Kelly Rowland to Appear on “Being Mary Jane”

Kelly Rowland to Make Her “Being Mary Jane” Debut Tonight

KELLY ROWLAND TO APPEAR ON BEING MARY JANEDid you guys know singer Kelly Rowland is set to appear on an episode of Being Mary Jane? No? That makes two of us then, because neither did I until a moment ago.

Kelly just uploaded a video to her Facebook page of her talking about her character, and overall love of the show. She doesn’t give anymore details, not even what episode she’ll appear on, or for how many episodes. Is it just one? Is it a multi-episode arc? Who knows. Not even Google could provide me with answers.

What we do know, however, is that Kelly will play a character named Robin, who hosts a show called Robin Today. She and Mary Jane are reportedly old colleagues who meets up for a girls night out celebration.

Seeing as how BET uploaded this video to their website yesterday, we’re gonna assume Kelly will make her appearance on tonight’s episode.

Whatever the case, its nice to see Kelly exploring her options on the small screen. She’s appeared on several episodes of Empire this season, and is also rumored to be making an appearance on Brandy’s upcoming BET comedy Zoe Ever After.