Kelly Rowland Re-Works A Classic

Kelly Rowland has taken a page from her days as a DC3 member and decided to put her stamp on a classic Bee Gee’s tune. The singer went into the studio with Michael Buble and the two recorded a duet of the band’s 1977 hit “How Deep Is Your Love.” No word yet as to what project this unlikely collaboration will be used for- however rumor has it the song may be an early leak from Kelly’s upcoming album which is slated to be released later on this year.

To give it a listen…click the play box below.


  1. She has a very soothing voice. I really like her on this song!

  2. I like this sogn and Kelly’s voice, very soothing.

  3. Well go Kelly, she does sound good. So glad to see her confident and happy.

  4. Brilliant vocal performance by a strong singer. Looking forward to her new album, which is to be more in the vein of “When Love Takes Over” which I think suits her voice and style splendidly.

  5. I love it. Never better than the original, but I could listen to her version over and over also. “How deep is your love”, is one of my favorite all time songs by the Bee Gees and period.

  6. Kelly can’t win me Back, I hate followers,and she’s been the head cheerleader’s cheerleader for far too long, I don’t care for her anymore, Gorgeous girl Tho

  7. I really like this. Very smooth. Her voice is beautiful.

  8. Is that music i hear?? real music w/ harmony??? this is too beautiful!!! I’ve listened to it 5x’s now and counting!

  9. Kelly has such a beautiful voice! It’s not completely there and I say this rooting for her…there’s so much more to her voice…she should listen to some Chante Moore, keep working on her confidence and singing techniques, lose some of those old dc runs from her tone and inflection…it’s coming…Go Kelly!!!

  10. people kill me. Ya’ll love Kelly’s voice so much but how many of ya’ll went out and bought her album? Don’t be a Kelly fan just to be anti-Beyonce. SMH real vocals and harmonies? Guess no one really listens to certain other artists music.

  11. She sounds really good singing this song. She was forced for so long to play down her voice and it seems like she is finally just letting it go. I don’t think we have heard the best of her yet.

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