Kelly Rowland Talks New Album + Seagrams Ad


Kelly Rowland Preps New Solo Album

As most of you have no doubt heard, singer Kelly Rowland is finally ready to unveil some of those songs she gave fans a taste of almost a year ago. Via a recent interview with ABC Radio, Miss Kelly said she’s recorded over forty-five songs for her fifth solo album, and that choosing a specific sound has proven to be quite difficult.

“I have three different sounds on the table,” Kelly told ABC. “I just want to know what that is and I feel like I have enough material for two albums, but that’s not cool. I just need one.”

Kelly unveiled snippets of several singles last year via her Instagram page, including Dumb, which excited a lot of people. When asked if the track was the direction she was heading in, Kelly said she wasn’t sure, but noted R&B would play a major role in whatever musical road she chose to take.

“The album is definitely more R&B and is the cornerstone of dance music. It’s soul music and that is what I want to come across to the fans.”

Kelly went on to reveal plans to shoot a new video, saying she’s been in rehearsal for the visual for sometime now. As for when a new single might drop, Kelly played coy, saying only, “soon.”

In the meantime, Kelly fans can check out her new Seagrams Escapes ad below. Kelly unveiled six signature flavors, which are all available now.



  1. Kelly’s team isn’t too bright. She gave fans a listen to a few singles awhile back and then nothing but silence ever since. Now Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are all set to release new music this year. Urban radio won’t play anyone but Beyonce and Nick. Pop radio will play Rihanna and no one will play Kelly. Black female artists have to play their cards right these days or they’ll be left out in the cold. Kelly should’ve struck when the field was damn near empty. Now she’s going to be ignored for the bigger name acts.

  2. Kelly’s Seagram’s partnership won’t be complete with her rendition of Bruce Willis’ mid-late 80s “Seagram’s Golden Wine Coolers” jingle.

    With that said, good luck to her with her music. Oh and her son is so adorable. Too cute!

  3. Get a move on Kelly. Rihanna and Beyonce are coming. Once they hit urban radio is going to ignore you big time.

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