Kelly Rowland Rocks the Grey Goose Fundraiser!

I believe in giving credit when it’s due and it’s no question that Kelly Rowland definitely deserved acknowledgement at this year’s Grey Goose Character and Cocktails Winter Fundraiser, last night in London, England. She looked stunning in a fabulous Basil Soda Fall 2009 navy couture gown. It’s times like this I ask myself why is she so underrated? Two thumbs up for Kelly!


  1. I’m so happy for this lady, she is getting her shine on. and oh God i looooove that dress. and her hair. timeless!

  2. BEAUTIFUL GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course we ALL know why she’s underrated….

  3. She looks good minus the hair. I think Kellys day is coming sooner than we think.

  4. Kelly looks fab. She is a beautiful brown sista. but, that dead wig kills the look. The style is too mature and dated, not to mention too dark and matte. She needs more body, layers and color. Gotta love how she is reinventing herself one day at a time.

  5. Nice tan lines Kelly 🙂 I like her gown a lot. I think it would’ve have looked better without the sleeves.
    Seems like she’s done with the states

  6. It’s ridiculous how pretty she is. Arrrghhh! SO PRETTY! 🙂 Gorgeous skin. Just gorgeous. That dress hugs her curves, but the design…yeesh. I like the color in contrast with her skin.

  7. This is the Kelly I want to see all the time. She could go a lil simpler with the makeup and hair, then it would of looked flawless. But overall…gorgeous. You go Kelly.

  8. She looks great and I think the breast enhancement was a good move for her, looks great and natural

  9. Kelly is naturally beautiful and she has alot going for her. i’m pretty sure there are men of prestige globally wanting to wife her , right now. I’m happy that she is coming into her own. I guess being in England is a posistive thing.

  10. Why must people give Kelly fake compliments? Saying oh she looks nice, but …”, that is really sad, just give a person a compliment and move on. And for the record, her dress is couture so obviously, it isn’t going to be made like the standard dress, and considering the fact that she is in England/Europe when it comes to fashion they are more creative in their choices. American fashion is taken without any risk.

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