Kelly Rowland To Write Children’s Book

In between promoting her new digital album and reportedly recording a third cd, singer Kelly Rowland has decided to spread her wings a bit and write a children’s novel. After performing at the VIP room this past Friday, the singer told People magazine “I’m getting into different ventures. I’m in the process of writing a children’s book. Everything is confidential right now, but I’m really excited because I’ve talked to some different publishing companies and got some people interested.” Kelly says she was inspired to write a children’s book by the presence of her five godchildren and missing her family while out on tour and doing promotional jaunts overseas.


  1. Good for you Kelly! I love her and JJ both! Please follow your fans lead with this album. To bad the world wasn’t expose to SILWMX!

  2. It`s a shame but I don`t think Kelly will ever get the promotion for her music that others get; sad but it`s true. Short of sleeping with her boss she`ll continue to be ignored. I guess she now realizes how cut throat the music industry can be. Hell artists who are ICONS get thrown to the wayside by radio once they reach 40. Without proper promotion from your record company and airplay it makes it extremely difficult. Record companies will only put the money behind a select few and that`s unfortunate. Hopefully her book does well and at least give her some level of satisfaction.

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  3. Looks like Kelly is trying to expand into other ventures. I hope she does well. Anything positive I’m behind her all the way.

  4. Don’t you have to know how to read to write a book?! Kelly does not need to diversify just yet. She has not accomplished anything else she has set out to do on her own. She’s like the jack of all trades and master of none. She’s so random its not even funny.

  5. Look up the word pretty or gorgeous and Kelly’s photo should be there. This lovely lady does everything with class. She is always humble and gracious to her fans and in her music.

    Personally, I think she would do well has a children’s author because she would be sincere with the effort. She would own it and not just hawk it by putting her name on something that does not come from her heart.

    Beautiful voice, attractive and so pushed to the back by her management and label that she has no alternative but to express her creative abilities elsewhere.

  6. What does Charden mean when he says Kelly hasn’t mastered her trade? The minute Kelly became a signed artist she mastered the art of singing. She moved on to a level few aspiring singers ever reach and she has sold millions of records as a member of Destiny’s Child. Yes, Kelly was an important memeber of that group and was loved by the DC fans. The fact that she hasn’t matched the record sales of DC as a solo artist does not make her a failure. The fact that you claim she can’t read however does make you one.

  7. I hope that Kelly does well w/ this new venture. I am also glad to see that she has decided to, as cliche’ as it is , “step out of the box” & go into other things that can garner her the success & satisfaction that every person derserves. By her doing this book she has learned that there are def ‘” 2 ways to skin a cat” lol… Good luck Kelly ;-)!

  8. From what I read somewhere, Beyonce paints. She could be the illustrator for the book. Maybe they can collaborate together on this one but the illustrator’s name has to be before the writer’s…Just kidding! I am glad she can do something that could mean alot to a young impressionable child. This is an avenue not many celebs have chosen. I know Madonna has written a couple of books but who else has decided to write some books? I am just glad she hasn’t come out with a perfume/clothing/shoe/purse line.

  9. honestly if the music is not working take your … back to school get a degree and get a f…ing job! why are black women in hollywood feel so limited?

    Her and her “sisters” spent so much time stroking their ego by being the “best female group of all time”(wich is bull when en vogue salt and pepa and tlc come in place) that they forgot that there is a life beside hollywood

    if you can’t reach people by music you might do it in other ways

    Write a book my foot! we are smart and strong and sassy kelly go back to school or earn a real estate license and handle business entertainment is not the end all of the world!!!!!!!

  10. i hope that this works out for kelly. she is a creative spirit and maybe this will work…but i don’t really think. she would be better off (if she is going back to school like one of the other posters said.) in my opinion to get a reality show or something. something she has some experience and training in. by the way, jk rowling said, writing for children is harder than writing for adults because you have to be more creative. kelly has a nineth grade education.

  11. I’m sorry but when I read articles on Kelly I just want to fall asleep. She really bores me for some reason. But I do wish her much success with writing.

  12. Writing is definitely a freeing experience. I’ve recently had 2 of my poems published through the writing club at my university and they got good reviews. It’s nothing nearly as big as getting published nation or even worldwide, but it’s still a great feeling to have other people enjoying your art. It’s a bit random and surprising to hear that Kelly wants to write a children’s novel, but I wish her luck, and I hope her book does well 🙂 Be prepared for the writer’s block 😆 !

  13. Hey Kellz, I’m trying to get published too, chica, but not a children’s book…a novel! 😆 I’m happy for her and her latest endeavor. It is proof positive that I will have to work even harder to become published by a reputable firm. Celebs seem to get their foot in a lot easier with this kind of thing, don’t they? Maybe I should become famous first and then write my novel… Hmmm…

  14. Wow I almost feel bad for her b/c it seems like she is trying so many things at random. Don’t get me wrong, I think its good that she is venturing out and trying, but its still a bit sad to me.

  15. I think Miss Kelly is doing something good by branching out. Yes writing does require creativity, but in reply to Iris- creativity is NOT something learned in school. Besides, Miss Kelly is not stupid by any means

  16. What would the book be about?? I think she should conquer something first before venturing out too far.

    @ SmoothCriminal: That is one of my all time favorite songs!!


  18. Kelly Rowland is such a loser. Get out of the Knowles a$$ and hire new management. Why do you think Jennifer Hudson did not sign with Matthew Knowles? Because she saw him for the snake that he is and he would have sabotaged her career just like he is doing for Kelly.

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