Kelly Rowland Rejoins ‘The Voice’


Kelly Rowland Returning to ‘The Voice Australia’

Singer Kelly Rowland is heading back down under, mate. According to online reports, she’ll be joining Delta Goodman and Boy George for the upcoming eighth season of The Voice: Australia. This is Kelly’s umpteenth time acting as a judge on a singing reality competition, having previously appeared on both the American and British version of Simon Cowell’s American Idol spin-off The X Factor.

As I have previously written, I’m not of fan of these reality shows, mainly because it’s where struggling artists go to stay in the spotlight. Two years ago, Kelly was previewing new songs via Instagram and had everyone talking. Since then, she’s managed to squander all that good will and now seems to be dabbling in some of everything to keep the checks coming in. Kelly is incredibly talented and for a minute there she really seemed to be carving out her own niche. Unfortunately, bad decisions have caused her to all but abandon music in favor of quickie gigs that do nothing to help solidify her place in the music world.

If I was Kelly, I’d ditch Tim Witherspoon (her husband) as my manager and seek outside counsel. Between the television gigs, sporadic acting roles and book releases, it’ll be almost a decade before Kelly gets around to releasing a new album.


  1. There is such a thing as “doing it all”, maybe that is where she is? If not, I agree, she needs to focus on one thing, “the” thing that she truly wants to do and pursue that with fervor. Good luck to her on the new show. How is her group June’s Diary doing? I saw that as a chance for her to revitalize Girl Groups in music.

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