on Tupac hits from decades ago cost her fans. Kelly barely gets out of bed to do any promo and I agree about her trying to hop on the reality TV singing competition bandwagon to get some shine. Problem is, she hopped on the wrong bandwagon. American Idol is where its at. They at least let their judges perform on the show. Ciara is another lost cause. She spends more time on Instagram than anywhere. She acts like she wants to be a model rather than a singer. Where was that tour she promised? What about all those video previews she showed off the week the album was released. What is wrong with these girls these days? You only get out of your career what you put into it and none of them are putting in much effort.

  2. ^ What does Beyonce have to do with this post?! Please shut up. You are rambling about nothing!! Idiot!
    Anyways….I loved Kelly’s album. I don’t think adding new tracks will be a bad idea!

  3. Suck a di.. ck bi. tch. If you knew how to read above a third grade level you would know what the fu.. ck Beyonce has to do with this post.

    Mad ho.. e

  4. Well damn! Ish got real in here fast.
    Let me state my peace before the level of conversation descends any further into the abyss.

    I have enjoyed all of Kelly’s solo efforts, especially Talk a Good Game. It’s a great album that was poorly handled by all involved from start to finish. Yes Kelly does need to perform and tour more, but I think she lacks a strong team around her that will help take her to the next level. Stars don’t become stars without a lot of behind the scenes work being done by image makers. Kelly needs such a team and such an image maker. She needs someone who wants to see her succeed. Whoever her manager is right now is not a star maker.

  5. @ JBL that’s what your gay ass is good for doing. Now go play in traffic and DIE!

  6. This is what i have been saying for years. Kelly could have had a great career but either she doesn’t care or doesn’t know how to do it. She also needs another manager that will make her get out of bed and do something.

  7. I love Talk a good game,the album is amazing…it may be her best solo work to date! I wish she released Gone as a singal and red wine or street life…dirty laundry was okay but it was a little to deep to be a singal..I wish Kelly a lot of luck is alway been my favorite out of DC. I wish she believed in her music the way her fan do!

  8. You can only blame people around you for so long. If we look at other R&B careers – like Trey Songz, before he released Ready in 2009, he did the work himself of putting himself out there musically through social media, mixtapes, small venue concerts, thye works. No one just gets to the top – the artist has to be willing to do the work before the team does. Kelly needs to learn to put her music and self first. Fans who love and support her deserved a tour. Look at Chrisette Michele, she had been touring the whole year since releasing her beautiful album, and not big stadiums, but concert halls and stuff. She’s doing what she loves, appeasing fans and they are enjoying it. There are many artists who don’t have big teams who are making sure that the albums they worked hard on stay on people’s minds. elly is LAZY. Point. Blank. Period. She is a disappointment, and it has nothing to do with Beyonce or Matthew Knowles this time. Such a shame, because her album “Talk A Good Game” was good.

  9. @DANA:

    I concur with your post. I will, out of curiosity, be watching Kelly and Ashanti perform on Arsenio tonight. Janelle Monae was on the show a couple of weeks ago and, I found her to be very intellectual. A person`s speech and thought process will illuminate them in a matter of a couple of minutes. She`s not only stunning and sexy, she`s no airhead, like many of these sex crazed female artists are. Like I`ve said before, picking up a book for some wouldn`t be a bad idea. So, you can shake your ass, but your speech is, that, of a fifth grade level. Anyway, I will watch her on Arsenio tonight.

    MJ & The GOLDEN 80s 4eva!!


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