Kelly Rowland Previews New Single: No Pressure

Kelly Rowland Previews Music from Upcoming Album

KELLY ROWLAND NO PRESSURE_FotorSinger Kelly Rowland is back with new music. Just moments ago the Motivation singer used her Instagram account to preview a new single for fans titled No Pressure.

The uptempo jam sounds like something we would ordinarily get from Beyonce, so much so fans assumed Kelly’s voice was Beyonce’s or that the tune was a collaboration between the former bandmates.

But nope. It’s all Kelly and it’s reportedly just days away from being released in full.

You can give the new tune a listen below, and do take a moment to let us know in the comment section if you’re feeling Kelly’s new sound.

She's worrrrrrrking… *Common voice*

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  1. I love it. Hope there is a cool video with it. Why are people thinking it’s Beyoncé? I love Bee, but people let Lelly get the shine she deserves! The obsession with Beyoncé is now annoying! You can tell it’s Kelly singing

  2. Check Kelly’s Instagram. Beyonce’s nutty fans started leaving bee icons there, saying she was stealing from Beyoncé. They’re a hateful group of online bullies.

    But yeah, at first listen it did sound like Beyoncé to me too, so I understood ppl who thought it was a collabo.

  3. Kelly looks happy and sounds good. Can’t wait to hear the song in full. Her last two albums were good. She deserves a lot more credit than she gets. She’s become a very good performer and is growing into her sound.

  4. This is KELLY ROWLAND year she gives out great music and people sleeps on her. She just is good as Beyonce I love Beyonce but I love Kelly Rowland more and her music.

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