Kelly Rowland Unveils New Girl Group in Promo Pics

Kelly Rowland Unveils New Girl

Kelly Rowland’s New Group Unveiled

Kelly Rowland’s new girl group looks pretty amazing in their first set of promo images. The as-yet-unnamed five-member group was assembled via BET’s music competition, Chasing Destiny, which wraps up its first season this Tuesday. The group’s name, as well as their first single, are all expected to be unveiled during the finale.

Group members Ashly, Brienna, Gabby, Kristal and Shyann were lensed by celebrity photographer Robert Ector and styled by Tameron Davis and Frank Gatson.

Frank knows a thing about molding girl groups, having worked with two of my favorites from back in the day: En Vogue and Jade.

We’ll get to see Kelly and Frank’s vision for the girls when they hit the road later this year for their very first club tour. They group’s already been signed to Epic Records and have started work on their first album.


  1. These girls better save their pennies because they might get one hit song and then no one will remember their names. Also kelly hasn’t done anything for her career musically so i can’t see how she will do anything for this girls.

  2. Kelly Rowland’s career did pretty good. She has a few hits under her belt. I think her and Frank Gatson will make this group happen. They have the image, the talent, and it seems like they’ll be on their way. Some people are so quick to determine the outcome of these artists nowadays but are you spending your time and money to go support them? This is frustrating because records labels now aren’t doing their work either and I know Kelly is here for these talented women so let’s just see what they can do. I’m definitely looking out for them. It’s just that this generation needs the talent and authenticity back. There a a variety of talented artists but people need to wake up and support them.

  3. I agree with you 4EVERBRANDY_CI because just because Kelly doesn’t have the career that some think she should doesn’t mean she doesn’t have success. She is successful in her lane and isn’t trying to dominate the world. I believe these girls are going to have a great career if they stick to being themselves and not try to follow any trends. I agree people are so one eyed that they can’t see that different strokes for different folks.

  4. @4everbrandy. Yes she has a few hits and that was a decade ago. She could have had the world by storm if she actually promoted her stuff and not promote Beyonce instead. She had so much potential with her dance tracks and she keep mentioning Beyonce in every single interview she ever did. As i said Kelly hasn’t done anything for her career musically and she won’t do it for these girls.

  5. I agree with all of you . Kelly has the telent but did not promote herself and always give Beyoncé her spotlight. Maybe this is lesson learned and she will do better with her group. Remember , Beyoncé father was their manager and they were brain washed as young girls to look up to her. They lost their identity so young , it is hard to over come that.

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